How to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment? Best Tactics

Online modes of business have proved to be advantageous for current day businesses. But they too have failed to guarantee 100% success. The website owners are now experiencing a huge crowd on their websites. Still, they fail to turn their visitors into customers.

If you own an e-commerce store, you probably will experience it. You don’t know but you’re losing money more than you expect. Many people are visiting your online store every day. But the majority of them abandon their carts. They don’t make any purchase. As a result, you may be getting a good crowd but you are not getting customers.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics:

Reports have approved that the average abandonment rate is 68%. The study was based on 33 different studies which were done on shopping cart abandonment. So, it is clear that among every 100 visitors, 68 people just leave amid the transaction.

As per the statistics:

  • Many businesses lost 56% of consumers because of some unwanted costs.
  • Many websites experienced that 37% of their visitors did not make any purchase. The reason behind this was given that, they were just browsing.
  • Many firms said their customers got a better price after comparing. Such customers constituted for approx 36%.
  • Many businesses experienced that 25% of customers left in the middle of the transaction. It happened because the navigation was too complicated.
  • 21% of people have complained that this process takes too much time.
  • 17% of people avoid online modes because they are concerned about security.

There are many more reasons behind this.

Ways to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment?

You can reduce shopping cart abandonment and get your customers back. It is that simple. All in all, it is a matter of your valuable customers. If they are gone, doesn’t mean they can’t come back. Experts have suggested a few ways. Use them and get your customers back. All of them have been tested and they have given good results.

Take care of the customer’s trust:

Make sure to increase their trust. It becomes more important during the Buying Process.

A customer while shopping online expects to be saved. He gets worried about his security. He continues the transaction only when he has faith in his e-retailer. So, you need to win his trust. Many customers hesitate in sharing their personal and financial information. They are right as there have been several cases of cybercrime.

As per one of the reports more than 31.8 million consumers were disturbed because of the security issues. You have to assure them regarding this. They should be guaranteed that their data is safe with you. When the visitors find something on the website, they quit.

  • What you have to do is to make sure that their data is safe.
  • You have to develop loyal logos. They should be able to win the trust of customers.
  • Get a valid SSL certificate prepared. It will warn your customers if the website is not properly installed. (Remember that they will come back. They have to know your honesty)
  • Include some trustworthy symbols on your website.

And yes, at any cost, don’t let anything happen to the data of your visitor.

Send emails regarding Cart Abandonment:

You never really lose your customer when they abandon their cart at the end of the checkout. You can still capture him and get him back. Yes, it is feasible. It is because you get their email address. You can set up an autoresponder email series. Keep on notifying them. Add personalized emails to make them attached to you. Do this immediately after they left items in their cart. Sending just one personalized mail to notify will not be enough. Continue to send 1 or 2 additional emails.

  • What you can do is to show them the items they left in their cart.
  • Send them a call-to-action and invite them back.
  • Ask them to return back to your website.
  • Notify them to complete their cart process as soon as possible.
  • In the future, send them emails offering a discount.

Cut down all the unexpected and unwanted costs:

A costly product never agitates a customer but its additional cost does. He won’t mind paying anything extra for a product. But he will think a lot before paying a single penny on some additional charges.

This is one of the reasons behind cart abandonment. You have to either eliminate or at least reduce such unexpected costs. Shipping costs, loading cost, cartage etc literally increase the value of the product. The customer will definitely purchase the respective product but not from you. He will purchase it from somewhere else and that too at low cost. There are rarely people who don’t pay attention to shipping cost.

The shipping costs are not known from the beginning. The customer gets to know about it at the end. That’s where the customer experiences raise in price. As a result, he leaves the transaction. Remember that customers prefer to purchase things when they get cheap shipping costs. They feel good when they are not charged any shipping cost. You will see an increase in your customers if you give some offers related to shipping cost.

  • What you have to do is to reduce your shipping cost.
  • Make your shipping costs transparent to your customer.
  • You can add up a shipping calculator. It will estimate shipping costs and minimize customer loss.
  • You can offer free or discounted shipping. (Relate it to the purchase value).

Provide additional offers

Play smart by not forcing your visitors to purchase goods. Don’t try to compel them to create an account. Instead, you can provide them with a guest checkout option. This will not make them feel wrong about your website. Also, they will feel free to try your product once. You will get the required information easily. If they are interested, they will create an account. Otherwise, you can use some of the details you already received.

