Twitter Monetization: How to Make Money with Twitter

The online arena offers people with numerous ways to make money, but not all of them are equally promising. Among the various platforms, one reliable and efficient platform to make money online is Twitter. This platform offers numerous opportunities to generate additional income.

You might be aware that Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that is highly popular among the global audience. But, in addition to being famous for tweets from famous personalities across different streams, it is a wonderful medium to make money online.

Twitter Monetization

Even Twitter has helped many to make a tremendous volume of money and establish a successful career. The good thing is that you can make money with Twitter even if you are not a social media freak.

In this post, we will help you know all possible ways to make money with Twitter.

Twitter Monetization Tips to Make Money with Twitter:

1. Sell Services or Products

Let’s begin from the very basics. A social media platform is an excellent source to run advertisements and sell your company’s offerings. This holds true even for Twitter. There is no denying the fact that paid mediums or platforms are effective ways to directly sell your services or products.

However, if you don’t have the budget or do not want to invest hefty money then a good way to attract organic traffic to your services is using Twitter. You can manage Twitter by creating unique posts and enticing tweets and hence sell your services or products without spending a single penny.

Additionally, you can use Twitter discounts and promotions to spur spending. You can announce daily deals on Twitter along with other marketing practices to ensure that you get an overwhelming response on this platform.

2. Crowdsource:

This is a common technique practiced by lots of businesses and brands on Twitter. This technique is the practice of soliciting ideas and thoughts from a big community or group. This is an excellent marketing technique in social media.

Crowdsourcing has made Twitter an effective solution to bring in contributions and ideas from the followers, both existing and new. These ideas can be used by businesses to fund their business.

With the help of crowdsourcing, you can make plenty of money and even make enough funds to raise your capital. But the only thing to ensure is that you do it correctly. For this, you can read up numerous successful case studies before you start with your project.

3. Promote Using the Sponsored Tweets:

One great thing about Twitter is that it allows users to promote the tweets with the help of its Sponsored Tweets feature. There are numerous benefits of Sponsored tweets and one of the prominent benefits is that it can allow defining your product or service. Moreover, you can even set a pricing per click plan for the sponsored tweets.

However, there are certain prerequisites to consider using the feature of sponsored tweets. One of these prerequisites is that the Twitter handle must be at least 2 months old before you sign up for the sponsored tweets. In addition to this, you must be able to have at least 50 followers and at least 100 tweets in your box. Your twitter handle will be eligible to register for the sponsored tweets only if it includes these basic features.

4. Establish Your Own Services Related to Twitter:

Since your audience is already available on Twitter, so this implies that you have a clear understanding of things they are using in their free time. All you have to do is take advantage of this aspect and create a Twitter-related product that they want.

Consider here an example where a lot of users on Twitter would love to use an app that allows them to create hashtags automatically, based on their priority and popularity. Definitely, there might be apps that do similar stuff, but you can use this to your advantage by developing a better product for your followers.

Similarly, another example is for websites like Fiverr that charge people for building their presence on Twitter. So, you too can help people generate followers on Twitter in exchange for money for prices lower than your competitors.

5. Identify New Leads:

With the amazing search engine tool from Twitter, it is now pretty easier for businesses to discover new customers based on their preferences, bios, and on the basis what they are tweeting.

For example, say your business sells swimming costumes. You can possibly find new potential leads for search terms such as ‘need a new swimming costume’ or ‘wish I had a swimming dress like this.’ Using these search terms, you can Tweet at an individual and let them know that you are actually promoting swimming costumes. If they seem interested then you can offer them a discount or a coupon code, which they can redeem during the purchase.

6. Organize a Contest on Twitter:

Every individual loves earning prizes and this is something that unfailingly entices and attract them. In order to make money with Twitter, you can try linking up your business with a contest. If you don’t have any business then you can link up with a local business looking out for popularity, then you can conduct a contest on their behalf for mutual sharing of the profit earned.

There are numerous creative and innovative ways you can follow in order to entice your followers for the contest. Crowdsource them for new ideas or ask them to be the judges. Even, you can ask them to simply retweet something favorable. The one with the best answer or idea will win the contest.

7. Integrate YouTube

For those savvy with the videos, making money with Twitter is possible by integrating its content with YouTube. All you need to do is make tutorials on Twitter for people who are searching for, on that particular platform. You can even share tutorials on Twitter posted on YouTube and integrate its link in the tweet. Using AdSense, you can easily monetize the content and start earning plenty of money with Twitter expertise.

