How to Include Video in Email Marketing Effectively

Almost all marketing teams employ email marketing as one of the key tactics for grabbing the attention of the audiences. The email marketing world is being updated each day; this is due to the new brands that evolve every day. With such huge competition, standing out unique in the audience’s inbox is important. Hence including video in email marketing can be a smart way to stand out of the rest in the marketing world.

Video in Email Marketing

It would be great to include videos in subject lines as well as in email marketing campaigns. By employing this technique, the open rates are raised to 19% and click rates to about 200 to 300%. Let’s run through a few tips about the ways to include video in email marketing campaigns.

Tips for Using Video in Email Marketing:

1. Videos to be included in the subject line:

The most significant aspect for a successful open rate is the email subject line. The subject line is very important and the only way to grab the audience attention and make them decide whether to open the email or ignore it. By reading the subject line, the audience should decide that it’s worth opening. Hence the campaign’s success is mainly dependent on the subject line.

People are fond of videos and when they get to know a video in their email, they never ignore. Instead of reading through short contents people are more interested in watching engaging short videos. It is true that open rate has enhanced to 7% to 13% when subject lines are mentioned as video as per analysis conducted by switch video.

2. Use static images along with the play button:

A play button on top of a static page is the best way to integrate video in an email. The play button should be accompanied by a thumbnail image. By this way, it signals to click the video. Once the visitor clicks the play button, they are directed to the third party websites such as Vimeo or YouTube. Example play button and static images are used by a video software organization called Wistia in their email marketing. By this way, we can understand that just with a simple play button, visitor’s attention can be grabbed. Just with a single click, the visitors are lead to perfect content experience.

3. Usage of cinema graph or animated GIF:

The best way to represent your videos without having the need to click is by a cinema graph or an animated GIF. The visitors experience an intriguing experience apart from the usual static imagery they are used to. When a cinema graph is considered it’s a combination of photographs and videos. Here just a part of the image moves and represents like a looping video.

When a GIF is considered, it’s actually an image file format. The file is animated by merging many frames and images into a single file. There are many tools that help you develop GIF thumbnails in the tool itself. One such tool is the Vidyard. But remember that there are many awesome tools online where your own GIF can be created. One such example is the Giphy. The beneficial feature of utilizing Giphy is that text can be included in the image that has the name for being the longest online GIF format for about 15 seconds. It would be suggested to maintain GIF fewer than 125K. This should be associated with the GIF’s original video. The full-length video can be seen as the user clicks on the image.

4. Embedding video in the email with HTML5:

There are few who embed videos directly in emails. With the advancement in technology embedding videos in the email is being made easier. Embedding videos in email can be done with HTML5. The HTML5 video embedding code is available online too.

5. Tailored mall:

With tailored mall, videos can be embedded, encoded, and uploaded for quick sending. The beneficial aspect of the tool is that the subscribers viewing behavior can be monitored. The parameters are the number of videos viewed, the number of times viewed, on what device and also their sharing behavior.

6. Bomb bomb:

Bomb bomb is a service that can be employed for email marketing. They assist with your videos as they can host and send emails on your behalf. By this way, unwanted hassles and technical hitches can be averted.

7. Develop quality video content:

A webcam video is vital enough and is a perfect way to represent your personal touch in developing videos for email marketing. In order to gain trust and encourage the videos the production quality of videos is important. Hence it is mandatory to concentrate on camera, audio, lenses, format, dimensions, and lighting.

8. The transition from email to video

The email to landing page transition should be seamless which must be ensured. The video should be on the landing page and visible above the fold. The video should also be set to autoplay. It is important to make sure that the video isn’t too large as it may take too much time for loading.

9. Email campaign goals must be established:

Before getting ready with the video, you need to explore and identify your goals for the video. It is mandatory to develop the appropriate content to achieve the goal. A new product just needs 7 – 10 seconds. For driving sales, the appropriate call to action should be employed to direct viewers to purchase the website.

For videos that are required to increase sales should concentrate on the initial 3 minutes to grasp the user’s attention.

10. Dedicated landing pages:

Your audience should be sent to the perfect landing page of your own for nonstop engagement with services, products or contents. It is better to own a complete multimedia experience for the audience to board in. When visitors are sent to third-party pages, they are diverted while watching the video.

