The Best Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Rankings

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media tools. After Twitter’s agreement with Google to make their 280 character tweets more searchable online Twitter SEO has picked up very strongly among online marketers.

Everyone uses it to express their thoughts publicly. It is also becoming popular as a marketing tool.

Now everyone uses a Twitter account to promote their website though it is a micro-blogging site. It has the ability to support your SEO activities.

In order to build yourself as an online brand, you can use your twitter account. Promote everything and communicate with your followers. If they got impressed by your twitter account, they will surely check your website too.

Twitter SEO

You can promote your site using very strong tweets related to your topics. This is the best tool to promote your site if you can use properly.

Twitter SEO is very strong and nowadays your tweets can come from Google search results also. Tweets also have a good value for search engine algorithms.

If you want to make an online presence there are some tips you can follow. This will help you to be an online brand and be popular among online users. Thereby you can also popularize your site. In short, Twitter has the power to increase your SERP and thus everyone uses it as a strong marketing tool.

Twitter SEO Tips:

First, create a twitter account if you don’t have. Link it to your website and make your online presence daily by updating with something. You can keep up good communication with your audience also.

While creating an account, make sure you use your own name. Don’t twist and make some stylish name. It will be easy for the audience to understand your identity. Also, by increasing your popularity on twitter account you can attract more traffic towards your site.

Most people use Twitter for business promotion. Here are some tips to use Twitter as a tool to increase your search engine ranking.

1. Link all your network:

After creating a twitter account, you need to link all your social media accounts with it. Include social media buttons on your blogs. It will help the search spiders to get into your twitter account from your blog.

You can also include a tweet plugin where readers of your blog can communicate you through tweets. Link your Facebook and all other social media accounts to a twitter account. This helps you to make an online presence and promote yourself as a brand. Include all social media icons on your site.

You can see this now on every website. On clicking those icons, you can directly reach to their account. It will help readers to follow you on social media. Thereby getting more updates about your recent activities and posts.

It is better to inform every new update on your site through social media. This will help you to get more followers and you will get a good trust from them.

2. Optimize your profile:

This is very important to get long term searchability. Don’t use any numbers with your username while selecting one. It will consider as a spammy one. Make sure to use a username as similar to your site or service it offers. This is the same as promoting a brand.

Twitter SEO is very strong and once you got an idea on how to handle it then your job will be easy. When you select a right username, every tweets and retweet come with this username and that gives you enough promotion. This will improve your Google ranking automatically.

3. A catchy bio about yourself:

Your bio will show, who you are. So, spend some time and make a good bio about you. You can give a link to your site and explain yourself in 160 characters. Be innovative and make it humorous if you like.

Your bio should be relevant and should show others about the areas you are good in and promote them in a catchy way.

You can include your personal and professional achievements in your bio. Using the same username everywhere will help you to make your online presence well.

A good bio should have the following qualities:

  • It should be accurate with your professional details and achievements
  • Try to be a little creative, don’t include old repetitive boring lines
  • You should include what your niche is and it should be clearly specified
  • Don’t forget to add any of your achievements in it. Don’t think that you are flattering yourself while adding it. If
  • you want to promote yourself it is essential
  • You can include any of your hobby or interests in it
  • Don’t forget to connect your bio with your website

Keep these points in mind while you create a bio about yourself. This is your identity and you are the one who decides how to project it among your followers. You can be witty also while writing it if you want. It should be entertaining and easy to know about you.

4. Links are important:

Links are very important in this matter. You can include your content links with strong keywords in it. Even though both are different platforms, links have always value.

You can post the same links more than one time in order to get a strong keyword search. Twitter, SEO always works mutually.

If you want a good promotion you can contact experts in the same field and follow them online. Request them to share your links and you can also help them by sharing their links. This will help you to improve your online visibility. More and more visitors will check your site and your site traffic increases.

Mainly you will get more links through tweeting and retweeting. Do that properly and you can make good popularity. Also, you can link all your social accounts to a twitter account. If you are doing guest posts give an author byline. This will give a chance to users to link to your account. It also improves your online visibility.

