How to Get More Snapchat Followers and Be Popular

Are you having more followers on Snapchat? Do you like to take advantage of all the snapchat followers you have and grow your popularity! Let’s get more into these details.

Snapchat is a very powerful multimedia messaging app where friends can share stories, images, and snaps. But nobody notices its possibilities as a business growth platform.

Marketers are exploring new ways to develop business and Snapchat is one among them.

This is a genuine platform to share business promotions and ideas with users. More than 178 million people use this platform all over the world.

Snapchat Followers

Unlike any other platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, etc. it is difficult to attract followers. There is no way to easily search people, no hashtags or retweets to attract people.

So, how can you use this for getting more snapchat followers?

This is an article that tells you about some effective tips to attract followers to your snapchat business account. There are many benefits while using this as your business promotion tool.

  • This is a less competitive platform to promote a business. Most of the brands target other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to promote their business. We can say that this is a platform which is not explored as a business tool yet. Even though some brands use this for promotion, competition is very less compared to others
  • Snapchat is different than all other platforms. You cannot approach this like others. The content type is entirely different, and you need to explore new possibilities to attract more users here.
  • This is a natural platform where you cannot bring so much artificiality. When you share images all you can do is to add filters. This is a really authentic way to promote something about your business.
  • You can connect with a new category of the audience through snapchat. It is evident that most snapchat users are the young generation and it is very difficult to reach them through other platforms. Create interesting stories that can attract those audiences
  • This is a free platform to use. Some other marketing tools are not free to use. If you can use this tool effectively then no need to pay for marketing tools to promote your business.

Who Uses Snapchat?

Before using any platform, you must know the audience well, then only you can promote your business to attract their attention. This is a recent survey about Snapchat users

  • More than 60% of people in the US who uses Snapchat falls under the age 13-34 years
  • 71% of Snapchat users come under the age of 25 years and 37% users fall in the age of 8-24 years
  • 70% of women and 30% of men use this platform
  • Only 12% of people from age 35-54 years use this platform and the percentage of people who uses this over 55 years is 2%

We can conclude from these numbers that the younger generation uses this platform more than the older generation.

So, you must target teenagers and college students because they are the majority of people who follows Snapchat for communication.

So, old tactics won’t work out here. It is very difficult to attract youth because they only respond to new ideas. To make them follow you is a tedious task. But you can try some tips to make them follow you.

Tips to Get More Snapchat Followers:

1. Invite new contacts:

This is a better way to connect with more contacts. As snapchat can access all your contacts and social media, you can use this to make more followers.

Click on Add friends and send them invited by accessing your phone contacts first. You can also use various social media platform to attract more followers.

For that, you can share your QR code and request them to follow your Snapchat account. Share this QR code and tell them to follow you by scanning it.

Not just use one social media platform. You can share this on various social media platforms through your account.

This can help your followers to know about your snapchat account and if they genuinely want to follow you, they will come to Snapchat account also.

So, by inviting phone contacts and social media followers, you can easily increase your follower base on the Snapchat account.

While inviting new followers, make sure to engage them well. there are various ways you can use to engage your followers. Research about all possibilities to keep your snapchat followers engaged.

2. Know how to use all features:

Like all other social media platforms, this is not very easy to use as a marketing tool.

The facilities are very limited you have to learn how to use them properly to engage your audience. This is the reason why most of the marketers ignore this for promoting business.

There are snap stories, images, etc which you can use as a promotional medium. You don’t have to worry about knowing its features. There is a detailed video tutorial to teach you the way to use this app.

3. Use Bitmoji to engage users:

It is a platform where there is a high chance of engaging users if you can use all facilities available.

While you try to get attention from users know about many other competitors who also try to use it as their promotional tool.

It is very difficult to stand out among all other competitors with these limited facilities. There is a tool to help you to create viral contents in Snapchat. It is known as Bitmoji.

This helps you to create a virtual avatar just like you. This image can be used when you share your QR code.

Bitmoji is getting popular now because of this special feature. All you have to do is to take a selfie and Bitmoji will create a virtual face similar to yours.

You can customize the image with hair color, dressing, and all other features and make it as you want.

There are many Bitmoji scenarios and you can check the one you want and integrate your image with it. You can also integrate Bitmoji with augmented reality which is now a viral content.

