How To Create Viral Content Your Readers Love to Share

Viral contents are types of contents that have the power to spread fast to maximum users as possible.

It is not easy to create viral content. If you are familiar with social media platform then you must be familiar with this term.

So, how can you make a content viral?

There should be some element in the content to make it viral. You don’t have to be an expert to create viral content.

It mainly depends on the type of content you are dealing with. If your content interests users, you don’t have to do anything to make it viral. Your users will share it and make it viral.

Viral Content

Viral content spreads like a virus across social media platforms. The main factor that decides virality of your content is its quality.

Many bloggers want to make their content viral and make them reach millions of readers. But how many contents can achieve this status easily?

Every blogger spends so much time to create content and make it attractive to the search engine and users. Visual contents can easily be viral with the help of good editing and interesting contents to the audience. But for blogs, this is a very difficult task even though, you concentrate on its quality.

More business creating contents to drive more traffic or increases sale. There are fewer people who concentrate on creating viral contents.

When bloggers create content, it should be dealing with a popular topic that users are interested in. This can increase the shareability of your content.

Also, they need to concentrate on new changes that are happening in their field and inform users about it as soon as possible. When they get new information about something, they will share it more to let others know about it.

What are the factors which make content to go viral?

There are many factors which have the power to make a content viral. Here are some points that have the potential to make your content go viral

  • Positive contents are more effective than negative contents. Negativity is not a must as every newspapers or blog think. People love positivity and you can spread positivity through your content than negativity
  • Contents that can arouse emotion like anger, awe, anxiety or anything related to the fear of loss, will perform well than contents without emotions.
  • Content should be practically useful to make it shareable easily. This is the point I discussed earlier. People share your content if it is more useful and informative.

Also, try to suggest what users have to do when they want to get the solution for a particular problem. You can give them in your conclusion part easily.

These are some important strategies you can follow, to make your content viral. We can discuss these points in detail below

Emotional contents:

If you noticed the specialty of viral contents before, you might have noticed some sort of motions in it.

Take viral videos as an example, more people share a video if they connect with the content. If they feel what the maker tries to show, they will share it with others and this will make it viral.

So, if you can create a well-written content with some sort of emotion in, it can be viral easily. Many examples are there for creating an emotional connection with users.

Articles like 5 reasons why Trump will win, Bald men are sexier, Intelligent people tend to be messier, stay awake and swear more are some examples of contents that use emotion as an important point.

People who connect with that emotion will share the content with others for sure and this can make it viral

Positive contents:

Nowadays every one of us is fed up with negativity and looking for ways to bring positivity in our life.

Every blogger should make this as their motto and write positive contents for users. This can increase their content popularity and shareability than writing about negative things.

Practically useful contents:

This is another factor that decides your content popularity. Just by creating a content based on some topic can’t be enough to make content viral.

As a blogger, you must analyze what readers want to see next from your blog. Do thorough research about some new changes that you can write about or something they don’t know about. This can make your content viral easily.

For example, when a new disease comes, people will be unaware of it. If you are dealing with that niche, let them know about the details of the disease. Also, tell them to take precaution to stay away from such diseases.

This is applicable to every type of content. Videos also should be informational and entertaining at the same time to be popular.

When there was a new invention about a treatment that can cure Alzheimer’s disease it became viral. The reason is the popularity and freshness of the topic. If users feel good and they like what you write, they will share it on social media for sure.

This is a very useful tip for bloggers to try next time when they want to create viral contents.

How to Create Viral Content:

Making a content viral is not an overnight process. This is a time taking process and just by making a single content viral there is no guarantee to your future continents.

You need to work constantly every time to make your contents viral according to users wish.

You can easily get more site traffic by including in AdWords Campaign or some sort of lead generation programs. But all of them are not enough to make your content viral.

You need to include your followers and need the full participation of them to make it more shareable.

Create emotionally driven content that can connect with the audience well, no matter what the type of your content is.

You have to do it only by creating positive contents. This is where you need to spend your time on.

