Social Media Marketing Challenges & Problems to Overcome

Social media marketing is a constantly changing process. As time goes, people are getting more smarter and marketers have to find new ways to attract customers to their businesses. Each time social media trends changes, marketers need to change their strategy accordingly.

So, we can say that it is very hard to be successful in social media marketing without tracking current trends and changes that happen in each platform. Each social media platform is different, and you need to approach them based on how it works best for your business. If you are someone who stays away from social media marketing, then you are going in the wrong direction.

According to marketing researches, social media marketing is something businesses can use to improve their conversion. It can also improve the visibility of a brand and also helps to increase the number of genuine followers.

Even though social media is a blessing for marketers, they need to work a lot to get what they want from it. There are a lot of challenges they have to face to get success in social media marketing. In this article, you are going to learn about some most common social media marketing challenges marketers will face while starting social media marketing and how they can overcome these challenges effectively.

Top 11 Social Media Marketing Challenges and Problems:

Are you someone who wants to start a career on social media marketing or a business owner who want to promote their brand on social media? If yes, then you should also need to know some common challenges associated with it

1. Measuring ROI:

For every marketing strategy, it is important to measure the return on investment to know the success of it. Marketers need to evaluate the effect of their marketing strategy to know better working strategies. It is very hard to measure them on social media.

Marketers are finding new ways to make that process easy and one of the best possible ways is to use social media marketing tools. They are designed with excellent features which can help you to measure the response of each of your strategies and help you to make better strategies. To overcomes this challenge, you can do the following steps

  • Identify the KPIs in your strategy
  • Compare social media goals with your business goals
  • Compare your strategy performance with your competitors
  • Choose the best social media management tool and set up it to measure your marketing performance

2. Getting followers:

Getting followers to a brand and turning them as your customers is a big challenge in social media nowadays. There are a lot of brands which are trying to get attention from their audience. They work very hard to get that attention and this increases competition.

Brands want to increase their number of followers who can be their potential customers. If your follower count is very low, then there is something wrong with your content and you need to take that very seriously. To improve the number of followers you can do the following things

  • Follow other popular brand’s account to get attention from their followers
  • Create valuable content for your audience
  • Make it more informative and shareable
  • Interact with your audience
  • Create interesting campaigns and promotional programs to attract more followers

3. Getting organic traffic to your website:

Social media promotion also helps the brand to get more organic traffic to their website. Many brands create social media account to attract more audience into their website and make more conversion. This is only possible through good social media contents. When you post contents on social media make it more interesting to your audience so that they will come to your website to read more contents. It is a challenging task to get attention from your audience on your contents.

Users have a short attention span and you need to get their attention within the first 3 secs to make them read the whole content. In addition to this, social media algorithms are getting smarter and trying to provide valuable content for their users. Here are some tips you can follow to get more organic traffic through social media

  • Spread your contents on all social media platforms
  • Make the title of the content clickable and interesting
  • Give them the exact content they are looking for through your social media account
  • Make the content as the audience want
  • Don’t compromise on quality to get more visitors
  • Target your post to make sure it reaches the right audience
  • Increase the use of visual contents

4. Social media promotion:

Without a proper social media marketing strategy, it is very hard to get the response you want from social media platforms. The competition is very high, and you need to work hard to make strategies that stand out among your competitors. More than 3 billion people use social media platforms and it is very hard to please everyone at a time.

You need to get an idea about the people whom you need to target and try to develop strategies that can please those particular audiences. The main focus of brands should be to increase audience engagement and getting a greater number of leads. Here are the things they can do to accomplish these goals

  • Have a specific goal before developing strategies
  • Track ROI to measure the performance of your strategies
  • Make sure to concentrate on your audience while developing new strategies
  • Check your competitors to find out the strategies they use to get a hold on their audience

5. Engaging with the audience:

Social media is a very huge platform and many brands come to this with a goal of interacting with their audience. Does it happen every time? There are many social media platforms and someone cannot spend all day interacting with their audience on various social media platforms at the same time.

