25 Best Traffic Hacks that will Boost Traffic Instantly

It is always better to imagine and see the bigger picture when digital marketing is concerned. One major component or ultimate result expected from digital marketing is a high volume of traffic.

It might seem complex to achieve huge traffic volume. However, to gain success in the digital marketing field it is essential to gain bulk traffic for your website. Luckily, in this post, we share with you a comprehensive list of hacks, which can be implemented on your site to drive more traffic. The best part is that these traffic hacks deliver immediate results with minimum work.

Traffic Hacks

Website Traffic Hacks to Get You More Visitors:

1. Retarget Pixel on Customers Engaged with Your Content:

You can use retargeting in different ways. The major difference lies in money used, whenever pixels are drop on users, do consider the bounce rate. This way, it is possible to target a custom audience and achieve better overall results.

Failing to do so will make things complex and eventually you will be spending more effort and time on people who are not interested in your content.

2. Promote Posts Using a Content Delivery Network:

Using a content delivery network offer great marketing benefits. Its main advantage is it lets you turn your expectation of receiving never-ending customers into a reality.

Delivering high-quality content on the basis of location leads to increased website traffic. Further, it also helps in website optimization and contributes significantly to make it work faster and enhance the overall experience for the users.

3. Select Social Media Platforms That Are Apt to Your Business:

There is a specific place for everything. This holds true even for your website promotion on social media platforms. Make sure you invest the resources and time into social media marketing strategies that can help you earn high levels of ROI.

4. Get Listed on University Websites:

The business visibility and reputation can be increased to a great extent with the help of brand mentions and authority links. It is quite simple to get notoriety when you feature your site on prestigious websites.

One great platform to check is the university website. Educational websites hold powerful authority. It is a perfect place to target audiences of all ages. Also, you can materialize the possibilities depending on the financial possibilities and business model.

You can create a course for students who would want to learn about case studies in your industry.

5. Facilitate Indexing of Website Using Schema Microdata:

Schema is a kind of microdata which search engines use to interpret the information on your website in a contextual and effective manner. It helps potential readers as well as you to perform relevant search queries.

With the help of schema microdata, you can list your post in the knowledge graph, gain benefits in Google News, AMP, avail beta releases, and more. Together they help to increase traffic on your website.

Most importantly, it helps search engines to crawl more efficiently and boost the visibility of your site.

6. Practice a Reinvigorate Approach for Marketing:

Pinterest, Taboola, Launchbit, Outbrain, and StumbleUpon are great platforms for content promotion. Such platforms are not as popular as Facebook and Twitter. However, they can work great to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Depending on the elements of your approach, you can use a social media platform to promote the content. For instance, use Outbrain and Taboola if you have high-quality images and catchy articles. Such platforms target customers using their behavioral factors. Depending on your content, you can post it in different sections like recommended content or sponsored content.

7. Debunk a Myth in Your Niche:

A lot of times, things are taken for granted. When we listen to a thing for any numbers of times, we tend to consider it true. This holds true even for the readers.

When readers start believing that something is true, others who don’t believe it will stand out their voice. Definitely, you must maintain a neutral voice to be reliable and for a long-term workable approach, moderation is needed.

Remember, a conflicting opinion brings visibility and makes a viral piece of content.

8. Evergreen Content Must be Posted Regularly on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to post evergreen content. At this platform, people are always searching for specific information. Posting evergreen content is a rich source of traffic. It is because articles with better value can directly relate to professionals.

The website you are visible on must have the goal similar to you. Get in touch with relevant people in the industry in order to bring targeted traffic. With evergreen content, you can connect organically to the content published with professionals and ultimately it increases website traffic.

9. Join Twitter List of Your Niche to Spread Message:

Most of the times, marketers are not able to gain well despite putting in lots of efforts and hard work. It is mainly because they are targeting a different audience or using a different platform.

One platform that can make things happen for digital marketers is Twitter List. Being associated with it lets you know what happens in your niche. You even get the chance to share content with a highly targeted audience who is probably interested in your offerings.

10. Create SlideShare Presentations Using Long-Form Content:

This is another great way to earn more traffic for your website. SlideShare has a massive audience and only 1% of marketers are able to address their audience. This makes it a great platform to spread your content.

It is best to repurpose the content of your website and transform it into an in-depth piece of content that can bring you more relevant and substantial traffic. Definitely, this implies that it is the time to think of topics as ideas that fit into more than one form of presentation.

11. Tag People Commenting On Your Website on Social Media:

An easy way out to bring traffic is by tagging people who comment on your website on social media. Such individuals are already engaged and are aware of your business. They are interested in reading the content you provide and always strive to document stuff that is happening within your niche.

Even if you bid them thanks, they would love to comment again and stay in touch with your website, thereby bringing you more traffic.

