Why Should I Start A Blog? Top 27 Reasons

Every day hundreds and thousands of blogs are created. It is because most of the people find it the easiest and cost-effective business to start. With so many blogs already there, one question popping up in most of the minds is that,

‘Should I start a blog?’

I would like to answer this as YES!

Over my lifespan, I have dropped and taken up lots of hobbies, passions, and vocations.

From repair to painting, playing basketball to trying new cuisines, I have been occupied with lots of things. I love experimenting and exploring. Even I have done shoemaking and engaged in video games.

But none of them gave me complete freedom and feeling of fulfillment and financial stability as given by blogging.

I have a deep love for blogging and if you want to know that whether it would be worth to start a blog or not, read the reasons below.

Reasons Why Should I Start A Blog:

1. Blogging is Forever:

Though there might be thousands of blogs already there, this is one thing that lasts forever and can be unique. Publishing blog posts on a regular basis can help you develop your expertise and influence people to follow you. And if you are able to do so, then this is something that can be kept and practiced forever.

2. A New Way of Learning:

Blogging is about sharing your experiences, knowledge, teaching, and let others know the information you have with yourself. When you begin a blog, you will find yourself exploring and learning new things about your areas of preferences. Hence, you will always have something to share with others and will never run out of ideas. With blogging, you are sharing as well as learning at the same time.

3. It Can Be A Great Support System:

Life is full of challenges and there might be difficult times that you have to deal with all alone. One such challenge can be quitting your job or getting involved in a new business and keeping your future at risk.

In such cases, people following your blog can be your actual support system. It is because they understand you and are valuable to you. Also, you can always ask suggestions and feedbacks from them on any difficulty or challenge of your life.

4. It Lets You Think Clearly:

If you are a confused person who is not able to generate clear ideas on most critical situations of your life, then blogging can be of great help to you. Blogging fills that empty space in your mind and helps your thinking muscles to grow exponentially.

Blogging can offer you a deep reflection of your life, help you understand your relationship, society and appreciate yourself. The how, why, and what aspects of your blog can overcome justifications and excuses you might be making.

5. Share Your Thoughts:

As you start to grow your audience, people actually start to care about what next you have to say. So, if you feel that you don’t have anyone to listen to you then blogging can be a powerful tool for you to express and share your thoughts with others.

6. A Great Way to Develop Better Writing Skills:

There are different things that can boost your writing proficiency, like tapping from mentors, essay writing, reading books, and more. But none of them can consistently challenge you like blogging.

Blogging gives you regular writing practice and lets you have words flowing well. The more regularly you write, the better you will be able to perform.

7. It is a Productive Reason to Be on Social Media:

If you actually want some profitable and productive time on social media then blogging can help with it. Be it Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter, all these can be great assets to grow your blog. You can use these social media platforms to reach your audience.

8. Develop Your Confidence:

Blogging is an excellent way for introvert people to develop confidence. Blogging help people to learn to voice their opinions and stop being scared of making mistakes. With blogging, you learn to identify and develop your strength and combat your weaknesses. With regular conversations happening on your blog, you learn to handle criticism without losing your cool.

9. Get Connected with People from All Across the World:

Blogging can help you connect to people all around the world as being your audience. Alternatively, if you write a travel blog then it can be an awesome way to explore a new place and share the experience with others.

10. It Helps You Develop Great Coherent Skills:

A speech is great only if it has a sound script. The more you explore and learn and share your ideas about your preferences and areas of interest on your blog, the more comfortable you can discuss them verbally. Over time, you would learn to converse with your audience and manage your nervousness on areas of interest.

11. A Way to Have Unbelievable Experiences for Free:

The bigger your audience, the more opportunities you will have to explore. And if you are ready to put in hard efforts then there are chances for sponsored or free experiences. These can be the most memorable times of your life. There are rarely other professions or jobs that offer you something like this.

12. It Can Help you make Money:

If you wish to earn a decent income right from the comfort of your home then blogging can be a great way to achieve this. Once your blog is able to create value and grow audiences, it can make a great sum of money. There are even a few blogs that are able to make millions of dollars every year. Don’t expect yourself to be a millionaire, but yes you can definitely earn a decent income to enjoy your life engagements.