8. Register as a Promoter

Out there are multiple ad platforms available where you can register as a promoter. One efficient and reliable platform is MyLikes. It is an excellent platform where you can promote your blogs, YouTube channel, Twitter handle, Tumblr, and more.

The service of MyLikes is available only to the registered advertisers who have registered with their services or products. Based on your likeliness and relevancy, you can select any one of the services. The good thing is that you can even schedule the tweet time for the advertisement right from your account.

This service is a streamlined process that let users receive payments on a weekly basis. The high you practice using this service, the more money you can earn. This is simply an easy and awesome way to make money!

9. Use Twittad:

If you have been using Twitter for quite a long time, then you must definitely be aware of Twittad. This is another amazing ad platform that is extensively used by users on Twitter. This platform is commonly known as nascent sponsored tweet networks that can very well complement your Twitter marketing campaigns and strategy.

One thing that makes this platform super interesting is its unique process of advertising. The thing is that one has set its own rate per click and bid for the same. You have to wait till your bid receives acceptance from an advertiser.

Once your bid is accepted, you can start the work and earn money right away. In order to target advertisers within your preferred industry, you have to specify your own niche. The payment is made through PayPal and is processed once the minimum amount reaches $30. So, if you wish to make some serious money, then you must try the Twittad platform.

10. Offer Content to

Now, as far as Buksia is concerned, it is an extremely popular website for publishing content. It is a reputed online publisher that hires writers to write captivating articles on their site with an intention to gain more traffic to their website and then make money through the way of advertising services of products on articles receiving high traffic.

The volume of money that you can make with Buksia depends on your potential to write a quality article and the ability to get more traffic and more ad clicks. You can make a good amount of money only when you deliver a high-quality post and your content is interesting, informative, and engaging.

The good thing is that even if you offer your articles to, you can still use it to increase the traffic by sharing it on different social media marketing platforms such as Twitter.

11. Make Money through the way of Rev Twt:

Just like MyLikes and Twittad, Rev Twt is another platform for advertising, particularly for Twitter. However, this ad platform has a typical approach. The users on Twitter have to select the advertisers and then publish links through their tweets in a scheduled time – frame.

The important thing here is that it offers users access to campaigns that pay high only when they gain increased popularity and more number of followers on the Twitter handle. Once you gain access to ad campaigns that paying a handsome sum of money you can then expect payments through PayPal. The payment will be paid once your account reaches a minimum balance of $20.

12. Make Money with

Yet another reliable and robust ad platform to make money using Twitter is Even this ad platform works exclusively for Twitter users and lets them make money using advertisements. However, the entire advertising scenario on this platform comes with a twist.

Basically, a person has to create a profile in and then the advertisers will select the profile based on the information provided and the number of followers one have. The other aspects taken into consideration are the level of engagement on your tweets, your specific niche, and more.

Once you are selected by an advertiser, you have to agree to a stipulated number of tweets and a specific schedule to send the tweets across. The amount you will be payable depends on the kind of agreement you have signed. If you have signed it for lump sum payment, then you will receive the same.

The good thing is that your payment has nothing to do with the number of clicks generated. You only have to make sure that you offer the right kind of Twitter handle based on the advertiser’s capability so that you have a higher chance of being selected.

13. Promote Products or Services through

This is another rich platform with a list of campaigns from numerous companies who wish to promote their offerings online. In order to make money, you have to sign up to as many campaigns as you like and that hold relevancy to your Twitter followers including interest and location.

You can then share the shortened URL, which is being offered on the Twitter page along with an interesting description of the product. Every time you generate an authentic page view on Kwerdo, you will be earning money. These earnings are sent directly to the PayPal account in just a single click of a button.

14. Practice Affiliate Marketing:

Finally, you can make money with Twitter by the way of affiliate marketing. It is all about referring to the services or products of other companies to your followers and earning money in return when they buy the product or service.

This is an excellent way to earn money with Twitter if your tweets are focused on a specific niche, such as games, health, phones, fashion, fitness, insurance, and more. Simply, contact companies in your preferred niche and ask for affiliate links. Include such links in the tweets and whenever followers click on it for purchasing, engaging with the service or register with the service, you will earn a commission.

To Sum Up:

We have listed most of the common and reliable ways to generate money with Twitter. You can follow one or more of your preferred ways in order to let Twitter fill your account with a balance. However, for most of the ways you need to have a good number of followers as well as a sound reputation on this platform.

Before you begin practicing any of these ways, make sure you invest enough time to create a robust twitter handle that can help you earn more money.

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