5. Hashtags can create magic:

Hashtags and mentions are very good to get good popularity. They are very popular nowadays. You cannot find even a single tweet without a hashtag.

A ‘#’ means you linking it to something and it is like metadata to your tweets. This determines what is trending on twitter as of now.

You can include hashtags in your post and link it to something related to your website. Even use keywords that will link to your content with hashtags. This will help to improve page traffic.

You can use @ symbol to mention any names or while retweeting others. These two symbols are very important whenever you tweet or retweet.


Get as many retweets as possible. People retweet only if they found your content as good or helpful. So, by retweeting, it will reach to more audience and you will get wide popularity among online users.

As many retweets you get, there is a high chance of getting a good rank. As the retweets increases, your site traffic will also improve and thereby you will get a good ranking.

You can retweet another post also if you found it useful. Don’t do this just for the sake of self-promotion. Sometimes when you post everything coming it will consider as a spam. So, this is a mutual promotion you can do with the experts in your area.

7. Be alert when you tweet:

For every search engine, your twitter page is also like every other page. So, while you tweet something to make sure not to deviate it from the topic and make your tweets rich with relevant keywords.

By including more keywords while you tweet will help to promote your tweets and there is a high chance of ranking your page higher than all other pages. But make sure to include Twitter SEO relevant keywords other than including random ones.

Use good catchy lines while tweeting and make it entertaining also. This will help to get more retweets for your post. It can bring more attention to your account and thereby you can get a good ranking.

8. Get more followers:

This is very important if you want to make a good online presence. It is difficult to get followers initially when you start a site. It takes a lot of work and time to get many followers to you. This is where Twitter SEO can help you. If you can tweet relevantly including keywords, you can make a good online presence.

Keywords are very important for the search engine to show you under search results. If your account comes under search results, many will visit your page and your traffic will improve, hence your Google ranking.

You can also include all social media buttons on your website. By clicking on them, your readers can also connect to you. If you can make a good online presence, then you will get more followers automatically.

9. Get your account verified:

Most of you might be familiar with a tick sign next to the username on twitter account. This shows that the account is verified. Verified accounts have more preference for search engine. The process is long and a bit complex.

You need to apply online to verify your account. They enquire and sometimes you will get approval and there is a chance to not get the approval. But if you can get the approval, it will create trust among users and even search engine will give your account more preference. This is a very good option to be more popular if you can use a verified twitter account always.

10. Make use of your URL:

The ultimate aim of everyone who wants to popularize their twitter account is to improve their site traffic. In order to do that, it is essential to include your URL into your account.

So, make sure you use your site URL is present in your account. This is a bit complicated task as you need to do link building inside twitter. But you need to try harder so that you can popularize your site and get a good ranking.

11. Tweet on topics related to your field:

Whenever something new happens in your field then tweet it and use strong keywords that can direct the tweet to your website. Using the hashtag, you can include similar topics that you wrote about or include some keywords in it.

Also, you can retweet if anything similar to that happens. This will help to get a good online presence and people will recognize your tweets.

If they want to know more about the keywords, they will click on it and thereby your site ranking will also improve.


These are some good Twitter SEO tips you can make to improve Google rankings. The ultimate goal of everyone using twitter account is to get a good rank. A search engine needs a strong online presence and more traffic to a site no matter what the site is.

It considers even social media accounts as a site. So, it counts the number of visitors and the popularity of that site. you can bring more visitors by trying the above tips.

Even use this powerful medium to project yourself as a brand. if your aim is to use it for any website promotion you can easily do that. Google now indexes tweets into web search. So, all your tweets count.

Find relevant keywords and use it as a tool to get noted online. If the search engine found your tweets as a keyword rich content, your tweets will be listed under search results.

Followers will be there if you are posting genuinely and no need to worry if you haven’t got enough followers. Try new things with your account and you will get success after failures.

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