How to Use Snapchat Marketing for Business Growth

People find new marketing strategies to promote their business. All social media platforms are part of these promotional programs and now they are trying to find new areas.

One such new app that is used for promotional purposes is Snapchat. Are you familiar with this app name?

This is one of the most popular apps used by more than 150 million people all around the world.

As a growing app, marketers found out some interesting strategy they can use to promote their product/ service through Snapchat. For people who are not familiar with this name, here is a small explanation.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an app through which everyone can share photos or videos instantly. This is an app mainly for mobile devices like Android and IOS.

Before coming to this app, people used Facebook messenger and Twitter to share all these. But, now everyone uses the Snapchat app for all these purposes.

The main point about Snapchat is that the videos and photos will vanish from the app after a particular time. So, you cannot save anything directly from the Snapchat app. Instead, you can share snap stories which include photos and videos with anyone.

These are some features of the Snapchat app:

  • You can add friends and have a conversation with them
  • Watch snap stories of others and comment on it
  • Can send and receive snaps
  • Send snap cash to any of your friends by registering your debit or credit card in it.

Snapchat Marketing Strategy:

Snapchat marketing strategies are getting popular nowadays. Marketers are trying to implement something new that can bring a huge change in their business. Apart from traditional promotional tool, Snapchat is different and you need to study well about various possibilities to promote your business.

Search engine optimization is an important task when it comes to content marketing and it needs a lot of effort. You can do it well after a good research and you develop fresh strategies to get noticed.

Companies use Snapchat app to announce some new launches, to thank their customers or to announce an upcoming sale. Snapchat developed many varieties of paid marketing options you can opt to promote your business.

So, you might be worried about paying so much money for promotion. But don’t worry if you are not ready to pay then free options are also available for you.

Paid Snapchat Marketing Options:

a. Snap Ads:

Snap Ads are full-screen videos that portrait your story. You can create one ad with 3-10 sec length. This will be available between friends, under Snapchat stories, among publisher stories, etc. This will show the user about your website content or any product.

Users can watch full ad and swipe on it to know more details about your site. This is a very popular advertisement option you can do if you really want to reach your product to more people. Only thing is that you need to pay money to do this.

b. Filters:

Filters are another option available in Snapchat. This is a paid promotion. Users can make their own geo filter. This option is available in most of the platforms nowadays.

Anyone with filters and location settings on can use these filters. These types are mainly used in product promotion.

For example, if you want to promote a product, such as coffee you will get a filter for that. Users can send their snaps after selecting that particular filters. These are very popular when someone conducts contests or promotions. This is a very good brand promoting option you can do.

c. Lenses:

This is also a popular paid advertising option available on the Snapchat app. Sponsored lenses allow you to play a special ad you created.

To do this user can turn on the camera and show their faces on it or else just make some small movement with your mouth etc. After completing the video, you can share it with your friends as a story.

Free Snapchat Marketing Options:

When you don’t want to pay money for advertising and other options, one easy thing you can do is Snap stories or Building groups.

a. Snap stories:

This is a great way to connect with your friends and advertise the product or service for free. You can include photos and videos and make your own snap stories. Then share it with your friends. This will only stay within the app for 24 hours, it will disappear from the app.

In this, you can include what happened in your day or any new business announcements, etc. Make it as engaging as possible so that it will attract more views to your story.

b. Building groups:

You can create a group of 16 people and do your discussions here. This is a great opportunity that helps you to get new business ideas. This is the best feature of this app where you can create a business group and discuss new strategies here.

There are many other options available for you to strengthen your Search engine optimization using the Snapchat app. You can implement them on to your business and promote its reach.

Create awareness in people:

Snapchat is a great platform which you can use to create awareness in people. When somebody follows you on Snapchat and he is a regular viewer of your site, you need to communicate with him well.

That means you can put small videos that explain your product/services and if any problem or questions related to your product occurs, clarify them also.

To do all of these, Snap chat is a good platform and you can create a good loyalty among your followers. This will help you to get more customer base and hence your website ranking will also improve.

