Most Important Web Design Elements You Need to Know

Have you ever visited the website that looks amazing and which blew your mind?

A stunning website design always grabs the attention and draws your potential customers to your site. Whatever the factor is, a simple and clear user-friendly website design is very vital to engage your users and hold their attention for a long time and turn into leads.

Web Design Elements

Nowadays, an impressive website is an important necessity for any business. It not only helps you to get the visitors to your website but also boost up brand visibility and improve website SEO.

Always remember that a poor website design turns away your potential customers from your website and increase the bounce rate.

What does a cool website design do for you?

  • It helps to captivate enough customers to your webpage.
  • In case if you fail to capture the users’ attention, they will navigate to other websites which results in sales loss. In this case, a cool website design helps you to stay away from this issue.
  • The most important point we must have on your website is wow factor and that can be a best website design template.

Many think that the website designing process is a little bit clumsy and uninitiated. When building a website every designer has a different plan but the only common thing is the checklist. There are some Website Design Elements like search options, clear call-to-action buttons which are necessary to include when designing a website.

While visiting your website, a user expects these common elements to be there on your website. In this article, we have clearly furnished the various Website Design Elements which you can implement on your website. In this article, know the tips and designing examples on how to use them on your website or your next website design project.

It is a fact that the good website design makes your potential customers get attracted, keeps them engage more time, adds value and finally creates a wow factor through sales. Make sure to select a cool website design template that doesn’t make your website stand out.

What to ensure when you create a cool website design and the content on your website is valuable?

What you should take care of having the best website design?

If you dig into some of the really cool website design elements, you can be able to increase your website usability, makes your users learn about your products and services with ease.

In these days, you can find multiple Website Design Elements available on the web which makes your users engaged and eventually get your services or buy your products. If you are ready to take your website to the next level, then implement these mentioned elements on your website ASAP.

Basic Web Design Elements of a Good Business Site:


Did you know that somehow whitespace is also attractive? This modern website design element shouldn’t be white it can be any background colour or texture. Generally, whitespace refers to as empty space that buffers between the elements such as sidebar, copy, margins and much more on your website.

One thing you have to remember is if your website is crowded with different stuff, it’s hard to grab the users’ attention. Building your website with whitespace makes a very clean design, well-organized and easily understandable.

In this modern era, most of the websites are opting for a minimalistic style. By keeping open space on your website, it offers your visitors easy to navigate throughout all pages on your website. There are different website designs related to space which includes space between text lines, vast spaces and overall usage of space.

  • It helps with navigation. When a reader visits your website you want the visitor to understand the content quickly without any efforts. The empty space on your webpage makes the user not to confuse and make them have the best user experience.
  • Whitespace highlights your Call-to-Action (CTA). If your customers can’t figure out the information related to your product or service purchase, the whitespace helps to highlight the CTA on your webpage.
  • Whitespace helps to build a balance on your website. Don’t overstuff with content on your website instead of that have enough content so that your customers will get clear details about your products and services.

In short, utilizing whitespace effectively can make your customers clearly understand about your brand.


Your potential customers or users or visitors always look for the right information in a quick glance. They look for the details such as –

  • Is the brand trustworthy?
  • Does it have experience?
  • Is it having capable of delivering products or services securely?
  • From how many years the brand has been serving its services?

Here communication clearly states the critical form. By giving your potential customers a short description and fast impressions, they can get the information with ease and they can read and show interest in your brand.

You need close attention on each word and always keep the question in mind i.e., is it really helpful for us? Here efficiency plays a key role. Any extra word can make your customers stand away and make your brand business dull. Use display text fonts, headings to organize the sections clearly that let your users know about information that you are providing.

Make it short and sweet:

Instead of using lengthy and long sentences, break those into ordered lists in short paragraphs. In fact, readers can easily get engaged with your content if it presents in short paragraphs type. If you use long paragraphs, the content looks like clumsy and confused.

In addition to content, don’t keep away the focus on your homepage and blog. It is important to convey the appropriate tone on your “About us” and “Contact us” with correct details. If we take an example of a lifestyle blogger, he/she always share their family and personal life journey. While a gadgets review blogger will focus on professional reviews.


Proper website navigation is one of the important elements you should have on your website. It doesn’t need to be creative like space. First of all, don’t fall in the trap of animated effects, complex and multi-layered templates or design.

Just use navigation elements in your website header, body and footer to direct your potential customers to the information without any hassles. We can see most of the websites have a hamburger type of menu which consists of parallel and horizontal lines on the top right side of the webpage.

This type of menu saves space on your website by hiding the site navigation. Moreover, this menu holds the important information and interactions of your customers and makes you free from lower click rates. Strong navigation extends the path to the main menu.

You can also include directional arrows which let’ your visitors move through each section. Along with that, many websites have “Back to top” button which pops on the website. By clicking on that button, people can easily direct to the top of the page.

The footer navigation menu is also one of the important factors while designing a website. You may expect that some of the users scroll completely down to the page. Some of the brands even witnessed that around 50% of their conversations are done with an optimized footer.

If your reader moves long enough to the end of the landing page then it means there might be chances that they are searching for the sign up to get email updates about your products and services. Having proper navigation throughout your website, you can ensure increased click rates, more traffic, and increased sales generation.

Layout and visual appearance:

A website’s overall look is an important factor in web designing. The first impression always represents the best impression. If you want to wow your audience, make it with page loading. The time of the page load is a very crucial component for any website. In fact, users take only 50 milliseconds of time to get an opinion about your website.

And this time period gives you the complete idea on whether they will stay or leave your website. You have to note that your website should follow some design principles. Make sure to have a website that is clean, simple, easily accessible, familiar and intuitive.

Design your webpage with more whitespace to have a clear view of your brand. With grid-based designs, you can keep your design items in an order and well-organized. Use high-quality icons, graphics, and photos which add extra information to your content and make sure to represent the images with your brand.

Each design on your website should be correctly aligned as you need and as per the visual hierarchy. If you use Z-patterns or F-patterns, you can easily direct the users’ attention and actions based on website design. Both of these patterns can be placed at the top of the website horizontal area. Most of the designers keep their brand logo, search option and navigation instead of these patterns. But all these 3 elements give you the best user interaction and brand recognition.

Feature short product videos:

In these fast-moving techie days, most of the companies started using short product videos or feature videos in order to highlight the specific brand use case. Along with background videos, if you implement short feature video about a brand that easily grabs the attention of your potential customers.

These videos should be simple, short and sweet and should not make your visitors overwhelming with long video time. For example, you can display a short illustrator about how to use your product by drag and drop design on the homepage.

You need to create videos which clearly explain your products and services because these videos make a huge influence in the customer decision process. These short videos help your potential customers to clearly understand your brand value without dragging too long and get in-depth user experience.

The short videos are always on the top of the best funnel list which adds value to your products and services as well as generates sales.


Remember that your website represents your brand value online. If you have a well-designed website, you can provide a clear and quick understanding of information about your brand. Hope you guys got enough information about website design elements.

If you want to attract, engage and reach your potential customers, implement those design elements for your website and gain visitors traffic. These elements give you the best user experience, engage more people, improves search results ranking and also increase sales. Don’t hesitate to drop your queries about this topic to use. Just mention your query in the comment box below and we will get back to you soon with right answers.

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