A brand should know what their audience has to say about it and social media is the best way to get feedback. It is not only for sharing and liking contents. Here are some steps you can follow to make your social media accounts more engaging

  • Know your audience by doing extensive research
  • Interact with them through text, images, and videos
  • Start to communicate with them on social media
  • You can share and retweet another post to create more conversation on your social media account

6. Time management:

It is very hard to manage time when you use multiple social media platforms at a time. To be a better social media marketer, you need to manage your time well and fit all the task within the assigned time. You cannot be there on social media platforms for the whole 24 hours. There should be a particular time every day at which you need to spend your time on social media platforms. There are many tasks like creating content, distributing, engaging with the audience, managing campaigns, etc. You can be more specific on time management and make it arrange properly to work better

  • Use an editorial calendar
  • Social media management tools can help you to make your work easy
  • Automate redundant marketing processes
  • Use the latest technologies to save your time

7. Choosing the right social media channels to use:

There are many social media platforms out there which you can use for your business promotion. But, the main confusion is using the right platform. It is not an easy task to manage multiple social media platforms at the same time.

You may have to choose between them, finalize some popular ones which can give better returns. This is a very difficult task for every social media marketer to do. Here are some steps you can follow to find out the most suitable social media platforms for your business

  • Track your competitors and see which social media platforms they are
  • Using to promote their business
  • Target your audience and see which platforms they use the most
  • Find out the easiest platforms you can use to handle your marketing tasks

Consolidate all the results and find out the best platform you can use to promote your business on social media.

8. Lack of resources:

It is very hard to make your social media marketing strategy successful without enough resources. You cannot handle every marketing tasks alone. To run successful campaigns and promotions, you may need better support and it is very hard to get good resources nowadays. If you need good resources, then you may have to pay more. There are some better ideas you can try such as

  • Using influencer marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Use employee advocating and encourage them to post good things about your business on social media platforms

9. Creating a positive response about your brand on social media:

It is very easy to create a negative impact on something on social media. To create a positive impact, you may have to work very hard, one negative impact on your business can impact it very well. So, it is a challenging task for someone to create some positive response about a brand on social media.

You can genuinely interact with your audience and try to know what they are expecting from your brand. If they feel that you really care about your audience, it can be very helpful in creating a positive impact on it

  • Try to deliver better quality products
  • Give what you promise while selling a brand
  • Create a good relationship with your followers
  • Use word of mouth publicity to spread good comments about your brand

10. Using social media platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube effectively:

Many think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are the main platforms businesses can use to promote their brand. This is a wrong concept actually. You can use platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube when it comes to promoting a brand. Videos are very powerful in conveying messages to your customers. You can take this chance to create high-quality videos about your brand and publish it on YouTube.

LinkedIn is also a good choice to promote a business, compared to all other platforms. But you need to know how to use them effectively before trying something new. You can do extensive research on such platforms, find out the marketing option to explore

  • Create videos and post it on YouTube
  • Be active on the LinkedIn platform and promote your brand
  • Do good research and find out the marketing possibilities on such platforms

11. Conducting a successful marketing campaign:

It is very hard to make a social media campaign successful. There are many factors that affect the success of a social media campaign. One of the most important points is audience engagement. If you want to make your social media campaign successful you should concentrate on making it more engaging to your audience. It can only be possible by conducting research to find out what they are expecting from your business.

You can see a lot of campaign when you open your social media account. Observe how each campaign tries to get attention from their audience and take it as a base lesson to create your own social media campaign

  • Research your target audience and create new strategies based on them
  • Implement new marketing tools to create a more effective strategy
  • Do frequent evaluation after implementing the strategy and make suitable changes according to the result


Social media is very useful when it comes to marketing. But before using it you may have to know the best practices and challenges you are going to face while creating a business account. It is very hard to please the audience always on social media as the competition is very high. As the demand and expectation of the audience are very high you cannot come closer to people if the strategies are not of good quality.

To make your strategies work well and overcome social media marketing challenges it is very essential to have a strong research quality. It is always better to implement strategies based on your targeted audience and their preferences. Give more preference to your audience and give them better quality contents through your social media platforms.

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