How to Get Traffic that Convert to Paying Customers

Getting more potential paying customers means more traffic to your site.

The more traffic volume you have, the more it will result in possible conversions.

But this is not it!

Equally important is to improve the conversion rate of your site.

You may get more traffic to your site but if the conversion rate is low then still there will be less number of potential paying customers.

For example, think about getting 1000 people with a 1% conversion rate and compare it with 500 people with a 5% conversion rate.

Which one is better?

Of course, both of them are good and the best one is 10,000 people with 15% conversion rate.

So, if you too are looking out for good targeting solutions with easy slippery funnels then check the best ways out here.

It does not matter which field you belong, whether you have an e-commerce service or a software company, these ways will surely work for you!

Ways to Convert Visitors into Paying Customers:

1. Case Studies:

Just break down your work for others into simple pieces of lessons and let everyone know the results.

This way, more people will be able to know about your work and the results obtained and eventually will turn into potential customers.

The reason case studies is a great option because it just doesn’t talk about increasing the revenue and getting more traffic but also talks about your efforts to help your customers achieve their desired results.

Also, you can add testimonials within the case studies that will back up your claims. If you add a vague case study, then it will not work. So, make sure they are authentic and genuine.

2. Testimonials:

Creating and using testimonials might sound easy. But are you sure you are using them the right way? You might be using testimonial with the full name of a person and an image. But is it really convincing?

Don’t give your testimonials a length and the best way for this is to let them be authentic. Let the testimonials share a story, if there is any and talk about the results achieved.

There can be a huge difference between the conversion rate met with a short testimonial and a long testimonial.

A great way to use testimonials is to sprinkle them across your website. From checkout pages to the sales page, use them on each page of your site to create a lasting impact.

3. Groups Mentality:

You must have noticed that people usually prefer moving in groups. When they see other people jumping or moving to one place, they will typically do the same.

If there are lots of people following your site, then they would know that it is the right way to move one. This will show the direction to other people also about your product or service, which can boost the traffic as well as conversion rate to a great extent.

It is because of many, people find worth investing in your business so that others would also like to try it. Hence, if you want more people to signup then tell about more people who have recently used your service or product.

4. Mention about companies you have worked for:

Mentioning about the companies that you have worked for is another excellent way to tell others about your stuff and happy customers.

Show the logos of the companies for which you have worked successfully.

The mentions can be made in the awards or pieces or exhibit all of them. This will help to increase the conversion rate as people will be able to know about the customers, I have served and eventually about your offerings.

If you have worked for some really reputed companies or have received some exclusive press reports about your brand, then this technique is worth implementing and testing.

5. Customize the Pitch:

We all prefer things that have been exclusively tailored to us. Nobody wants to buy or sign up to something that is generic. When you have things that are specially meant for you, then you will get adequate results.

Another important thing is to customize the sales pitch by placing unique information using targeted towards each of the visitors.

You can use online software in order to insert your visitor’s city and state in the pitch.

For example, if you are selling a skin brightening cream then you can use the software to create a custom headline that would also insert your visitor’s city in the headline.

With this tactic, you can have more sound results and is even a great idea to target a more sophisticated audience.

6. Offering Limited Access:

If you have seen websites like Quora then you would definitely be aware the way they make you read a few threads and then asking for registration to read the remaining rest.

Quora is one such website that allows to not just learning about anything but also moves you to get yourself registered and sign up.

It is because they are aware that you are already hooked because you have read a few threads and now they can ask you to register.

Similarly, if you too have a great product or offering to share then you can offer limited access to the customers. Block off a certain part of your content or product for paid or registered users.

This is an efficient way to increase the number of visitors. It would ensure that your overall traffic continues to grow, but only if you have something really exclusive to offer.

7. Excellent Speed:

While speed is something that most of us tend to forget, but it creates a huge impact on the conversion rate. For this reason, companies such as Amazon are always focused to offer their customers the super load speed.

It is because of every second matter and counts. Loading time is a major factor to the abandonment of the page.

