The Best Ways to Drive More Twitter Traffic to Your Blog

Twitter is a very popular social platform which is also known as a microblogging site. People use this platform to express their views and also to promote their business. To get more Twitter traffic, content marketers are using this platform to promote their content to all people out there.

Driving traffic to a blog is not a simple task. Just by publishing contents on your blog cannot make it popular among internet users. There are many options out there to promote contents and Twitter is a very popular option among them. Twitter is a great platform where you can share your content to drive more organic traffic towards your website.

More Twitter Traffic Blog

Don’t think that you can just get so many visitors to your website by sharing the title or links of your content on your Twitter account. It is not as simple as it sounds. Many content marketers are using social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest or a similar platform to engage and connect with people.

You can invite them on to your webpage through these platforms. Also, you can be active on social media to know best practices and current trends in your niche. You can know that by following your competitors. Here are some simple steps you can follow to drive more traffic towards your website through Twitter.

How to Get More Twitter Traffic Easily?

1. Follow people who Tweet your competitor’s blog:

This is an easy way you can use to get connect with people who are interested in tweeting interesting content from your niche. If you create a blog about a relevant topic and you want to promote it across the internet, the first thing you have to do is to find users who shared a similar post. Then you can follow those users. If they like your content they are more likely to share it through their account. It can increase your chance of getting more visitors to your blog.

While following people who share similar content don’t try to spam their account using irrelevant links. You need to do it in the right way so that they share your content genuinely after they like it. You can initially engage with their post before sharing your content with them.

After creating an initial connection, you can move forward with your plans. First, create a good connection and then strategy. It is the right way to make it happen. You can find suitable people using Twitter’s Advanced search option or use any quick strings such as Via or By.

2. Make your tweets short and attractive:

When you use Twitter to share your links, create a short description which can invoke interest in the audience. Be creative and make sure to create a sentence that can reflect your blog post. You don’t have to stick with the title of the blog post always. Try something different which can make your audience click on it. You can create different tweets for the same link and try which works best for you. It is always best for you to do some trial and error method to get maximum output.

You can tweet the same link more than once. It will help you to get more response out of it. Everyone who follows you won’t see a tweet just by sharing it once. You can do it again and again with a different description. But the content should be relevant and evergreen. But while you tweet more than once don’t try to spam them with your tweets.

If you share the same content more than once in a day no one is going to believe you. So, limit your tweets and give it some time to share again. You can also automate your Tweets using suitable tools if you want.

3. Pin your latest blogs:

Most content marketers are missing this way while promoting using twitter. Most content marketers miss pinning their tweets before sharing it on twitter. It can increase the number of views and shares for your blog post. All you can do is to find the most popular blog post of yours and pin it on to your Twitter profile.

While pinning your blog post make sure to have a catchy headline so that more people click on it and share it across Twitter. You can use tools like Buzzumo to find out the popular blog of yours and try to pin it with your twitter profile.

4. Incorporate Twitter shares in your blog:

You might have seen the social sharing buttons on a blog post. This is mainly included to increase the number of shares of your blogs on a various social media platform. This is a good way to get more organic traffic to your blog post. Twitter removed the number of social shares counts which affected many bloggers. If users can find the number of social shares a blog got, it can increase the popularity of your blog. You can use Twitter count or some similar tool to measure the number for social shares for your post. It can also increase the popularity of your blog across various platforms.

5. Hashtags:

Hashtags are a great way to promote Tweets. You can include relevant hashtags to promote your content across Twitter and make it come under the correct niche. You can use specific hashtags to connect with users who are looking for a specific topic.

You can do keyword research to know popular keywords related to your topic and include them with a hashtag when you share your blog on Twitter. It can help your content to get listed under top search result related to your niche and more people will visit it to see the content.

You can also use the general topic related to your niche also which can help people who search for the content related to the topic you are writing about. Don’t miss your chance to get more organic traffic by ignoring the importance of hashtags

6. @mentions:

You can use @mention to make your Tweets more popular. When you write a Tweet about your blog you can give credit to most popular people in your niche. This can help your audience and their audience to see the tweets at the same time and will also increase the number of visits to your blog.

