SERPed Review: Why You Need to Buy This All-in-One SEO Tool?

Do you wish to generate innumerable keywords for your website? Well, one great idea to get profitable keywords for your site is to use an online SEO tool. One such amazing tool is SERPed, which gathers data from Moz, Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Majestic without any additional cost.

But this is not it!

SERPed also features a few jaw-dropping SEO tools that can be used to get jaw-dropping results.

SERPed Review

So if you are ready to pull up your SEO results for your website or for your client’s website, I suggest using SERPed. Why?

Just read my SERPed review and discover yourself why using SERPed is a great move!

What does SERPed Means?

This is an efficient tool designed with a simple vision to make SEO accessible, easy to manage, and accessible. If you don’t want to waste your money, effort and time using different SEO tools, SERPed is a comprehensive and all-in-one solution tool that serves features and functionalities of popular SEO tools.

It is designed by SEO experts for SEO professionals.

Every feature of this tool has been created by professionals possessing years of experience. Even, they have used the tool for quite some time within their industry before announcing it in the market. I believe it is possible to combat all kinds of SEO challenges using this single tool.

The newest version of SERPed is 2.0, which is highly useful and integrated with numerous rich features. Using this tool is going to save you a lot of money, time, and efforts, which makes it one of the finest tools for you.

Steps to Manage Your Website Using SERPed:

It is vital to understand the baseline of your website before you begin using this tool. With SERPed, it is possible to manage the overall SEO progress of your website, right from the dashboard and in real-time.

1. Setting Up the Project:

First, you have to establish a new project. This is a straightforward process where you must know about the keywords to use. If you already know about such keywords, you can use them directly. Alternatively, you can use an online suggestion tool to get results from the SERPed algorithms.

You can also choose default settings on the basis of your preferred country until you hold a specific requirement. Once all the data is entered, it will run analytics in just 15 minutes.

2. Managing Website from the Dashboard:

You are now good to use the dashboard to check where your website positions in the SEO world. This page gives you access to all vital and back of house details about your website from the toolbar. It incorporates buttons and colored icons.

With the help of the dashboard, you can conduct a quick check-up on your website and see the performance of the main ranking factors. Also, it breaks down the vital internal pages of content that let you track the individual progress of each page.

The best thing is that you can access all the pages of your website from the dashboard.

3. Checking Real-Time Statistics:

Under this section, you can check all vital metrics of your website. It gives you access to real-time data and social metrics. This way, you can easily access details, which you otherwise have to fetch using 3 or 4 different tools.

This section also gives you information about target keywords on your website so that you can check changes and fluctuations in the search volume. It lets you re-target or up the game on the basis of the existing situation.

4. Link Building:

SERPed is a brilliant tool for link building. You can add important backlinks in its link building section and monitor them for performance. Like if you have created a link or guest post in exchange for a link, you can track the website’s performance for the same.

It gives you complete control over the link building process that other tools may not be able to offer. This way, you get to know exactly how links on your website are performing. Also, it notifies when a link is offline, so that it is possible to rectify the issue fast.

For PBN users, it is also possible to manage anchor text for links to avoid over-optimization related penalties. Also, you can focus on the link building process for one content as well. This section provides a detailed breakdown of link quality. You can view the breakdown of DR or Domain Authority as well as page Authority of all links.

Clicking on the numbers highlighted in blue will let you breakdown those links. It ensures you can easily manage them and check why they are positioned at that place.

5. Using SEO Auditor:

You might be a blogger, runs your niche website, have SEO customers or run your own Affiliate website. No matter in which situation you are, you can select a specific situation on the basis of your situation and then use an SEO auditor to conduct your website’s audit.

It is a comprehensive SEO auditor, which updates when changes are made to your website. It makes it possible to see the progress of your website. The same can be accessed through the SEO review button.

For example, if you want to convert your website visitors into potential customers, the same can be shared with them to know how much their SEO requirements are improving. It is an efficient sales tool that lets you pitch the requirements on a daily basis. It gives you detailed results, which are immediately actionable. This can also be used as a simple check sheet for improving the basic website SEO.

6. Keeping Your Website Online:

There can be times when your website is offline without your notice. At this point, you may lose search traffic and possibly sales to some extent. Also, it may lead to a penalty by Google for having slow website speed.

The in-built uptime tracker in SERPed lets you monitory the everyday insights of your website. It lets you monitor the online status of your website for every minute. If there is any lag, you can monitor, track and boost your website’s performance. At the same time, you can see real-time results ensuring your website is always running and holds optimal efficiency.