You can discuss important issues with your followers. Make it as an open forum where you can discuss everything with them openly. This is very important to know what they want and whether they satisfied with your work. This will help to implement many improvements in your site. Be open to any criticisms and accept your flaws. Be real and no need to pretend something else.

Inform them everything:

You cannot be popular without your followers. So, you need to inform them everything related to your site. If you are launching something new you can share it with them through Snapchat.

Always connect with your followers through Snapchat. Just a small picture from your new content or a short video of something related to your content can make them happy.

Share everything with them and ask for their feedback. Social engagement is very important if you want to stay alive in this field. By asking for their opinion you are giving them a value to their opinion. As everything hooked up with their mobile all your activity should be accessible for mobile users.

Promotions and contest:

This is a good idea to create popularity about your product/service. You can conduct contests and promotional programs through Snapchat let your followers know about it.

Engage them to participate in it. Every time you should be active and in contact with them. This is a great way to create a bond between you and your followers.

If you are very active on this platform, this can bring more followers to your site and improve your site ranking. All of these can happen only if you can create memorable content with your audience. They should like what you are doing.

Join with influencers:

Influencers can play a very important role to popularize your site. There will be someone in your field who can influence their followers well. Find out that person and pair up with him. He can promote your site among his followers and improve your reachability.

Using their persuasive power, they will attract more people to your site and hence you get more site traffic. But it is not an easy task to find such a person and make him do that.

You need to do some real effort for it. Some of them do this for free and for some others you need to pay money. First, find a person that can persuade as many people as possible and get more site traffic with his help

Know your platform:

You should understand well about what you are doing currently. It will help you to explore all available possibilities for this platform. As you all know, all your snap has short-term life, you can change to something new whenever you want. But the only thing is that to find something new every day is a difficult task.

The main point about Snapchat is the snaps will be there in user’s inbox until it opens. After opening it will vanish from inbox shortly. So, sometimes even you can post contents without planning.

Keep your account alive:

When you use a Snapchat account to promote your business it is up to you to keep it active. You can post content daily or post snaps of your daily activities. You can do this using snap stories option which is completely free.

Your followers might be interested to know what’s going on with your work and how can you get some much information about a particular topic etc. These are some small updates you can give through Snapchat to keep them engaged to your account. Be active always and get connected with your followers. That is important to be popular in any field.

These are some important points you need to understand before using Snapchat as your marketing tool.

Like any other social media platform, it has its own features and advantages. It is not easy for newcomers to understand its operation. So, here is how you can improve your marketing skill.

How to Improve your Snapchat Content Marketing Skills:

Be Genuine:

Snapchat is a challenging platform for newcomers. Snapchat operates differently than another social media platform. It is a genuine platform where you have to post actual photos and videos without any polishing or editing.

Genuinity is appreciable in this app and if you can be truthful to your followers they will be with you always. All the posts are not professional and you can easily impress users.

Focus your Viewers:

Youth people use this app more. According to the latest survey, 60% of people within the 13-34 age group uses this app. It is difficult to impress them and you need to keep your posts as engaging as possible to them.

While posting something you should post personalized videos. Also, post both photos and videos. While doing snap stories combine both photos and videos using available lenses and filters.

Entertaining Snap stories:

Create a catchy story of yours. This will impress your followers and they will wait for your next post. Also, you can create a dummy account with your co-worker and get feedback from him before sharing all the messages with your followers.

Most importantly you need to create your own strategies to reach to more audience. Just follow the above points and keep your account active. Improving marketing skill is not an immediate process. You will get it after years of experience.

Final words:

Snapchat is not a traditional option for content marketing. But marketers are trying newly available options to promote sites. Search engine optimization is very important to get a good Google ranking. That is the main criteria of every marketer or blogger. When using Snapchat keep in mind about all the above points that you can follow.

Create your own personalized stories and post it on your account. If you want to get maximum output from the app you can use premium features like ads, filters, etc.

They are some proven methods you can try to commercialize your site. This is a very strong tool. You can use some low-cost geo filters and interesting snap stories to reach your targeted audience to promote site reach.

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