Social Signals SEO: How Social Media Shares Hit Rankings

The search industry is the most important industry for any kind of business. Whatever the information people want, they just search for that in various search engines. In fact, the search industry helps people to know more information online. Even many people search for information through various social media platforms.

Social Signals for SEO

Wait!!! Did you ever think how well social media impacts SEO industry?

If you are a content marketer, content writer, blogger or an SEO expert, you need to get this thought at the initial stage only. Because social media plays a very vital role in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry. In fact, the impact of social media on SEO is definitely the most talked topic in the search industry.

We can see many people search about it most of the times and the search number about this topic will be always high. As it is a hot topic in the search industry, let’s raise the question ourselves i.e.,

Is social media really helpful in our SEO efforts?

The answer will be very simple: Definitely, it is “YES”.

For the detailed answer and explanation, let’s dig deeper into the rest of the post. On this page, we have clearly furnished the complete information about Social Signals for SEO. Before going into how social signals impact SEO, let’s know about social signals.

What are Social Signals?

Social signals are generally referred to as webpage collection such as likes, shares, and comments. It also represents the overall social media visibility according to the search engines recognition. All these factors contribute the organic search ranking to your page and even helps as backlinks.

These social signals offer you the integrative metrics about how many people interact with your brand’s post on various social media networks. The actions of social signals include user engagement factors such as comments, likes, shares, pins, votes, followers list, links and much more.

Indeed, the social signals are directly integrated with the search engine ranking algorithms. Many of the search engines are confirmed that these signals also come up as ranking signals. The world-famous web search engine Google has merged the data of social media in Google Analytics software in order to help the webmasters to know how social media impacts their websites.

The functions of social signals are:

  • The social signals value and the value of links are often confused. If your website has
    hundreds of backlinks and has no social signals, it represents the less quality building
  • Social signals help in the discovery of content and search engines indexing.

Do Social Signals Influence SEO?

The question that pops up in everyone’s mind in the SEO industry is, “Are social signals really one of the ranking factors?

We can see many discussions about this buzzing topic and there are both pros and cons.

Nowadays search engines have become very smart. They look for authoritative and high-quality content and use social media as a signal.

Suppose, if you worry about losing your website traffic, you can easily drive the traffic back to your website with the help of your social platforms. As per the 2018 reports, there are around 3.4 billion social media users across the world and it is a great way to drive website traffic from social channels and can improve your Google rankings.

If you have high-quality content on your website then spend more time on sharing your valuable content on social media platforms and refer the content on other related websites. Always remember that the quality depends on the number of likes, follows, shares and comments. These refer to as social engagement signals. And these will tell the search engines how interesting your website is.

By adding social share widget, you can check the sharing statistics and attract visitors to read your content. The more social media links your SEO content has, the more chances the search engines recognize your content. In addition to this, user behavioral engagement also affects your website SEO.

For instance, if you have a small business that operates on a small scale then you have to make sure that your company has to be in local business listings and get the name, address and phone number to boost up the chances to appear in the local organic searches. Always make sure that your information is consistent and clear throughout the web.

Here reviews act as a huge factor in the local SEO marketing. You can view the reviews on Google which displays from social media websites. Social signals attract the search crawlers along with the links in the posts which you newly created. You have to be aware that the search bots don’t reach to the social media networks all alone. If Google finds a new social post, a pack of social bots from Yahoo, Bing, and others will involve in the efforts of crawling.

Are you searching for a way to get more visibility?

Then social signals help you in that most. These signals help in getting visibility through social media ranking profiles in the search engine results page. In fact, social profiles are more personal than corporate websites. It enhances the authority of your SEO with a number of tweets with your website link.

Twitter is one of the highest social media platforms used by people. If your link has a high number of tweets and also retweets then there are many chances to enhance your SEO.

How Social Signals Affect Search Engine Rankings?

The approach of social signals and SEO has completely changed these days. Some people think social media is not an SEO ranking factor but it directly impacts the rankings.

There are a few dependencies which you have to keep in mind and they are:

  • Your targeted audience has to be on social media.
  • Your content has to grab their attention so they will care about it.

Even though social media isn’t a ranking factor, it is still an integral part of SEO and helps in boosting your rankings.

  • If you have more social media shares, the more chances of people have to view your content on various social media platforms. Don’t forget to be proactive and reach to the maximum number of people as much as possible.
  • Even if you have the best product and people doesn’t know about, you can just give up on it. Build the product most effectively then people will come automatically.
  • Majority of the people stay active on social media always. It is a fact that Facebook itself has more than 2 billion users throughout the globe. With a high count of people on social media, it will easy for you to share.
  • Social signals assist you to improve the branded searches. For instance, if people search your brand name on Google with a keyword phrase, it helps you in giving similar keyword phrases.
  • Social signals improve your search engine ranking with a promotion. Facebook and Twitter are the best promoting social media networks. But don’t forget the most famous “YouTube”. It is the world’s second search engine. YouTube helps to influence SEO performance without any hassles.
  • Many YouTube queries contain less commercial intent. Create useful YouTube videos about your brand and promote them. If you get links through social media promotion, your videos will get rank in the search engine results page organically.

How to Increase Social Signals SEO:

In recent times, social signals become an important factor of SEO in editorial linking and quality of content. Social sharing takes place on most of the social media platforms so the importance of social signals also increases. Along with usual SEO tactics, you have to implement a comprehensive social media strategy if you want to increase your search rankings.

The strategies used to improve social media engagement also helps you in improving the website search engine ranking. However, here content is the king and key. If you have valuable, high-quality and entertaining content, you can get positive interactions.

Here are some of the strategies to raise the volume of social signals such as:

  • Don’t forget to post your content daily. So that your brand will appear on the top of social media feeds.
  • Always use quality images. So that it increases the interaction rates among your users.
  • Listen and respond to your audience regularly. Make a note of what your audience is saying about your product and respond to them in a right and positive way.
  • You have to monitor the actions on your social media platforms. You can find various social media marketing apps for free on the web. These apps help you to track the likes, shares, tweets, re-tweets, comments, and keywords related to your brand.
  • The most effective and easy way to grab the attention of your audience is contests or giveaways. Nowadays people attract more to free contests. It is the best way to increase brand awareness.
  • Don’t forget to link with the popular brands related to your industry. Share your links on their websites and build original content. If they consider your brand content is original means they link your content on their website.
  • Share your content on all top social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat.

However, social signals are an important metric newly added in the world of SEO. With the help of social signals, you can easily increase your social media engagement and in return, your website will gain top rankings in various search engines results page.

Make a note that if you have an increase in social signals means it directly indicates that your website has good domain authority and great URL value.


With an increase in lighting fast trends in the social media universe, you have to stay updated in every point to improve your SEO. Tapping into the pulse of your targeted audience through social media gives you the best results.

We hope you guys got enough information related to Social signals SEO. If you still have any queries about this topic, feel free to share with us. Just drop your queries in the comment section below. We will get back to you within a short time with valuable answers.

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