The Different Types of Content Writing You Need to Know

Blogging is not the only type of content to try. There are various types of contents for one, who want to experiment with something new and drive some fresh traffic.

Blogging is a popular type of content most people prefer for content marketing.

Other types of contents are less popular compared to blogging.

When you are into content marketing, the main aim will be driving more traffic or achieving a great sale of your product and service.

For that, you can use any type of content marketing because all types of contents are created to connect with customers.

If you want a change from your current content type, you can try some other type. They are as effective as blogs and can achieve your marketing goal easily.

The best time to start a new content type is when you have established your blog and have a lot of followers to it.

Try something new and you can see some fresh traffic, better SEO and higher conversion rate. Content is created for various purposes like

  • To entertain users by including more humorous elements. You need to make it more shareable
  • Which aim to educate users by including more informative content about a product/service.
  • Will persuade customers to buy or do something.
  • To increase the conversion rate

Every type of contents has special purposes and receptivity of them depends on its quality.

Everyone cannot handle all types of contents well. Some people will be good at blog writing and some others can create videos better.

So, when you try a new content type, make sure you can handle it well. You should be confident in choosing a new type of content to write.

Different Types of Content Writing:

1. Blogs:

Before discussing other content types, we need to discuss on blogs first. These are one of the best and easy way one can use, to reach to their prospective customers.

Many people opt this content type as their marketing strategy because customers like to read blogs and it is the short form of content compared to all other contents.

Also, a good writer can persuade his followers to buy a product using blogs. Google will also promote blogs as this is one of the popular types of content most users search for.

Creating a blog will not take much time and money. Saving money is the prime objective behind choosing to blog as a marketing strategy.

Blogs will help to create a connection with users and if one can do this consistently then he can gain more followers. This can bring more site traffic too.

While you choose blogging as your profession make sure to create quality contents so that you can stand out among thousands of other blogs on the same topic.

There are some points you need to note while blogging

  • Make sure to post quality contents on your site consistently. Don’t compromise with content quality and make sure to update your popular contents according to new changes
  • Optimization is very important if you want to market your content. You want to engage both users and search engine through optimization.
  • When you create content, links are very important. You can improve your site traffic by adding links to your own content that is related to the current topic
  • Make sure to use keywords properly in your content. This is one of the important SEO strategies a blogger should implement to attract quality traffic.

2. Long-form content:

This is another content type that can improve site traffic and more followers.

We can call this as a guide also. Google also gives preference to the long form of contents because readers also like it.

So, you may now think that how long content could be?

This long form of contents could be of any length like 1000, 2000, 50,000, etc. But when you publish it, the best way to do is to publish part by part. Just like a TV series.

When marketers analyzed ways to get more returning traffic, they found long-form content as one of the best ways.

To create this, you need to have a better knowledge about a topic. If you are an expert on a topic, you can create content in detail.

When you write a blog, sometimes you cannot express your whole thought about that topic because there should be a particular length.

But long-form content could be of any length and you can publish one part after other. Don’t forget to link the previous content link on next part when publishing.

This can help you to create long- lasting followers and they share it if they found your article useful.

To get an idea of Long-form content we can take the example of Quick sprout’s ‘A Definitive Guide to Growth hacking’. This was written by Neil Patel and Branson Taylor. Both of them are marketing experts and they created a long 10-chapter guide for beginners about growth marketing. They used this as a strategy to make more users join their site.

3. Case studies:

Have you noted case studies before?

We are all familiar with this type of content. When we enter into a site of business we can see many testimonials on their homepage.

A case study is an expanded version of these testimonials. Case studies are very useful and can provide both information and knowledge about a product or service.

The main aim of these case studies is to cover a particular scenario. Nobody can copy your scenario because it is exclusively yours.

Establish a good name among your users by creating more shareable case studies.

Case studies are a combination of information and storytelling. In a case study, you need to take a topic and research about it well.

The main part of a case study is writing an overview, presenting challenges giving solution and finally the result.

