How to Generate Social Media Leads with Quizzes?

Hey, are you interested in generating more leads?

Do you know your social media quizzes can do the trick and elevate your leads?

Okay, I agree quizzes are a great way to engage your audiences, interact with your audiences and gather some feedback from them.

But, do you know it as a great way to increase email subscription list?

Everyone is extremely interested in building their how-lists to get more leads into their sleeves.

Interactive social media quizzes are a great way to add a dash of fun, to engage your audiences and generate your leads.

All in one single sweep!!! Eureka…!!

This is one fun way to capture audiences and grab your leads.

Do you know that around 96% of the people who do Buzzfeed quizzes, proprofs quizzes finish them completely?

Such is the power of these quizzes. You do not need to bore your audiences with giant blocks of text that can instantly make them feel sleepy.

Now, let us see some of the tips that you can implement in your quizzes and tweak your leads up.

Social Media Leads Generation Strategies:

1. Have a clear goal:

A successful quiz always needs a clear objective. First, think of the objectives that you need to accomplish through these goals.

Who are your audiences?

Will they feel compelled to take up this quiz?

What can be added more (of course relevant to your topic) that can prep up the contents of your quiz and make it more engaging?

Some of the common goals behind these quizzes are,

  1. Increasing the email subscription list of your website
  2. Introduce your new personal brands to your followers and other potential audiences
  3. Drive more content-oriented traffic to your blog
  4. Inform your audiences about the future events that are going to be hosted in your blogs

If you want to achieve multiple goals, then narrow down to your goals based on your priorities and then follow this step.

2. Pinpoint the needs of your audience through your quizzes:

Write down the needs of your target audiences. Note down your events and correlate them to the needs of your audience. That is analyzing whether your events will be of any use to your audiences.

If not, try to change your events list so that they can serve your followers’ needs.

Analyzing the needs of your audience will help you to frame effective quiz questions along with some interactive replies.

The motto of these quizzes is all about engaging your audiences and help them understand the value of your website contents.

3. Use social media quiz templates if you are unsure:

You can use a pre-built quiz as a trial to see whether you can really capture the minds of your audiences.

All the questions and the corresponding images will be readily available to you.

You just need to tweak the questions so that it suits the needs of your content and will also attract the audiences.

You can also change the images such that they suit your needs.

The next stage is creating the quiz.

4. Start creating the quiz:

Now, at this step frame the ideas for your quiz and start vocalizing them.

Use software like Shortstack or Interact to create your quizzes.

Before executing this step, try to ensure that these quizzes are your email subscription-friendly.

This will allow you to make all your audiences to attend the quiz and will also attract the potential audience to try your quiz and let you know their perspectives.

Always remember, your quizzes need to be both interactive and fun. Your questions should never offend the participant.

People always love to explore more about themselves and this will give you a chance to read the mindsets of the participants.

Make your quizzes audience-centric. Share your quizzes immediately on all the social media platforms.

5. Assess the style of the quiz:

Determine the style of the quiz that you are going to provide to your audiences.

If your website discusses dog foods, dog maintaining techniques and other pets related issues, your quiz can be

How much of a dog-lover are you? Take out this quiz to find out.

At the end of the quiz, do not display the results. Rather ask the participant to enter their email id in the provided box, so that their results will be mailed to their id.

By this way, you can increase the number of subscriptions for your subscription list.

Apart from these, there are many other famous quiz title templates that you can use to define and create your quizzes.

Some of these titles are,

  • The ‘actually’ type of titles: titles like ‘How much do you know about Gol Gadot?’, ‘How much do you know about cats?’ will kindle the interests of the readers to take up these quizzes.
  • The classic ‘which are you?’ type of quiz: this is the classic quiz, which has never deserted you.

From food to vehicles to the type of your favorite show, this quiz has everything to offer.

  • The celebrity personality quiz:which celebrity personality are you, which celebrity look alike are you’ are some of the most famous quizzes that can provide you concrete leads to determine the type of quizzes that you need to create.

6. Repurpose your past wins to gain more leads:

Marketers always create a lot of content and in many cases, some contents become more popular than the others.

Recycling all your popular contents and preparing quizzes out of these contents will make your quizzes instantly popular.

7. Create interesting headlines and titles for your quiz:

As said above, choose a topic that matches the interests of the users. Also take care of the emotions, ideas, and views of the audience before making the quiz.

Catchy headlines for marketing quizzes will always engage the audiences.

Here are some few tips to keep in mind while creating interesting contents for your quizzes

  • Keep both the answers and the questions short. Do not provide more than 5 options for a question. The total duration of the question must be only 1 to 2 minutes. So, if you can prepare some 5 to 10 questions, then it will suffice.
  • Always stay away from sales or marketing quizzes. Your audiences should not think that you are trying to shove a product on their faces.
  • Always use impactful images. This will keep the participants engaged.
  • Make the quiz lucid, easy to complete and fun-filled.

Remember, your goal is to connect with future prospects. So, make the quiz in a fun-filled way to instantly connect with the audiences.

8. Speak through your quizzes:

You will be able to approach your target audience in a comfortable and easy-going manner.

Talk to them as though you are personally interacting with them. These relaxed tones will help you to achieve your goals easily.

It will never hurt to include these kinds of personality traits in your quiz. Keep this in mind while crafting each and every question and include these aspects while gauging their comfortability with their brand.

9. Design an effective lead capture:

This is the technique with which we are going to effectively convert a simple little quiz as a super-generation machine of leads.

  • Incentivize your lead capture: Incentives not only help your brand to become famous among your subscribers but will also allow distributing other forms of content like free pdf downloads, providing hot discounts, ebooks, attractive printable images, etc.
  • Promote some honest marketing: Some people may think that you are conducting these quizzes as a technique of marketing.

So, if you are conducting a quiz for that purpose, announce it honestly but sweetly. In this way, your audience can develop a sense of trust and will start believing you completely.

We are in a social media world that gets updated every day. So, it is really mandatory for marketers to understand the pulse of audiences and understand their views about famous brands.

Quizzes are an effective way to bridge the gap between consumers and marketers.

So, feeling good about the quizzes? Want to implement these techniques to generate more leads?

Do you think quizzes are an effective way to increase the leads?

If you feel YES, then follow the above tips and start quizzing.

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