Many brands now use Bitmoji with AR facility which users can use to create viral content. So, know about various possibilities to use in this app and attract your snapchat followers.

4. Conduct giveaways:

Like any other marketing strategies, giveaways will increase your follower base. People like to accept gifts and offers by doing nothing. This is the psychology behind giveaways.

But when you conduct a giveaway, it should be worth something. Nobody wants to participate in a giveaway which is worthless.

Give them rewards they like. If you are promoting clothing business giveaway clothes. So, make it interesting by adding something they like and spread your message.

There are many examples where snapchat giveaways worked well.

Tacobell conducted a giveaway where they asked a question. They offered a gift coupon for participants. This was successful. They engaged existing customers as well as new people to their program.

You can create a giveaway in Snapchat and promote it on various social media channels to promote it. Also, find out influencers in your niche and request them to promote your programs.

There are various types of snapchat giveaways like asking trivia questions, photo or hashtag contest, etc.

You can try each and see the response from your followers. Every idea won’t work for your product. Find out the right idea and develop it further to conduct a successful giveaway.

Another idea is to depend on a third-party source to host your giveaway. They will integrate snapchat with all your social media account and help you to publicize your giveaway.

Gleam is one such popular source you can use if you want to do it through a third-party source.

5. Snap stories will be great:

Many people use Snap stories to promote their business. When you post so many snaps in a day based on your company activities, make it as a story by integrating all pictures and share it with your followers.

Snap stories only last for 24 hours and after that, it will vanish. But you can make it interesting by sharing behind the scene stories.

There will be so many things happening behind your product creation. Your followers may have the interest to know what happens in your business

Share interesting things with your followers. If they like what you share they will follow you as long as you share interesting stories.

There are various ways to tell a story. Funny stories are very popular and more people like that type of stories. There are other ways like educational stories, serious and many more.

You will get more idea just by searching on Google itself. If you search for anything about your product or business below Wikipedia result, you can see some popular questions related to it.

This is what users look about your product. Create snap stories based on it if you can, so that you can engage your followers easily. Story-driven contents have more demand than normal contents always.

6. Snapchat Ads:

Like any other platforms, Snapchat also offers you the provision to create ads. This is a paid promotion from Snapchat.

Most of you might have noticed these Ads before. This can engage your followers and promote your product also. In these Ads, you can include a CTA and link to know more about your site and product.

7. Influencers and takeovers:

As social media influencers, there are snapchat influencers also. You can find out such an influencer from your niche and work with him to promote your product.

They are the one who can attract so many snap chat followers to your account. You cannot hire a celebrity or someone to promote your product here.

Someone who is technically sound and should also know how your business works. You can also do a partnership with your friends who work in the same area. This can help to get mutual followers to your account.

8. Check competitors:

There will be a point where you don’t know how to create something new after all your stock is out.

At that point, there is a treasure trove in Snapchat most of the people forgets about. That is called the Discovery section.

There you can see new stories from various business and their Ads. There is a popular story section which shows more popular stories which are accepted by more followers.

Check their strategy by seeing each of the videos and from here you will get an idea of succeeding contents. You can also follow the same pattern next time.

These are some free ways to find out trending strategies. You can take influence from it and create your own new strategy based on it.

These are some best way you can find more followers through snapchat account. As I mentioned this is not as easy as other social media sites. You need to take some time and work hard to attract more users to your account.

Some Additional Tips to Get Snapchat Followers:

  • Create your own Snapchat strategy to succeed. Without a clear aim, you cannot win any race. Decide your goals, review your analytics and rework.
  • Learn how to use all features of Snapchat effectively. When you use it for personal communication you won’t explore every possibility. But when it comes to the business promotion you must know all the possibilities and features you can use from Snapchat.
  • Create great content to engage users. Here is also we can say that quality contents win followers heart.
  • If you are not getting enough followers, use snapchat ads to attract them

Final Words:

Like any other marketing tool, you can also use Snapchat if you know how to use it.

New business promotional platforms are there. But the success will be depending on how you use it effectively.

Get to know new ways to engage people by taking reference from most successful snap chatters or other businesses.

Create a unique strategy and follow it. Get as many followers and engage them to stay with you throughout your business promotion.

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