SocialOomph Review: Do you really need this social tool?

Nowadays, success is not only about higher search engine rankings. For your blog to be successful, it must attract social followers as well. For seriously building a strong social presence, you must post rich content on all the prominent social channels like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others.

While each social platform hold its unique significance, one most highly followed and worldwide appreciated social media platform is Twitter.

Twitter accounts for more than 1.4 billion users with more than 300 million active users in a month.

For an online or offline business to succeed, it is essential to make a strong mark on Twitter. It is because this platform is a promising marketing platform offering highly beneficiary potentials for any business or person.

SocialOomph Review

So, how can you make the most from Twitter?

It is essential you own some of the finest tools within your arsenal. Having such tools is a simple way to skyrocket your marketing efforts on this platform. And to make sure you are able to successfully beat the fierce marketing competition, we suggest going for an automated tool.

However, with a plethora of automated tools available in the market, it is difficult to pick an ideal one. It is because there are a lot of tools that are spammer and may end up you wasting your time, efforts, and money.

Tools like Hootsuite, ManageFlitter, and Bufferapp are all great to go. But if you want another promising alternative over them, we suggest using SocialOomph.

In this post, we will review SocialOomph in detail to let you have absolute clarity about this automated Twitter tool.

SocialOomph – An Overview:

SocialOomph is a robust tool for Twitter that is referred to as a underdog of social networks. It is because its simple design is well-complemented with powerful features.

You can avail of both paid and free plans in SocialOomph based on your budget. While the free plan offers you access to some of the basic features, the paid plan offers you access to some highly advanced features.

It is an application introduced by a Canadian company, which is a sub-part of the Canada Inc. Division 3827992. This application has been in the market since April 2008 and is formerly called as This application is an excellent social networking solution for Twitter users.

However, in 2009, there was an extension of the app offered to the social networks. For supporting this extensive strategy, the application is named as SocialOomph. The app is growing extensively since its inception and is suggested for the users who wish to boost their followers and visibility in the social networks.

SocialOomph – What exactly it Do?

SocialOomph is a robust tool designed to serve various social media platforms, but exclusively caters to the needs of the Twitter platform. It is a social media booster that lets you manage everything at one place.

Using this tool, it is possible to schedule posts in prior, automatically begin following individuals who follow you as well as update numerous accounts at one place. This makes the tool perfect for link posting to a novel blog across multiple distinct platforms.

Its free version offers numerous tools for managing the Twitter account. But when you sign up for its paid version, you get access to use the features for other social media networking platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. Also, it let you centralize the management of numerous blogs, integrate RSS feeds, and eventually automate updates in the WordPress.

Moreover, this tool allows you to simultaneously manage different social media platforms as well as multiple accounts. However, it may not support every important social media network you are using.

SocialOomph – Features for Twitter

There are numerous advanced features offered by SocialOomph to efficiently automate a range of tasks on social networking platforms. This app is packed with rich features to manage your activities on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms. Also, you can manage the activities with your blog.

There are numerous additional features also offered by the user for improving the followers list on Twitter through suggestions and the process of analysis. It allow a user to automate the direct messages, which are sent to novel subscribers after assessing the new ones. Also, you can search as per keywords to find people who already hold a robust influence on Twitter.

1. Free Tools for Twitter:

SocialOomph offers numerous great features for Twitter. One of the finest among them is posting in advance and establishing a schedule to go live that lets you publishing regularly without being in front of the screen for 24 x 7.

With the help of this tool, it is possible to manage about 5 Twitter accounts for absolutely free. Also, it offers you statistics on retweets and mentions the same across all five accounts. Also, it offers a unique URL shortening tool, which is of great benefit for the users. It tracks the total number of clicks you avail on each URL. It is a highly useful aspect for learning about social accounts, which are the most successful in bringing traffic back to your website.

A highly useful tool for bloggers on Twitter is Twitter keyword tracker. This feature allows establishing alerts and you are notified about the same through SocialOomph. It is great to keep tabs of broader conversations across main topics and also for searching the main influencers in your domain so that you can connect and interact with them.

2. Paid Tools for Twitter:

If you are highly focused on Twitter, we suggest going for the paid tools that are available without signing up for the entire paid service of SocialOomph. This way, you can save almost half of the subscription fee.

The additional twitter tools that you can gain are keyword search, which shows about the people tweeting about that particular topic. Though you can use this functionality through the keyword alert service, there is offers an additional feature that allows linking keywords to the contact list, and eventually integrates novel people to the relevant list if they are tweeting about one of the topics.

The tools available in the paid plan offer novel contact suggestions on the basis of criteria range. Also, there are filters that can be applied in order to cut out spams and let you gain complete power of approval over the added list.

The prime advantage of the paid tools is that they can be linked to unlimited accounts on Twitter rather than offering the free version to the five accounts. Also, you can manage all of them from a single place and view integrated timelines with complete control over the displayed content through in-depth configuration.

