How to Build Social Media Backlinks To Improve Ranks

Social media has a very strong presence in the online world. It is a very efficient tool to reach out to our targeted audience and the public, in general. That is why the usage of social media is a relevant and important link building practice nowadays. Providing social media backlinks specifically for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purpose was considered a novel activity previously, but now industries follow the same. Social media has the capability to absolutely enhance your business.

Social Media Backlinks

For example, if you have a product or service to offer or if you are a blogger, then you can put a backlink on various social media platforms. The vast presence of these platforms will definitely help you to generate traffic for your website. The important thing which makes a difference is your strategy in using social media to the fullest.

In this article, we will see how to build a powerful social media backlink to your site. These strategies are well tried and tested by some passionate digital marketer.

Ways to Get More Social Media Backlinks Instantly:

1. Facebook link building:

In the present scenario, Facebook would be considered as the most popular social networking website. Let’s discuss step by step how Facebook could be helpful to create a backlink.

a. Website link in about tab:

When people come to your personal Facebook profile, you might be willing to join all of them on your website. This can be achieved by following simple steps

  1. Insert your website link, under basic info and contact field on your about tab.
  2. Ensure the visibility of your website link to all contacts, mark this field as public. People don’t even need to log in; they can see your website link in the right column of your profile without getting logged into Facebook.
  3. Facebook page to your Facebook profile can also be linked up to your present employer.
  4. This way you can enable the visitor connectivity to your business and website.

b. Link in FB driving traffic to your website:

There are many ways to add a link to the Facebook post and bring traffic to your site. Whenever you make a post on your Facebook wall which is publicly noticeable, you must enter the website URL. You can even thank someone for including your website when they compulsorily mention you while sharing a link.

c. Page button:

Page button box also drives the attention to your follower. You can find a big blue button which will be visible under the cover image. You need to roll the curse to get this drop-down menu to edit them. Afterward, edit the button to introduce a backlink to your site.

d. Profile and a cover photo description:

Most people forgot to spot this area. People get the lightbox with your picture when they make a click on your cover photo or profile photo. On the right of the picture, there is an ultimate chance to get the link back to your website. Hubspot is the best example of this. They use the cover photo very effectively for advertising and marketing their business.

e. Group description:

You can utilize the description of the Facebook group which has been attached to your website. Mention your domain in the first few lines of the description so that you can make a call of action for the visitor of your Facebook group.

f. FB group pinned posts:

You can pin posts to the top of your Facebook group, this way you can easily catch everyone’s attention because when people come to the site they will get it as the first link to see. This method will be effective in getting a bulk of traffic when someone runs such a group where members have the freedom to add another member.

2. LinkedIn link building:

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with professionals. Use the following approach on your LinkedIn profile, page and groups to get a link back.

a. Profile contact info:

LinkedIn allows the provision to add links in the contact information of your profile tab. You can add up to three links on the contact info tab of your profile. The best way will be to use all three provisions for adding links. Even the non-logged on users can also see your link thus increasing your reach.

b. Profile project and publication:

For the logged in users, the idea of using links in the profile tab mentioned above may not serve the intended purpose, as logged in user may not visit your profile tab every now and then. There are more chances for your sites to be included in the Publication and project sector of LinkedIn profile.

Both the projects and the publications section can be used to put direct links from your LinkedIn profile to your website and landing pages, thus making it easy for the users to visit your page.

c. Company’s basic info:

LinkedIn allows you to create and showcase pages that can be made under your LinkedIn company page. You can also provide updates on your showcase page to build traffic from your followers to your website

d. Group website:

In case you have a LinkedIn group, you can also provide a website link to the group information in the group settings. The link provided by you in the group information is displayed to any person who is not a member of the group.

e. Group announcements:

Owners of a LinkedIn group have the provision of sending announcements i.e. large group emails to the group members. So, you can use this opportunity to send backlinks to your website and as a result, increase traffic on your website.

3. Twitter link building:

Twitter was long back considered as a powerful tool to get backlinks but now it is not enough to support. Though the scope is little, it is advisable for the user to try it out. Twitter may be used in the following ways to enhance your web traffic.

a. Using the Twitter web field:

It is quite an easy method. Just remember to provide your website address while setting up your account. It will show up as a link on your profile page. Users may click on the link to go to your website.

b. Using Twitter bio:

This is another method to share your website address on Twitter. In the 160 character bio, Twitter provides the opportunity to share your website address. This makes it a second instance is given by Twitter to provide a link in your profile. The link provided in the Twitter bio also shows up in other places on Twitter. For instance, in the search results also, there are some websites which lift the Twitter bio information.

c. Using the Video and Photo Tweets:

When you share photos and videos in your tweets, you can also, include a link to your website. If someone clicks the thumbnail, the user may get the web address in the lightbox. The further benefit of this could also be realized when you get retweeted. Your link will be available for everybody to view.