After creating your content and editing it, don’t think that everything is done. Work on the content and check what you are going to offer your audience through that content.

If you are working on this field long, you will easily understand the useful content and content created for nothing. If you are satisfied with the elements in it then you are done with the first part


You have to create a compelling headline that can evoke the emotion of users, they only check the headline first.

If they find it good, users will go forward with the content. Make your title catchy, curious and lead-generating.

Before leaving the content enter a call to action and make sure to add user engagement to it. Tell them what to do next through your article and thus create strong engagement with your content.

Be specific:

All studies show that specific content have more power to act than generic topics. This is a very useful criterion for all bloggers.

If you just created a content that has nothing to do with audience interest, then the result will be disappointing.

Create contents more specifically and solution that is practical. Nobody wants to read about some impractical ideas about a topic. Give your users some good practical ideas that can be tested and get the result of what they want.

Don’t try to do so many things at a time. Concentrate on an area and write about it. Good dedication and time investment are enough to produce viral contents.

Take references:

You can take reference from viral contents to get an idea about them. These references from them help to improve and customize your content for users.

Huffington post is a website that creates viral content consistently. You can check their sites and find out the elements they used to make a content viral.

Spending more time on headlines can give you more benefits.

Interact with readers:

You can communicate with your readers in your post. Reply to their comments and take feedback from them to improve your blogs. This is also a symbol of customer engagement.

The more comments you get, the more popular will be your website. Search engine love content with customer engagement and users also share content with more customer engagement.

Take every comment positively even though it is positive or controversial. As the comments on your post increase, the chance of virality also increases.

These are some important points you can focus on, to increases the chance of virality. Follow the above points and try to include them in your blogs.

If one post didn’t become viral, don’t leave your efforts. Try harder to make it more appealing and shareable to users.

You can also use marketing tools to improve the chance of making your content viral. They are useful for modern bloggers to make sure about every important point. Check out some information about viral marketing tools here

Viral Marketing Tools:

If you are not an experienced blogger and new to this field, get viral marketing tools to ensure the virality of your content.

It will be easy for experienced bloggers who create viral content consistently. They help to make our task easy. We use tools for everything nowadays. There are tools for everything related to your website.

Some of them are free to use and some other are paid tools. If you can make your content viral just by using some tools, then why not?

Here are some tools for you to try:


This is a tool that helps to track the number of clicks you are getting and also shows you from where your links are from.

It is not possible to track the link sharing without the help of this tool.

Marketers also use this tool to track the response of content campaigns, ad campaigns, etc. The link should be placed well to avoid getting penalized. So, track your links for over optimization to avoid further penalties.


Look for incoming links and track outgoing link to know your content performance.

Analyze the quality of backlinks towards your site. Disavow sites with low-quality backlinks to improve your site ranking. It will also suggest various opportunities to make your content viral.

Also, check your competitor site for keywords that perform well. Try them in your content to make it more clickable. When a tool can help you with where to focus then, you can use it for your benefit.


This is a very popular platform which has the potential to make your content viral.

You can post any type of contents like a blog, images, audio, visual content, etc. promote any type of content and share it across social media platforms at the same time.

No need to use any other tools to promote your content. A lot of people use this as a platform to promote their contents. Spread your contents in this multi-tasking platforms and spread it like a virus.

Top tips for you to create viral content:

  • Bring visual elements with your content to make it more attractive to readers
  • Create discussions through your content and when more people participate in it, will be viral easily
  • Use well-suited keywords in your content. Avoid using negative keywords to get users attention.
  • Influencers can help to make your content viral. Influencer marketing will also work in this matter if you can get help from some important personalities from your niche.


Creating viral content is not easy. You need to follow the above points to make sure to increases the virality of your content.

With some SEO efforts, you can combine some additional steps to make it viral. This is a continuous process.

Just by doing this once can’t be enough. You need to apply the above steps with all your contents and make them more popular. This is the dream of every content creators and with strong determination and will power, to work hard, anyone can achieve this.

Are you going to create viral contents now?

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