How to Start a Food Blog and Make Money Every Month

Do you enjoy eating?

Actually, that’s a funny question. Everyone loves eating good food.

Do you experiment with cooking?

Then you can create blogs based on cooking new recipes.

Food blogs are one of the best ways to share your recipes with many people who love cooking.

When you try something and get succeed then sharing it can make you popular. This is a good option to make money also.

When you Start a Food Blog, Remember These:

Through blogging, you can turn your hobby into a way to get an income. You can do blogging just as a hobby or to make money.

As there are many food blogs out there. How can you compete with them?

It is not possible to stand out if you cannot produce new interesting recipes.

If you check food blogs there are many recipes which are very common and you can find them on most of the sites.

It is not possible to win the user’s attention if you cannot introduce new recipes to them.

If you are ready to share something new then food blog is the best option to monetize and you can be popular also.

There are many food bloggers in front of us who succeeded by sharing their passion for creating new dishes.

There are many ups and downs for food blogs. They are

Facing Ups When you start a food blog:

  • Converting your hobby to profession
  • Can express your creativity with food
  • More economic and effective profession
  • Monetize your blogs by including sponsored Ads and programs
  • Can sell your cooking books through your blogs
  • Can be a big community with more followers

Facing Downs when you start a food blog:

  • Always demand new innovative recipes
  • The blog only succeeds if you can include good quality cooking photographs.
  • If you want to get profit out of it, then it will take more time.

So, how can you create a better food blog?

This is a guide that will help you to create a food blog in a better and effective way.

There are two options for you. One is to create a blog yourself or hire a technical expert who can help you to create a site. If you have enough money to spend then, hiring someone will help to create a more professional site.

Creating a site is not a big task.

You can follow these steps properly to create an excellent site. I am also including some tips for you so that you can follow them to get success in this field.

Basic steps to start a food blog:

Here are some basic steps you need to follow, to create a blog of your own. It should be created in such a way to attract users.

  • Choosing the right content management system (CMS)
  • Getting the right domain name
  • Choose proper web hosting service
  • Design your website
  • Publish your articles
  • Optimize and Analysis

Now we can discuss each point in detail

1. Choose the right CMS:

A content management system is a platform which we use to publish your website.

When you create a website, there are many processes behind it. If you choose a content management system, it will do all the coding to create your website.

So, first, you need to choose a proper content management system. There are many platforms like blogger where you can create content.

But popularity wise WordPress is the most preferable platform where you can create your food blog.

The main advantage of WordPress is that it is customizable.

There are plugins available to do various tasks and these plugins make all your complex tasks simple.

WordPress is available worldwide and supports so many languages. If you are good with coding and design, you can create a website with a professional look.

Even though you don’t have any idea about coding, you can create your own website on WordPress platform easily. Now you can install WordPress on your system and proceed to next steps

2. Choose the domain name:

A domain name is the address of your site.

When we search a site, the full address will be www.domainname .com. So it is like naming your website.

As it is a food blog, the name should be related to food.

You can think about various possibilities by brainstorming words. Try all possible relationship and their synonyms.

If you got a name finally, then check whether it is available or not. You can check by typing the name online.

Don’t choose any name that is already in use. It will create legal issues.

If you cannot find any suitable name, there are domain registrars like Bluehost, Godaddy, etc.

Go there and search your genre. You can find all available names and if you found anything good then choose it.

You need to register your site name so that nobody can use it. After registering it will be your site identity.

While choosing a name, keep in mind that the name should be short, sweet and memorable.

You can use your name if you are famous or else find something that can be attractive to users.

3. Choose proper web hosting service:

Next part is to find a web hosting service to save all your website files.

When it comes to storing your site files, you need to choose a reliable storage space provider.

Very popular web hosting for WordPress platform is Bluehost. You can try it or select any other service provider.

Your decision should be based on their service. There are many factors you need to consider while choosing a web hosting service.

Some important points are

  • Get a good outcome for the money you pay
  • The site should load fast
  • Can be compatible with various site traffic conditions
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Should be able to provide some extra attractive features.
  • Search for a top web hosting provider and read reviews from its users

Get a good web hosting provider that fits within your budget. Some web hosting providers also offer the domain name for free.

If you want to save some money, you can accept sites with a combo offer.