4. YouTube link building:

Individuals using YouTube very immensely for their business purpose can use this medium for their backlinking strategy.

a. About page:

Firstly, about page of your YouTube is an important landmark for the visitor, where chances are high to get clicked by a visitor on your blog. Second pleasing point is, the link will appear on the bottom of your header image, as this button will present near to the subscribe button, it is going to grab everyone’s attention and will get the obvious click.

b. Video description:

The description is an integral part of any video. You need to introduce your link within the first 25-30 words of your description. Viewers are looking out for the same and would never be faded very soon.

5. Pinterest link building:

If you are wondering to get pinned your website content for generating more traffic. Then you must know a few things about social backlinks from Pinterest.

a. Profile link:

Pinterest allows only one link to get, which you need to use. After verifying your previous link, it will let you unseal another location to get links.

b. Rich pins:

You may have noticed that many people post their articles on Facebook along with photos and images, rich pins also permit the users to post pictures and images. This makes it clear that backlinks can be linked without any hindrance.

6. Instagram link building:

Instagram provides very limited options for links. But they give links which really are worthwhile. The amount of money and effort spent by people here for advertising and marketing is enough to prove its worth.

a. Profile link:

Instagram allows users to introduce a link in their profile. This opportunity should not be missed; you must add a link to your profile. It is highly recommendable to add a link with some icons to grab the attention of traffic.

b. Stories:

You can add a link to Instagram stories while creating them, though this link appears temporarily and will disappear. If your story is relevant to a topic featured by you, then you should drop the link there to draw the viewer’s attention.

7. Quora link building:

Quora is a social networking site where people do write their opinion and answer the question asked by the people. There is much referral traffic in Quora that you should use for the marketing purpose.  There are two ways to link back on Quora.

  1. This is another option of social media platform which allows you to get a link back to your website. In your profile description, you need to hyperlink it yourself.
  2. Here you can drop a link back to your site in your provided answer. Make sure the provided backlink must be relevant to that answer and add some value. The answers would be accessible for a long time so that there is a high probability to get huge referral traffic in the long run.

Some more ideas of link building

There are also some different ways to create social media backlinks:

8. WhatsApp link building:

Predominantly used mobile app recently is the Whatsapp mobile app. You can insert your site link on your WhatsApp status and get some good amount of click over there.

9. Ask Me Anything links:

Few websites like inbound give a chance to project your expertise. Here you can use this opportunity to get some followers. You just need to insert your website link in your introduction.

The interested learner will definitely connect with you through your website.

10. Add comments in online discussion:

Sharing a link in a discussion forum relevant to the website niche works pretty well. Some websites like Reddit are not very kind if you come under their spammer list. On the contrary, if you are dropping helpful links, you will be liked by them. It will help to get a great number of followers and prevent you from being considered as a spammer.

11. Comment on vidéos:

Commenting is a very well tried and tested way to gain backlinks. You might comment on various blogs and forums to get a backlink, in the same way, you can comment on various videos in your niche. Make sure your comment adds value to the video. To gain more click from the direct traffic, add the URL of your site in the comment section.

12. Use video streaming sites

Many marketers do live videos for marketing campaigns. Live streaming services like Twitch and Periscope allow us to stream live videos and link sharing. You should consider streaming live videos through these services.  Here you can gain organic viewers for your videos.


As discussed above, if you want to be figuring in the search engine results and earn organic traffic, you need to be active in building links to your website. As the use of social media is growing day by day, the competition in the field of building quality links to attract traffic is also increasing. To compete, you need to be more innovative and active.

As social media is mostly about interaction with people and engagement, links will definitely help you increase traffic for you. The only need is to be systematic in your approach. You can start by owning a profile on all famous social media platforms with your links mentioned within.

Connect your business to influencers and targeted audience. Further, you can also derive attention by hosting various contests and events. Social media is a big and expanding platform that throws up numerous opportunities. The onus is on you how to tap its potential to boost your business.

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