You need to write in a way to engage your customers. As this is a long form of content, you will get more space to discuss the scenario well.

Make sure to include a call to action when you write case studies. That is the specialty of this content. Case studies are actionable contents that help you to gain more quality traffic and followers.

Don’t just include result without discussing problems and solutions. Focus on ‘how’ and ‘why’ part well and help users solve their problems.

Using storytelling elements is the main part to make your users hooked on your content. Including case studies on your site can increase the conversation rate by 30%.

If you have got that ability to engage customers and can provide them a solution through your contents then you can try these case studies.

4. White papers:

White papers are a type of content which provides in-depth knowledge about a product or service. They are a more authoritative form of content and take more time to produce it.

Mainly marketers use this type of content to educate their users and more serious users who want in-depth knowledge about a topic will check for white papers.

This is only available to download after email sign up.

So, we can say that white papers are not the content type created to promote a product or service.

The main aim of this content is to give deeper knowledge to users about a topic. It comprises of an introduction, discuss various scenarios and gives a final solution.

There is not any particular length for white papers. It could be of any length and contents should be written in a professional way.

In a white paper, you should include more relevant data, graphs, and tables to discuss the problem.

White papers can help you to bring credibility from your followers as you have more knowledge about a particular topic. One who researches seriously about a topic can search for white papers.

The general audience won’t check those white papers because it is more technical. So, build your leadership and respect within your field by creating more interesting white papers.

5. eBooks:

An eBook is one of the best and popular way more bloggers adopt to generate more leads.

When you write blogs, you cannot express every aspect related to your topic. But eBook is like a detailed guide that discusses everything about the topic.

eBooks also help to show your knowledge about a topic and build credibility among users. Many marketers use this as a marketing strategy to get more followers to their site.

According to experts, this is the best way to create more leads. An eBook can have a length of 5 to 30 pages. You can discuss a topic and offer a solution to a particular problem.

If you are using it to discuss a product, discuss the whole criteria and offer the product as a solution. Most marketers use this content to create more email leads.

eBooks are the easiest marketing strategy to use, to get effective results.

6. Infographics:

Infographics are a visual representation of data you can include as a type of content. This is a very popular content type nowadays and to create it you don’t need to have any in-depth knowledge.

Anybody can create an infographic and it can attract users well compared to any written content.

The human brain can have the power to remember what they see visually and can attract more user attention.

Demand for Infographics is increasing as it can create more leads by engaging your customers. Research well and produce simple, clean visual representation.

It can make more complex thing simple. It will help to increase the shareability of your content and can get more links too.

If you can organize your data in a visual representation, you can reach more customers and get more traffic.

7. Videos:

Videos are another content type you can use for marketing campaigns.

Videos have the power to deliver, what you want to say effectively. So, including videos in your blog can increase its reach and shareability.

To make a complex data simple, visual media need to be used. You can use this special quality of marketing.

Upload videos on YouTube and link it with your content. This will help to build new links and can attract more users to your site.

This is a proven strategy and results says that users will prefer videos than written content. This is why everyone uses videos in their blogs. Creating valuable video need some talent and you can spend some time on this to promote more sale.

8. Templates and checklist:

Templates and checklist is the short form of large content. Templates and checklist are very useful to create more leads.

When you write a detailed content, a short form of it can help customers to get all important points.

You can offer it instead of an email sign up. Add a call to action at the end of a blog and offer this instead of signup.

Templates and checklist help users to make sure that anything is not missed. These checklists are the best and comprehensive way to offer user, a handy material while doing all marketing activities.

Create more leads and followers by promoting your checklist on your blog.

Final words:

There are many content types and if you want to explore the various content option, here are some of them.

If you have a better knowledge about a topic then you can do more than just blogging. Share your knowledge with users and get a good name among them.

Blogs are the popular category everyone prefers and there is a misconception that logs are the only way to reach to users. But there are many proofs of success by using various types of contents.

Trying something new is always better to let your audience know that you can do more. A diverse content marketing strategy is always good to get long- term sustainability in this field.

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