The Best SEO Techniques That Will Double Your Traffic

In spite of the tough competition taking place, every blogger’s wish is to land on the first page of search engine results. It is very disheartening that sometimes despite your great content which truly serves the searcher’s interest, being on the 2nd page or even later page of a query’s results. Methods and SEO techniques that might work in the previous year to win front page result in search can become outdated now and it may even drop your website’s ranking manifolds too.

Best SEO Techniques

Hence it is important to stay updated in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) otherwise your competitors will zoom ahead of you in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

In this article, we will discuss the various types of SEO techniques and how to use different SEO techniques. These SEO techniques will assist you to upsurge your ranking and multiply the number of organic traffic every month. The use of the following SEO techniques will definitely help in increasing the online traffic on your webpage or website.

Effective SEO Techniques For More Organic Traffic:

1. Improving User experience:

This ranks higher in SEO techniques. If the user spends more time on your website, the possibility of revenue generation increases. To achieve this, your website shall provide the experience; a user is hoping for or better than that. The more, the user spends time on your website, the better your search ranking goes.\

With the advent of online marketing, the user experience becomes very important in generating revenues. For enhancing the user experience, you can focus on the following tasks:

Publish an attention-grabbing landing page- The landing page of the website should be interactive and generally text-based.

Increase graphics and visual information– A graphic and picture-based content help to convey the message in a more effective manner than with text-based content.

Use multimedia content– Use audio and video clips in an effective way on your webpage. Information with a multimedia approach stays longer with the user than a text-based or still image based one.

2. Focus towards local SEO:

This is an effective SEO technique since the searches like ‘near me’ have increased manifolds. Users are looking for services and products offered near their vicinity. The main aim of this technique is to increase your visibility to the users of your geographical area. You should provide your product/ services, address, and contact on your website for the customers.

3. Mobile Friendly:

Nowadays the mobile usage for internet browsing has grown exponentially. This is also reflective of the fact that mobile-first indexing has become a factor in SEO ranking. Also, desk computers and laptops are less dynamic than mobile phones.

Hence, you can go up the SEO ranking ladder by optimizing your website to a mobile friendly one.

4. Use social media to your advantage:

The use of social media marketing boosts the ranking of a website in the most effective way possible. The usage of social media usage has grown manifolds in the last decade and it keeps increasing every year. This provides a chance for you to find your target users easily.

Hence, the social media presence of your online business is required to increase your brand awareness.

5. Use YouTube to enhance your ranking:

YouTube has become the second most popular search engine after Google. You may have noticed that for any search, a YouTube link for the same topic is also displayed on the first page. In view of this, it becomes very important to have a YouTube SEO.

This will present a better chance for your website in the search engine rankings. Many businesses also promote YouTube videos of their products along with regular advertisements.

6. Building Links:

Search engines also consider the backlinks as an important factor for ranking. Thus it becomes necessary for your website to have a credible and useful backlink. You should have an effective backlink development strategy.

The strategy shall focus on providing quality backlinks and also avoiding bad and objectionable backlinks. The backlinks shall be sourced from authoritative websites.

7. Use of available SEO tool:

Based on the factors associated with your web content, you should fix your priorities for SEO. A proper selection of SEO tool becomes quite important here. It helps you to analyze your web content holistically and correct errors and generate reports for future reference.

There are different types of SEO tools available in the market. They can be free or paid tools. SEO tools are an effective way to manage your website and web pages.

8. Ensure the use of Latent Semantic Indexing:

Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is a method used by search engines to study and compare the association between different concepts and terms in an unstructured collection of texts. These keywords improve the ranking of the website and create more visibility.

While framing keywords, you should select your target audience and the products you offer in mind. Using LSI effectively can help in focusing on your target audience and also increase your online hits.

9. Focus on Metadata:

Metadata summarizes the core information about the data. It helps to classify the data in a defined manner. SEO metadata appears on the SERP if the website comes with any query. These are the snippets of the web content on that page. Metadata does not affect the SEO, but since it shows in the SERP, it can affect the click-through rates.

Thus metadata can indirectly affect the SEO. Metadata shall be unique for each page and shall describe the contents of the webpage clearly.

10. Use the potential of Wikipedia in your favor:

Wikipedia is one of the most comprehensive information sources available on the internet. The content presented in it surpasses the usual keyword-centric approach. It presents an information-rich content which has organic relevance associated with the topic. This makes it a very effective source of getting ideas for keywords on almost any topic.