Most of the users don’t have much patience for a page taking too long to download. Even it is observed that slower page response results in augmented page abandonment.

Hence, focus on enhancing the overall speed of the site as it can increase the conversion rate and enhance the overall traffic volume on search engines.

8. Forums and Online Communities:

Forums might not be the primary place to get traffic that is lucrative and would convert. But the good thing about them is that they have groups of like-minded people discussing common issues and interests.

If you have a product or service that fits their interest then this is truly an amazing thing.

Most people believe that a positive thread about their business in the communities and forum can lead to traffic and increased sales.

The best way to make better use of forum marketing is by becoming a member of the community. If you will be there and help others in resolving the issue, then you will be able to reap the advantages.

9. Blogging:

This is an obvious thing and if you are practicing it, then make sure you create a blog that can help you get traffic that converts.

Once you are able to receive blog traffic, you can implement strategies in order to get them to convert.

This can be done by adding value to their feedbacks and suggestions. This will develop trust among them about your authentication.

Another effective way is to add visible calls to actions to gain more knowledge about your services or products when they are ready.

10. Targeted Ads:

Facebook houses one of the most efficient ads targeting system.

With the Facebook ads, it is possible to recognize the precise characteristics of individuals who are most expected to convert.

It also helps to identify the most suitable text and images that can attract users and recognize the kinds of landing page content that results in best conversions.

You can build and use this strategy by developing a Facebook following and at the same time implementing Facebook tracking on your website’s page.

When you are aware that there are people behind your clicks, then you can learn more about them and identify the best ways to connect with them.

There is lots of split testing required in this pace and some monetary investment in PPC ads and most importantly your dedication and time. You would want to run ads that function with images, copy, and targeting. Also, you would wish to experiment with the landing page. The aim here is to experiment and identify and then expect the results.

Once you are aware of the copy and landing pages that would work well in attracting and converting users, you will be able to build a network and gain more traffic through Google Adwords and ad networks.

11. Generate Leads through Your Website:

When you wish to generate more leads from your site then there are multiple ways to do it. So, let’s check all of them.

Include an authentic contact number on your site’s home page

With a contact number on your home page, it becomes convenient for the users to ask relevant questions directly to you.

It helps developing trust among the customers and they will be impressed with the services and finally convert into your paying customers.

Add an Opt-in form on the Homepage

Including an opt-in form on the first page always helps to increase the conversion rate. When visitors would visit your site then they will like your products and services and would instantly promote them to submit deals.

It is essential to include an attractive opt-in form with an exclusive punch line that clearly shows the benefits to the users.

If you have an appealing and convincing form then it would be able to reap adequate results.

Try Implementing Forms on Every Page

If you want people to connect with you easily then the finest way is to have the leads form on every page of your website.

Make sure your form holds less number of fields so that users are able to submit the details in the least possible time frame.

If you are promoting some ads, then make sure you use the most powerful and convincing lines to describe the offer.

Use Videos to Speak to the Audience

The latest statistics show that most of the online shoppers prefer watching online videos on a site before making a final decision.

Make sure you create videos that are informative to the users. It is because this offers them more confidence while they make an online purchase.

Also, video promotions allow you to watch the total number of views that it has got. Hence, this will help you track the progress of your product and service.

Include an About Us Page

If you will include an about us page in your site then you are encouraging users to trust the services.

With an about us page it is possible to tell in brief about yourself. It also offers you the platform to share the aim of starting a business along the mission and vision statement.

This is something that customers are always looking for before they make an online purchase from a website.

You can also include a signup page along with the about us page. This will make your story more engaging and authentic and would offer you the chance to get more leads.

Last but not least, you can always offer your service from the about us page of your site as this is one such page on a site that most of the people prefer reading.


There are numerous ways you can get your traffic convert to sales. You need to be more creative and more focused on conversion optimization. The possibilities and ways are endless.

The above ways are just a few of the top ones that have worked for lots of sites and businesses out there. So, try using them as they would definitely reap more real sales even to your business.


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