The Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers Are

With so many social platforms coming up, managing them is a task in itself.

A brand or an organization having a strong presence on a social platform is a necessity these days.

  • What your audience is talking about,
  • What they like for reading,
  • The trending content

All these become essential for a brand to look into. Missing out on any one factor can be an opportunity missed for a brand. Therefore, social media analytics tools are extremely helpful in such instances.

Best Social Media Analytics Tools

Before we proceed ahead, having an understanding of social media analytics is essential.

Social media analytics tools not only helps in scheduling the content but gathers a huge amount of data from different social channels. This information collected is helping to analyze the various aspects of the information.

This information includes a number of likes on the posts, the traffic it generates, audience listening, lead generation, reach and engagement.

These are just a few of the aspects social media analytics tools covers, depending on each platform this information may vary. Some of the best social media analytics tools are discussed below.

Top Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tools to Consider:

1. AgoraPulse:

AgoraPulse functions in various languages and manages social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LindkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Instagram.

It is helpful in tracking the engagement across these platforms and notifies you whenever your content or profile is mentioned somewhere on the web.

Other features this tool offers is community management with information like response statistics helps you to understand the outreach of your content.

You can download the files in powerpoint presentation with all the metrics, also it gives you an opportunity to customize your metrics as per the requirement.

Their audience metric helps you to reach out to the target audience that you might be missing on. The other metrics like engagement, community, and awareness gives complete information as to how you can strategize your content better.

2. HootSuite:

HootSuite is one of the most popular social media management tools from scheduling your posts and analyzing them, it does it all efficiently.

It is highly popular among businesses and independent professionals because it is easy to use and provides all the relevant required information for individual social platforms.

Hootsuite monitors your brand and understands the outreach for the same.

What are your customers talking about you, helps to know their perspective?

It also lets you know, how well you can engage with your customers online because this is what will help your brand.

Hootsuite’s free version has limited features which do not let you see all the essential reports.

If you find the free version not meeting your requirements, then it is advisable to opt for a paid version, because you can access all the reports which will help to plan your content smartly.

3. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a completely free tool offered by Google which is extremely popular among the users.

Google Analytics reports can easily be customized and downloaded for better analysis.

With this tool, you can analyze a huge variety of resources. It lets you know about the number of visits to your social platform, which can be further drilled down to understand the source from where the traffic is coming.

It lets you know, which is the popular content that is trending and allows you to customize them depending on the result.

It shares information like the number of visitors and their behavior.

Its precise information about the geographic location from where your visitors are coming from is unique and helpful information.

4. Klout: is now kaput

Klout is a simple and easy to use social media analytics tool. It manages almost all your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and much more.

The feature known as Klout score is quite popular as it helps you to access the higher ranking in the online world which is calculated on the basis of social media influence.

This score is calculated on the scale of 1 to 100, where 100 means the perfect score or highest level of online influence.

You can track and analyze your social presence and performance on Klout and how people are responding to it.

It is calculated on the basis of your engagement, reach likes, comments, shares, retweet, and other relevant factors.

5. Simply Measured: Closed

It is one of the best analytics tools which let shows you about the conversations the customers are having about your brand or product.

Simply Measured indicates the good and negative conversations and sentiments customers are sharing online, this information let you dive deeply into the concerns and resolve it.

Few other features this tool offers is the social analytics of your content,

  • Which content is working or requires some modification to boost up the traction?
  • How many of your posts are bringing traction to the website and converting it?

One of the best features of Simply Measured is that it helps you identify the influencers in your industry, which helps you to reach out to them and connect.

It gives you an insight into the brand by sharing reports based on demographics, psychographics and also based on geography.

6. Brandwatch:

Brandwatch is the popular analytics tool which is highly reliable for their results.

Since they keep a tight check on duplicate content and spam information, many of the major companies rely on this tool.

Brandwatch allows to you do a thorough market study in the online world. Where it shares the information about the best possible markets for your product that you can enter, the demographic area and gender-wise information along with occupation.

It also is best for you to analyze social conversation or brand reputation online.

It shows you the results, if the customers are commenting about you positively or negatively, or if they are posting any kind of information.

Their trial version provides limited options that you can look for, but the paid version gives you access to the entire information.

7. Socialbakers:

It is a social media analytics tool which is good to manage and analyze your social media platforms.