4. Design your website:

The user interface is an important SEO factor you need to consider.

After completing registration and creation of your site, the next step is to design it properly.

Your site appearance is very important to users. It is your individuality and you have to implement your creativity in designing a beautiful site.

Especially food blogs should have a more attractive look to get users attention. If you are using WordPress as CMS, you can use their in-built plugins to design your site

There are so many plugins available for WordPress users. You can choose the right plugin for your website. Your website theme should possess the following qualities

Good design:

If you cannot handle the design part, you can hire someone with good knowledge. The site should look well to offer your user good experience


When you design your site one thing to make sure that it should be suitable to work with all types of devices. You should provide the best experience to the user by creating a responsive website

Good UI:

As I mentioned above, the user interface plays an important role in your site success.

If your site doesn’t look good, nobody will click on your site link. It should be designed such that users can easily find anything from your site.

Now you can download suitable plugins for food blogs. There are many plugins available for you like Tasty Recipes.

Other plugins like Yoast SEO, Akismet, share buttons of some sort, etc are also useful.

5. Publish articles:

Next step is to publish your articles on your own website.

It is very easy to publish articles on WordPress. You can include the best contents with excellent photographs. The pictures should be clear.

Those are the many factors that attract users to your blog. You can also include cooking videos with it if you want. You can upload it on YouTube also. This will help to get more leads to your site.

When you cook recipes, you have to include pictures of each step to make the explanation process easy. You can see them on all the food blogs. Users only click on links with the best image and variety of content.

When you write about a recipe, a small introduction should be there.

Many popular blogs explain the cooking process in a storytelling manner.

The main reason behind it is that this can help you to entertain your audience. You can communicate with your followers to make your site more lively.

A live site will get a top priority while ranking. Publish your exclusive contents on your blog by setting up an editorial calendar. Posting consistently is very important to get more followers.

6. Optimization and Analysis:

After publishing your content optimize it for search engines.

Just by writing quality blogs you cannot reach to your prospective followers. For that, you need to implement some changes that can help you to get the attention of the search engine.

Adding popular keywords on your blog is one of them. There are many other factors like decreasing loading time, mobile friendliness, link building, sitemap, etc.

You can understand the various SEO process and implement it on your content

After implementing changes, monitor the result using analytic reports.

You can use Google Analytic tools to monitor your website performance. This will help you to get an accurate response from users for your content.

By analyzing the result, you can easily understand the working strategies and apply them in your other contents to get the same positive response.

These are the steps you can follow to create a food blog. Other than creating a website, you need to promote it across various social media platform to ensure maximum reach.

Tips to Start a food blog and Grow it:

You got the steps to create a food blog. Follow these tips if you want to make your blog better.

Be versatile:

If you want to succeed in this field, a variety of recipes are essential. Users only come back if you can keep your followers engaged

Be consistent:

While blogging never stop publishing your articles in the middle. You need to update your blog with new recipes more frequently. Keeping your blog active is the best way to rank your site in a better position.

Write well:

When you write a recipe, you can express it through a story. A back story related to a recipe can engage your audience well

Make a community:

When it comes to promoting your blogs, you can create a community with your users. Ask them to promote your blog across the various channel.

Easy navigation:

Make your site easily accessible to users. Create a user-friendly site with attractive appearance. Make easy to find recipes for users and comment on it

Don’t create a site exclusively to make money:

Many food blogs use advertisements to make money out of it, but when you create a blog give importance to user engagement than making money.

Include interesting recipes and get more followers to your blog.

Eye catchy pictures:

A person who wants to handle food blogs should be a multi-talented person. Without good pictures, you cannot market your food blogs.

So, get eye catch pictures and include them in your blog. Pictures have the power to attract more user attention.

Shareable content:

The content should be shareable when you create it. You can put a social media sharing button at the end of your blogs.

It will help the users to share it with their contacts. It will improve your site reach and thereby the popularity of your blog improves automatically.

Final Words:

Creating a food blog is very easy but maintaining it is a difficult task. If you can create something new always, then users will come back again and again.

Those old boring recipes won’t attract many users. create your own presentation and writing style. Don’t copy other recipes.

You should create your own recipes. Interact with users and respond to their comments. This will help to create a special bond between you and your followers. Start blogging and give new unknown recipes to users.

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