12. Create a YouTube Video of Your Offerings:

It is not important that you have a material product while creating a YouTube video. Check videos created by IKEA where they introduced their catalog with a hardcover in the form of a gadget.

The main aim of such videos is to gain as many views as possible and enhance the memorability of your brand. Even if the product is not attractive, creating such videos helps the audience to understand it better. Moreover, it serves the informational needs of your customers.

13. Target a Broader Audience Using Video Content:

The way in which your content is showcased is an instrument, which aims to facilitate interaction. Transcribing the video content is a handy way particularly for the audience, which does not possess enough mobile data to access the videos on a specific spot. Alternatively, someone in a boring meeting would like to see your video but cannot listen to it.

Such situations can happen and you must be prepared for them. Moreover, it can help you get higher rankings as the search engines will be able to contextualize the video content and complexities of your endeavor.

14. Get Listed on Authoritative Websites:

Authoritative websites are platforms where people browse details, sorting it in a manner, which is dedicated to displaying most recent news. The main reason people use it is that it is practical and it refines the authoritative sources offering users with fresh articles.

This way, it helps to drive more traffic. The main benefit of this is being part of the network where people come to check for information.

15. Reschedule Your Industry Tweets:

If you try to be a leader who regularly yaps about himself, you will not gain enough followers. This holds true when you are posting content on social media. Curate information which you think is important or evokes an emotion.

Create an outreach campaign for your blog. It is always best to link to influential people who can help you get hundreds of new followers. Avoid underestimating the power of networking. However, it can reap you results only when done right.

16. Suggest the Content on a Famous Scoop:

We get linked to content that we write. It is part of our job description. Mainly because we are highly dedicated to the work we do. However, there are a few situations where a part of the content needs to be cured into something, which addresses a different audience.

The best part is that it takes just a few minutes to practice this. The content must be appropriate and related to your community’s subject as the kind of content will generate traffic for your site.

17. Publish Links and Kindle Books to Your Website:

Sure, you must have lots of old content, which does not generate much traffic. You can use this content to promote actively on social media. In addition to this, you can turn it into a book and some updates and then publish the same.

But make sure that you publish content and posts, which are related to your niche.

18. Attract Visitors Using A Screencast Product Demo:

Images and visuals grab the attention of the audience. Rather than allowing your prospects roam on your website without any aim, you may upload a screencast on the site and present the information in a pleasing manner. This also increases the memorability rate.

19. Make Your Content Shareable:

There are various online tools available, which you can use to make HTML improvements in the functionality of your blog. Most of the times, people avoid sharing such content as they do not like the layout of the website. Hence, you must install and highlight the share option to encourage sharing of your content with the readers.

20. Gain Exposure and Authority Links By Writing Testimonials:

An endorsement is highly popular. It works on the principle that guides us through life. Definitely, the more competent and authoritative source is, the more credibility it provides. This situation works well in the reverse scenario as well.

This is a trick where you access a website of a service or product and reach its testimonial page.

21. Use Infographics to Create in-Depth Articles:

Infographics are rich mediums to promote content visually and increase engagement. It offers a better ranking if you boost it with content and relevant images.

Hence, what you must do when social media hype starts to fade away. You cannot leave the situation at once. Therefore, repurpose the infographic content into a post to gain traffic.

22. Enhance User Experience By Optimizing Website’s Speed:

The speed of the website is a vital factor to enhance user experience and make sure visitors keep returning to your site. Therefore, you have to be a little technical to make sure that your website ranks properly.

There are various instruments available, which you can use to measure the extent to which you have done a great job till now.

23. Design a Photo Contest for Instagram:

One way to achieve an immense volume of traffic is by boosting engagement on Instagram. These are popular and dedicated ways to build more search traffic and boost engagement on social media.

Instagram have numerous ambassadors and offer various giveaways on social platforms. Creating a contest on Instagram is an excellent way to increase a brand’s engagement. Even, hosting a contest is very easy. Share many posts, engage with bloggers and experts on Instagram and publish highly qualitative images to make it a success.

24. Pin Tweets Addressing the Needs of Your Readers:

The web is great and people are always available to share information. The tutorials and how-to articles can be used to shape the marketing strategy. Use these guides to know about everything to get your tweets pinned.

Use this option to offer something to the community. Write about something that instantly hooks the readers.

25. Send Webinar Registration Mails to Prospects:

When a new trend gets into the action, it becomes difficult for people to use the strategy and stand out from the crowd. This holds true for Webinar as well. Write and email your standpoint to prospects to make them realize the advantages of engaging with the brand.

To Sum Up:

With these handy hacks, you can boost your website’s traffic to a great extent. Definitely, there are more other hacks to share, but first, try the above-mentioned ones and see how well they work for your website.

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