Socialbakers primarily measures the reach of your content, provides an insight into how your audience is reacting to your content. This information is helpful when you are formulating your content strategy.

Socialbakers also helps you to get the relevant information about your trending content, hence, making it easier for you to optimize it accordingly.

Their visual dashboard helps you to see and understand all the analytics easily and clearly.

Their AI-powered analytics tools help you understand your audience better, and how to engage with them.

As a marketer or a business owner, this comes in handy to create your content as per your audience.

8. Social Mention:

Social Mention with its simple user interface has a limited approach to give analysis about your social platforms. It is a good tool if you are looking for clear and simple information regarding your content.

Social Mention easily monitors about 100+ different social media platforms from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and much more.

It tracks and measures about the social mention of your brand or product.

For example, what people are saying about your company on social media.

Another major advantage of Social Mention is that it offers real-time data, which makes it highly efficient and popular.

Another important feature of this tool is that it shares the information of the user sentiment. It means the ratio of positive to negative mentions of your brand online.

9. Sprout Social:

Sprout Social is one of the popular social media analytics tools which also does more than just analyzing your content.

It also helps in publishing your content to various social media channels, helps you plan it. Sprout Social then collects the data and analyze which of your posts or content is working effectively.

Sprout Social also provides you a detailed analysis of the content engagement across the various platforms.

You can easily customize your reports or your feed as per the requirement. It also helps you to analyze and understand the trending keywords depending on each social media platform like on Twitter or Instagram.

10. BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo is a popular tool which helps you to know which content is getting more traction than the others on your website.

It also shares the popular topics and trending contents that you can work on your website or blog.

It analyses the various online platforms and provides the insights into the topics which the audience are talking about.

Another important feature of BuzzSumo is that it talks about whose posts are getting more traffic, which allows you to know the influencers in your industry.

If you want to set up an alert for a certain keyword and generate reports of that specific keywords, BuzzSumo allows you to do that, as this becomes helpful for you to strategize your marketing plans.

BuzzSumo comes in handy to do a thorough competitor’s analysis as it helps to save you time to understand how your competitors are working on the content structure.

11. Oktopost:

Oktopost is a one of kind social analytics tool, which analyses the B2B businesses, helps the marketers to generate leads and provide essential analytics which is helpful to understand network and content.

Oktopost offers various features one of them being social publishing, where it handles managing and scheduling the campaigns.

Also, provides you to manage the editorial calendar effectively helping you to increase the brand visibility online.

In its analytics features, it helps you to know more the sales funnel, from where you can generate the leads for conversions.

It shows you the relevant content that your target audience will like, helping you to optimize the content accordingly.

It also privies an in-depth analysis of the clicks, conversions, engagements and other metrics which are helpful in your B2B marketing plan.

12. Meet Edgar:

Meet Edgar not only schedules and analyze your content but has one of the major features of an auto scheduler, which can easily find the relevant content for your topic and schedule it.

It can easily shorten up the URLs like making it easier for you to schedule the content and shorten the link in one go.

Its library has color-coded feature making it easier for you to find the relevant content, hence, saving you a lot of time.

If you have any promos and offers for a specific deadline, then you can schedule it as per the start and end date.

Meet Edgar will easily manage the date and time without any hassle or for you to worry.

13. Keyhole:

Keyhole is a social media analytics tool which also works on tracking and reporting the content.

It is primarily popular among journalists, marketers, PR agencies and others. It helps you to analyze the trends and talks on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

With its intuitive dashboard, it provides you information about the trending hashtag, popular keywords, and other real-time campaign metrics. These metrics are impressions, reach, and engagement.

Keyhole is extremely effective to give you the data on influencers making the mark in the world of social media in terms of engagement and offering the possibility of generating leads.


As a marketer, it is important to analyze the content reaction and how effective it is on online platforms. Many people use the combination of few tools to understand a certain specific result.

Social platforms are extremely dynamic in nature, where the content, its reaction keeps on varying at a faster pace. Hence, before you decide to analyze the social platforms, try to understand the goal that you are trying to achieve.

Having a clear set of goals will give you a fair idea about the analysis of your content and how to work around it.

Before you plan to invest in any social media analytics tool, it is good to use their demo or trial versions. Once you find the results good, then only go for the full paid version.

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