13. Develop Web Skills:

A practical truth is that the internet will always be there. Excel and word won’t be able to serve in the new era. A blog can be a fun and useful way to learn new techniques and aspects on the internet. It can help you gain sound technical skills that will be beneficial regardless of what you are doing at that time. With the web skills in hand, it is possible to transform opportunities into a full-time business.

14. It Needs No Prior Knowledge:

It is easy to start a blog even if you don’t have any prior knowledge about it. You don’t need knowledge of HTML or other technical attributes. All you need to do is click options you wish and save it to see the desired results.
Starting a blog is super easy!

15. You Can Become a Popular Personality:

How would you feel when dozens of people clamor to see you? Sure, it is a great feeling. Blogging can provide you great fame online and over time you can become a recognized personality.

16. It is Economical and Most of the Times Free:

Starting a blog does not need a hefty investment. In most of the cases, it is possible to start a blog for free. Also, you can get more freedom with your blog by self-hosting it. This is affordable for almost anyone and hence anyone can start a blog.

17. It Can Make Your Life Interesting:

When you have to write on a regular basis then you cannot supply people with boring stuff. You have to curate interesting content and for this, you have to live an interesting life. A blog can help you step out of your comfort zone and try out new things. It is because you can write interesting stuff only when you are interesting yourself.

18. You Can Influence Public Policy with a Blog:

Here I would like to tell you a story. It is about two girls aging 9 and 12 in Brazil and Ireland respectively. The two girls started their blogs to expose poor learning conditions in their school. Their blogs attracted almost 9 million readers in four months and as expected, local authorities too took a notice of it. As a result, they were forced to make the changes in their learning conditions.

How inspiring it is!

No matter what age you are, if you want to influence others, you can do so with a blog.

19. Makes You a Great Job Candidate:

When you begin a blog, you are able to prove that you are someone who can take action and holds a great level of expertise. Sometimes you are offered with a job that can completely change your life. Also, it can provide you with the opportunity to work with some top companies.

Most of the people who begin a blog end up getting offers from clients to write for them or to create an infographic, videos, and more.

20. It Lets You Build Online Credibility:

Certificates alone are not enough these days to stand as an acceptable way to prove you have knowledge or skills on a subject. Whether you are an entrepreneur, job seeker, a representative of a no-profit organization, or professional looking for clients, starting a blog is a great way to build online credibility.

By sharing valuable information on a regular basis and openly talking about your life challenges, struggles, and glories, it is easier to build trust and position yourself as an expert and reach out to achieve your goals.

21. Holds You Accountable for Almost Everything:

If your blog is running successfully and is able to make enough money to support you and your family, then you are accountable to leave your job. You can even become accountable to continue to travel and live an interesting life.

22. It is an Excellent Way to Get Published:

If you want to get published and still waiting for an opportunity then you might keep waiting forever. A way out to get yourself published today is to start a blog and develop a loyal leadership. There are hundreds of people out there who have been able to get published in a day and are self-publishing their way to bestsellers.

23. A Platform to Meet Like-Minded People:

It happens that people around you might not have the same fascination with hobbies and interests of yours. So, don’t waste your time searching for like minded people. Rather, create them for you. Your blog can be like a magnet that can help people to find you.

You can create a blog in a specific niche and something that thousands of people would love to discuss and talk about.

24. It Can Land You to Conferences and Seminars:

Your blog can open up an all-new world of opportunities to you, including speaking engagements. Even I have experienced the same and trust me the feeling is amazing. I have been invited to speak at keynote and events at conferences. All this has happened because of the thoughts that I have shared on my blog.

25. Relieve Stress:

Sure, there is some stress involved with having a successful blog, but the stress relief of getting your thoughts out can be more than worth it. If you are among those individuals who have not started a blog yet or you don’t know what to write about then consider your blog as your personal journal or diary. Even you don’t have to make it public. Just let it be a way to relieve your stress.

26. Get Freelance Writing Gigs:

Nicole Tang is a freelancer who is able to make 6 figures annually with the help of her blog. She is able to share information while having quality time with her family. It is the best feeling of getting paid for something you are actually doing for free.

27. It Gives You Freedom:

A blog can give you the freedom to work at any time of the day and from anywhere and on things you actually enjoy. It even gives you the freedom to have ample time with your family and for your hobbies.

Start an Awesome Blog Today:

If anyone or more reasons resonate with you, it is now time to start a blog. Even if you fail in the first attempt, still make enough efforts and surely you will win. So, start blogging!

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