Steps to Perform Keyword Research Using SERPed:

Undoubtedly, the most vital part of SEO is keyword research. But it can be confusing and tricky to perform keyword research and take your website to the next level.

The SERPed is a reliable platform for keyword research that answers all your queries. It lets you dig deeper and fetch more information so that you can take better actions in just a few clicks.

There is an option within the dashboard for ultimate research, which can be used to check real-time relevant keywords. When you perform keyword research while selecting the ultimate research page, it will direct you to another page.

This is one of the simplest tools available for keyword research that gives you detailed information into the search box. It offers a list of keywords that are relevant to your niche, but at times may generate results, which does not fit perfectly to your website.

However, there is a way to deal with it. And the good thing is that you can get a lot of information like competition for pay per click, search frequency, traffic value and cost for pay per click. The good thing about SERPed is that it holds the potential to display the search frequency. The green or red indicators show whether there is a hot search or not.

Using Hyper-Specific Filters for Getting the Desired Results

To make sure you obtain the desired results, you can utilize specific filters to cur through results and identify the keywords, which are for the content. There are different ways to exclude or include particular keywords.

Also, you can apply the filter on the basis of the average search volume for a monthly basis. Finally, you can apply the cost per click filters. Last, you can apply filters on the basis of total words in the keyword.

Identify High-Value LongTail Keywords Using SERPed:

When you have filtered out all keywords, there are two choices:

  • It is possible to gather data from the tool and export the same to a .CSV file.
  • It is possible to reduce down to innumerable long-tail keywords to easily rank for the same.

It is easy to perform the first step. You only have to click on the three dots mentioned above search results. It will export all results in numerous formats.

The next option is slightly lengthy, but at the same time adventurous. You have to check the sheet and search a keyword of your choice on the basis of data. After this, you need to click on the option ‘Get LongTail keywords.’ It will instantly display hundreds of long-tail keywords along with necessary details.

It is possible to export these results as well. But this is not only hundreds of keywords that are available to you. SERPed also lets you stand out from others. You need to hit the ‘run’ button and a list of additional keywords will be displayed for which you could conveniently rank.

In order to get more specific terms of search, you can use more filters.

Beat Competition Using One-Click Strategy:

With SERPed, you can exactly know the way to rank for a keyword. It is because this tool comes with the SERPed Keyword Analyzer that lets you find a keyword of your choice.

When you click on that keyword, you can find a keyword of your preference. This will direct you to a page that unleashes the strategy you wish to rank for that keyword. It lets you check the SERP for that keyword and consider all ranking factors to maintain the position.

This is highly useful data as it offers you insights into pages using which you can gain rankings and develop an actionable strategy.

  • Some of the opportunities you have to beat the competition are:
  • Generate social shares and increase social signals to that page
  • Create a link building campaign for a specific content
  • Boost the number of the referring domain
  • Build great trust flow to your site

With all such information in hand, you can rank above your competitors for that keyword. Whether it is a special content piece or you have created content for the entire website, the data is highly actionable. Most importantly, using the site manager lets you compare your position with your competitor’s website.

Using What Ranks for Creating Keyword Related Content:

One of the underused but efficient SERPed tools is What Ranks. But it is actually a very useful tool that lets you access through the details of the keyword research process.

What Ranks redirects to a page where vital details can be entered for a website of your competitors. When you submit your competitor’s website details, you get information such as the average searches on a monthly basis, traffic percentage generating keyword, position for which keywords are ranking, and exact keywords which website is ranking for.

Such information lets you find keywords that are profitable and worth focusing on. It also lets you focus on topics that can help in generating more search-related traffic. The page not only gives information to outrank competitors but also shows the ranking of top websites for that keyword. On the basis of this, you can build content that ranks and click through to the content to see what he has written about.

The good thing is that this feature gives you complete access to all links, which point back to the site ranking making it is easy to fetch backlinks and outreach.

My Final Opinion:

SERPed is an excellent tool that is worth investing in. I have used this tool and found it great. Though there are a few features that still need enhancement, overall it is a combination of multiple awesome features.

It is a comprehensive solution that saves you a lot of effort and time and ensures you don’t have to use bulk SEO tools. It will not only meet most of your requirements but will also save you a lot of money. I suggest try using this tool for once and sure you will love it.

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