Ask them to save their information. Make them feel that it will be beneficial for their future orders.

Don’t be dependent entirely on auto responders. Instead, you should try to save abandoned carts. Quickly go to your customer as and when you get any notification. You know what it costs to experience an abandoned cart. Reach out to your customer and personally talk to them. Ask for their feedback. You can also ask what kind of help they want from you. Try to know the reason behind their abandonment and work on it.

  • What you can do is know the kind of help your customers are expecting.
  • Solve their problem as soon as possible.
  • Make them return back to your website.

All in all, they should complete the process. This will end up by impressing them. They’ll appreciate your efforts.

Take the help of technology:

Use Google Analytics for true results based on the behaviors of your visitors. It is a better alternative than making false assumptions. By using Google analytics, you will know what is going wrong. This will show you the response to your product pages. You will get to know about what is making your visitors stay. Also, the negative points will be clearly disclosed. You can apply various tests on conversion issues.

  • What you have to do is to know about the visitor flow.
  • Be smart enough to know about the conversion pathways.

You have to improve your user experience. Be passionate enough to do so.

Try to do remarketing:

Some abandonment can be recovered but some can’t. Some of them can be prevented too. Yes, you can get back your lost customer. Have you ever heard about Facebook remarketing? It is a very good platform to do remarketing.

You have to make use of tracking the pixel of Facebook. It will be placed somewhere on your site. Use it to know about the visitor behavior. You have to save the respective data. Also, attach a cookie to the visitor and send him.

  • What you have to do is to create a Facebook ad campaign.
  • It should target your specific audiences. (It will consist of those who visited your website. Such people have not made any purchase)
  • Develop dynamic ads which are capable of attracting your customers.
  • Show them all the products they viewed earlier and try to win them back.

Generally, the visitor browses the website. He adds the product to its shopping cart. Because of some reason, he cancels his transaction. He doesn’t buy the product. Then, when you send him the remarketing ad, he thinks again. That’s where you get a chance to change his mind. Mold his mind in such a way that he finally makes the purchase.

Pay attention to your navigation process:

Many websites involve so many clicks on their website to engage the customer. This is one of the reasons behind cart abandonment. It is because no individual loves to spend much time on one particular website.

The more the clicks a website has, the more customers are likely to leave early. One of the studies has confirmed that overly complicated navigation disturbs the customer. 25% of people shift their demand only because of this.
What you have to do is to simplify the process. Have just three options.

  • The very first option should be to choose the good from among many other goods.
  • The second option should be to add up the selected products to the cart.
  • And then, the checkout button should be there.

When you keep your site’s navigation easy, you get more customers. You experience increased sales. Have clean and simple navigation. It should be easier for your visitors to identify and select their product. Your selection process should as simple as possible. Avoid lengthy product pages to distract your visitors.

Make a visual impact:

Everyone knows that visual things give better results than anything else. It will be beneficial in online modes. Consider it to be an opportunity for you. You can improve your conversion rates by the use of visual effects.

It is because the customers can’t physically touch the product. So, it becomes impossible for them to examine the products. You can win them if you make such a thing possible for them. It is obvious that when people cannot determine the quality of a product, they avoid purchasing it.

  • What you have to do is to add multiple product photos.
  • It will better if you click pictures from different angles.
  • Try to include a story mentioning the benefits of such a product. (It will make the customer attached to it)
  • Try to show how that product can be used.
  • For improved experience add up videos to your page.

Improve your user experience:

Remember, the customer gets distracted very soon. Try to hold them until they complete the purchase process. They worry about the money spent on a particular product. They don’t want to feel bad later. So, they purchase things after thinking a lot. You have to take care of their concern.
You have to show them that they have taken the right decision of purchasing your products. Show them the benefits of your products.

Add social proof to your website and see how perfectly it works.

  • What you can do to follow your customers.
  • Take feedback from them.
  • Ask them to give the product review.

Keep notifying them about their purchase. Send them emails regarding future offers.


It is very bad to experience cart abandonment. But it is worse to be not able to do anything for this. Try to understand why customers abandoned carts. Solve the problems and get back them.

This article has focused on a few common issues. Work on them. You will surely get results.

All the best.

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