Marketing tips for video email

Videos can be added for small businesses but there needs a strategy to be employed about what to be added in the email. In order to show business and update information for visitors adding videos to emails is the right way. Your business expertise and personality can be made popular amongst audiences by adding the right video in emails.

Nonprofits, as well as small businesses, can follow unique ways as mentioned below to get associated with their audience.

1. News roundup videos:

Your audiences must be updated regularly regarding the happening in your business. This can be accomplished creatively with videos about updates in the business. For example, the “vNews” videos provide beneficial updates about their business the “Town of Enfield” to their visitors. In order to know about the video, the organization sends a link of the video in the email. By this way, the vNews emails gain a click-through rate of about four times greater than their usual campaign.

2. Behind the scene videos:

In order to develop the audience’s trust, developing behind the scenes videos can be a great choice. Videos that represent day to day activities, the introduction of staff, or representing the way the product is made can be captivating for the audience. By this way, the audiences are engaged and get to know how your business is running.

Example, an organization called “Awesome Merchandise” offered a video about the way their T-shirts are printed and packed. This video was uploaded in YouTube and also shared an email list. By this way, the 3-minute video received about 23,000 views.

3. Event follow-up videos:

After proper planning and implementing any event into a successful one, it would turn into memorizing happy moments if the occasion’s glimpses are extended.

For example “therapeutic massage” made their happiness to be sustained by gathering images and video slide shows and sent the same to all the participants. When such videos are viewed by guests, the celebrations inspire the ones who missed the occasion.

4. New releases with preview:

Making preview videos before new releases are made is a great way to spark interest in any business for the upcoming product or event.

In that manner “Reel works” opened up a sneak peek about their upcoming new documentary. By this way, they sparked the curiosity of the audience. In this manner, the audiences were excited about the release of the film.

5. Footers to be updated:

It is smart to know the number of views the business gains after making and posting the video. For this purpose, the email newsletter videos are to be updated. “Gorilla doctors” decided to prolong the life of their videos and hence made sure to update their email newsletter footer.

By this way, they came to know the video go together with social media buttons and about us information. If any contacts decide to rewatch the video or if any new subscriber is viewing the video for the first time, a good review of the organization can be obtained by referencing the video.

6. Series of videos:

Series of smaller videos are invited rather than long dull videos. Small videos make the audience exciting and they anticipate for the next video. The “Evian baby series” is an example that’s familiar amongst the audience.

In these videos, funny things done by babies are shown. They show babies doing swimming, skating, dancing, etc. By this way, the videos are stimulating and enjoyable for the audience.

7. Implement call to action:

When discussing video email marketing, CTA or call to action is mandatory to be employed. You desire your audience to act and also raise spirits by forwarding the video to their groups or friends. Hence it is important to be actionable, immediate and clear, else your message would be diluted. It is suggested to use it in the first paragraph if decided to use an email. Few features about CTA are mentioned

  • Contact buttons and social forms to be placed at the end of the video.
  • It is important to make use of CTA clearly as it is the perfect way to encourage visitors.
  • The contact details from visitors are to be gathered.
  • It is advised to follow up with visitors.

8. Avoid autoplay:

It is not impressing and advisable when the video plays automatically as the visitor enters the page. It is advised to provide space for them and let the visitors click when they wanted to view it.

9. Customer testimonials and interviews:

You may have a lot of customers and they would like to know the opinions and views of the present customers. Hence customer testimonials associated with the product or the service is significant. There should be nice videos that share interviews with customers as it creates interest in your product.

10. Single Tap:

Visitors always look for easy and simple ways to watch videos. A single tap is easy and beneficial in a number of ways. A double tap requires opening a new browser and then another tap to play the video.

11. Adding a personal touch:

It is never a rule to keep discussing only the service or product in the video. Videos that have a personal touch make visitors inspiring and convincing. By this way, trust is developed with the viewers. The visitors are engaged due to personal touch and emotions in the video.


One of the most powerful tools today is email marketing. As a video is opened up, it brings out a feeling of engagement as well as sales potential. When an email parameter is considered, it does take time and a video surely takes time for creation and testing prior delivery.

To enhance the customers and boost your businesses, email marketing tips and ways to create and implement videos are to be followed. Users can follow smart ways and make unique videos for audiences. When the right strategy is followed, a number of viewers and customers can be obtained.

There are many tools available online that help in including video to the email. A quick research and smart implementation of video in email marketing can help you reap outstanding results.

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