3. Auto DM:

The feature for sending automatic direct messages to new followers lets you build lasting relationships with the followers.

4. Managing multiple profiles:

It allows you to manage 5 Twitter profiles at once and for free.

5. Auto Follow Followers:

This is a great feature that lets you auto follow new followers. This feature lets you automate most of the processes.

6. Delete Your Entire Direct Messages and Tweets:

The Purge DM and Tweets feature deletes your entire Tweets on the actual Twitter account.

7. Auto Unfollow:

With this feature, you can automatically unfollow users who unfollow you.

8. Email Reply:

With the Email Digest reply feature, it is possible to revert to all your followers on various Twitter accounts.

9. Scheduling Tweets:

The Tweet Scheduling feature lets you schedule tweets as per your preference and when you want.

SocialOomph – Additional Features:

There are a few additional features offered by SocialOomph.

  • Saving and reusing drafts.
  • Direct message cleaning of inbox.
  • Viewing retweets and mentions
  • Finding people to follow on twitter
  • Scheduling updates for Facebook status
  • Secured accessed to Twitter
  • Secured access to LinkedIn
  • Secured connection to Facebook
  • Scheduling photo uploads on Facebook
  • Self-deleting Facebook and Twitter updates
  • Writing blog posts
  • Scheduling LinkedIn shares

SocialOomph – Prominent Benefits:

  1. It saves a lot of time to let you perform repetitive social media tasks on a daily basis.
  2. It keeps you updated about the social media trends and news related to numerous accounts more conveniently.
  3. SocialOomph offers you an extensive view of your activities on social media platforms.
  4. It comes with an extensive console for easily managing social media.
  5. It optimizes the social media workflow to a great extent.
  6. It is a highly helpful tool for managing and analysis social media.
  7. It is an excellent to manage numerous social media accounts at once.
  8. It comes with easy to use interface.
  9. It is a good way to schedule items on social media.
  10. Not only experienced, but even novice can use this tool with ease.

SocialOomph Features for Other Social Media Platforms:

The good thing about SocialOomph is that it can be used for other social media platforms besides Twitter. For this, you need to sign up the entire service. This is not cheap, particularly when you consider that the price is mentioned for fortnightly billing.

Some of the prominent features of SocialOomph for other social media platforms are:

1. Social Updates Received by Email:

Mainly, SocialOomph is designed for business users. It can be highly useful assortment of features if you are running a blog with other individuals or have numerous regular contributors. You can link to an email address to a specific social platform and any messages, which are sent to that addresses are automatically posted on the feed. You can establish controls so the messages from a specific individual are published. The name of the sender is published alongside this message.

2. Features for Facebook:

Just like free of cost tools available for Twitter, SocialOomph allows managing numerous Facebook accounts at once with the option to schedule status, groups, and wall updates, along with uploads of photo in advance. This can be done from what SocialOomph considers an update reservoir or the content for database and set it to drip the feed updates for Facebook as well as other social media platforms.

The similar features are available on LinkedIn, Plurk, and Pinterest.

3. Managing RSS Feeds and Blogs:

This is one such feature that has impressed almost every blogger. This feature enables users to link the blog directly to social media accounts so that every new post automatically triggers an update on the account.

Also, SocialOomph allows you scheduling blog posts the similar way as you can carry social media posts. If your blog platform comes with a remote publishing API, which is built into Tumblr and WordPress, it lets you queue posts up in advance to trigger publishing through SocialOomph.

It is possible to link multiple blogs to the SocialOomph account and it offers a WYSIWYG editor for creating posts.

For RSS feeds, it is possible to configure the same to automatically generate updates and posts across all social media accounts and blogs.

SocialOomph – Pros and Cons:

The pros and cons of SocialOomph are as follows:


  • Saves a lot of valuable time
  • Unique features for social posting
  • Boost the followers on social media
  • Automate the posting on social media
  • Monitoring your activities on social media
  • Scheduling posts easily


  • The only limitation we found with this tool is its limited usability for Instagram. It would have been great if they have offered various extended features for the same.

SocialOomph – Pricing:

There are various pricing plans offered for SocialOomph are:

  • Free trial
  • Professional plan starting at $17.79 for half month
  • Twitter Unlimited access at $6.97 for half month

Do You Need SocialOomph?

SocialOomph lets you manage numerous social media accounts with ease. It is a great tool for bloggers as well as businesses and automatically creates social posts each time when a new blog is published. It is an excellent way to save time for promoting the blogs across social channels.

But you need to sign up for the complete service to manage social media accounts and link blogs other than Twitter and it is priced competitively to target business market. It is best to go for the full service paid plan to make the most of this tool.

Hence, if you want to use SocialOomph only for Twitter, you can go for the free version, but if you want to use it for other social platforms, you can go for the paid versions

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