If you are posting comments on popular blogs use @mention with your name so that the tweet get links back to your post. Just like this using @mention is the right way to get more traffic towards your website.

7. Include images:

You can also include interesting images within your tweets. Tweets can get more shares when it comes with an image. The best thing you can do is to share an infographic related to your content and share it with an interesting caption.

You can also include the link to that content within that Tweet so that people who want to know more about the image will click on that link.

You can also include a visually-appealing Call to Action within your Tweet to make it more acceptable. Use every way to get more click and try to make the image more colorful and attractive.

8. Use clear Call to Action:

Call to Action is a good way to make users engage with a post. While Tweeting about your blogs, you can include proper CTAs within your post so that the audience will interact with your post.

For that, you can decide what you want to get out of your Tweets. If you want to get more email or more traffic include suitable CTAs in your Post. Try to integrate your goal with your Twitter promotion to get what you want from it. Without a proper goal, it is meaningless to use such platforms.

Define your business goal first and design your CTA accordingly which can help you to attain what you want.

9. Ask a question related to your blog topic:

This is a very interesting option to make your audience interact with your post. You can ask a good question through your post and make them respond to that question. When you want to be more popular among the audience, the best way is to be active on the platform and try to post more relevant Tweets.

If there are regular followers for you, they can easily interact with your post and share your tweet, which can make you more popular among their contacts too. Include your blog link also with your post so that more people will see your website content and thereby it’s ranking also increases.

10. Promote your tweets:

Twitter is a platform which offers promotion of Tweets economically. They can help you to promote your tweets to your targeted audience. You can promote your content to other Twitter users by setting up the location, interests, age, device, etc.

Don’t think that your Tweets will only be visible to your followers. It can be seen by other audience also and you can decide who to see what, using certain settings. You can promote your Tweets which contain a link to your blog so that more audience will see it and your page will get more Twitter traffic. There will be a small flag which can denote that your tweet is paid one.

Make sure to include attractive titles in your Twitter post to make it more clickable. By doing this you can drive more traffic towards your website and make it more noticeable.

11. Include a blog link in your Twitter bio:

While you click on someone’s Twitter profile, you can see their bio first. Bio will tell more about you to the audience. If they understand what you are aiming by posting on Twitter and understand the type of contents they can find from your website, it can be helpful for them to understand you.

So, to impress your audience you can create a good bio of yourself with a link to your website in it. It can also help the audience to go to your website directly from your Twitter profile without going anywhere else. You are helping them out to easily find your website by offering or the type of content they can expect from your website, through your Twitter profile.

When a user sees the link, they are most likely to click to see the content of your website and it can automatically increase the number of organic traffic and your website ranking too.

12. Repurpose content as image or video:

If you are running a website, there are many ways to get more traffic to it. Many content creators repurpose their old content and publish it again to increase audience engagement. You can repurpose your old content into an image, short video or a live video so that more audience will see your content.

Images are a very powerful medium that can be used to attract more Twitter traffic towards a website. Use them to get more audience to your website and share it on your twitter post. You can include 2 or 3 sentences of your blog with these types of content to get it more visible. This is the way to make your old content active again.

You cannot share the whole content through a Twitter post. So, short videos and images are very useful to make it happen.


Twitter can offer you a lot of possibilities when it comes to marketing. All you have to do is to use these opportunities appropriately to make your content visible to the audience out there in the Twitter platform. If you can make your post visible using appropriate keywords and fascinating titles, it is sure that your website will get more visitors.

To help people out there to know about your website, Twitter is a good way as people love interesting content that can help them to increase their knowledge. You also need to track your Twitter traffic using tools like Buffer, Twitter Analytics, etc. You can use this result to judge what people are expecting from your twitter posts.

This way you can create your own Twitter strategy to promote your website contents and invite more organic Twitter traffic towards your website.

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