11. Use broken links of competitors:

The case of broken links is very common. It may happen to your competitors as well. There is nothing wrong with studying broken links from the competitor’s website which may be coming from many domains. After an in-depth study, select some of the broken links that best suit your web content. Care must be exercised to choose relevant and informative links.

12. Usage of internal links:

Providing internal links on your website can prove to be a great asset. It helps in creating a hierarchy in your web architecture. Proper internal linking with context-based relevant information also provides the users with a complete and positive experience and hence increases the SEO ranking.

However, you need to check the performance of each page time and again so as to decide any strategic changes, if required.

13. Create your self-keywords:

For a mature niche with fierce competition, there will be a lot of instances of content writers going for keywords just to keep them ahead in ranking.

A careful look at the search results will show that many content-rich websites may be coming in 2nd or 3rd pages and the keyword-focused; fewer content sites may be on the 1st page. But with the passage of time, these websites will fade away and the websites with real stuff will survive.

In cases such as these, you can very well choose your own keywords, but backed with rich and informative content. This will gradually surge ahead in SEO ranking. This will work well as a long term strategy.

14. Create evergreen and timeless contents:

One way to ensure a high SEO ranking is to publish content that is timeless and evergreen in nature. The contents shall be informative and relevant to the times. Obviously, creating a timeless, information-rich and evergreen content takes a lot of time and research.

But once you create it and do further documentation of the same, it serves as an effective SEO ranking enhancing feature of your website.

15. Use link audits to study your competitors:

You can run link audits to understand competitors’ strategy and the idea behind their publication. The knowledge of the association of their links to a blog, news portal or a type of forum suggests their target audience. This information can be used as an inspiration to formulate your strategy further.

However, at the end of the day, it is your own innovation and idea which finally gives your content more clicks.

16. Update old useful content and show on social media:

There is no point in scrapping the old content and making it all over again. Instead, you can use your old content and use it afterward instead of starting from zero. In this manner, you can cash your old experience on the content and produce an effective piece of information.

A major advantage will be the fact that the information about the target audience and the previous response will be available, which can be used in your favor.

17. Use expert review on your contents:

User perception of your web page depends not just upon your content but also on the experts’ opinion about your content. In a web era, the positive opinion of an expert produces a very high rate of response. You can put an extra effort in reaching to experts of your niche and generate positive comments about your content.

18. Publish your guest posts to enhance the exposure:

Engaging in publishing guest posts presents an opportunity to build a big network and also your own brand building. You should be careful enough to choose your area of expertise and interest while publishing guest posts. In order to gain brand recognition, it would be suggested to present in-depth and relevant articles.

19. Collaborate with influencers:

Use tools available in the market to see who has mentioned you on the web. With careful selection, you can identify effective influencers and proceed to collaborate with them. The collaboration may be in the form of an expert review of your content by the influencers or guest post by you on their website or mutual sharing of links.

20. Use images for 404 error pages:

Generally, the 404 error page on a website cuts a very sorry figure. It creates a gloomy impression on the user. Provide creative content in 404 error pages. Be witty and attractive. There is nothing wrong with providing a good user experience even at a 404 page. But take care to stop short of overdoing it.

21. Present share-ability of your web content:

If users come across an article that is shared more, they associate credibility and a higher ranking to it. It can be said that, if your web content is enticing enough to be shared then it is on its way to better ranking. In-depth content, clarity of purpose and informative links dictate the share-ability of the content.

Put social media links on the web page at strategic locations to facilitate the sharing of content.


The tremendous work is done in the telecom sector the advent of smartphones and other browsing devices has to lead to a digital revolution. The rises of social media, as well as the online business sector, are a testimony of this. This has opened doors for a lot of opportunities and also competition. The competition of increasing visibility of your website and online traffic is indeed a fierce one.

With the proper strategy and usage of SEO tools, you can be a step ahead of your competitors. A thorough study of the product or service offers details about the target audience, strength, and weakness. It will help in selecting proper SEO tools. Effective use of these SEO tools can improve the quality of your website and increase your user base. Nevertheless, you shall not fall for deceptive practices of black hat SEO techniques.

Adhering to the best practices in SEO techniques will not only bring credibility to the website but also improve the search rankings. There are ample sources that discuss SEO and its techniques and hence users can run through such sources and follow the techniques to rank higher.

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