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Definitely, SEO Quake is a promising SEO tool that can be used to serve various everyday requirements of your online business.

SEO Quake

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What Does SEO Quake Means?

SEO Quake is an innovative browser plugin that comes with innumerable features. This tool is very easy to use, and hence, perfect for experienced as well as beginners in the field of SEO.

This tool offers users with innumerable useful SEO metrics for every webpage online. You can conveniently embed this plugin in the search engine results to gain faster access. As soon as you install this plugin in your device, an icon will be displayed on the top right corner of the screen.

To find out whether the tool is active or not, you just have to check the color of the icon. It is because once this tool is active, the color of its icon changes to white from black to a more attractive color palette.

The best thing about this plugin is its main menu, which comes with a carefully sorted list of reports generated by SEO quake. You only have to choose the parameters and metrics you wish to assess and you can use this plugin accordingly.

Hence, this plugin not only offers you the best results and solutions but also a customized experience.

How to Use SEO Quake?

Using SEO Quake is very easy as this tool comes with a user-friendly interface. It is an important tool for every site owner who wants to gain a higher ranking for his website through the way of content marketing.

Since using this tool is very easy, so a large number of site owners are already using it and totally love the experience availed.

The major attribute that makes this plugin different from other SEO tools available online is that it is extremely fast. This tool is really very fast and speedy. It is possible to search for every piece of detail online using this plugin and in just a few seconds.

You can use it to fetch information for almost any website. Even if you don’t possess any prior experience, you can still use this tool to gain the best results. You can perform this task with just a click of a button, which is around 3-4 seconds.

Most importantly, SEO Quake is readily available for all popular browsers and that too for absolutely free.

How Can You Download and Install the SEO Quake Plugin?

Just like using, even downloading and installing SEO Quake is very convenient and easy. The primary reason for this is that this plugin is compatible with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, as well as iPad and iPhone.

There are various links available online, which you can click in order to begin the downloading process for SEO Quake.

There is a separate link available for every browser. So, if you are downloading it for Chrome you have to click on the respective link designed for it. Similarly, click on the click designed for Firefox, iPad, iPhone, Safari Extension, and Opera.

The Key Metrics Served By SEO Quake Analytics:

SEO Quake is a highly useful tool that offers users with numerous rich functionalities. With the help of SEO Quake, users can not only perform an SEO Audit but can also perform various functions like:

  • Keyword Density Report
  • External or Internal Link Analysis
  • Social Metrics and more

Using SEO Quake it is also possible to witness metrics for landing pages and domains including the existing number of pages, which Google indexes of its URL, SEMrush Ranking data, the Alexa Rank, Facebook like, and many more things. Also, there is an additional option available with this plugin, which enables you to witness all the metrics directly within the SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. With the help of such features and functionalities, it is possible for users to compare the topmost search results in just a fraction of seconds.

1. Dashboard or Page Overview:

The icon of SEO Quake appears on your browser’s toolbar as soon as you download and install it. Once you click on that icon, you will see a general overview of some of the most vital parameters of SEO you require. Additionally, you can gain fundamental information about that domain.

The various parameters for which you can assess your or any other website using SEO Quake are – the total number of pages that Google has indexed, Alexa Rank, the total number of pages that Bing has indexed, the SEMrush Rank for a website, the total number of backlinks linked to a website, the age of Web Archive, as well as important social metrics such as Facebook Likes, Google +1, LinkedIn shares, and Pinterest Pins.

Moreover, the section for ‘page overview’ serves as an excellent bridge that links to the different sub tools present in this plugin. This way, the dashboard of SEO Quake functions uniquely and much faster in comparison to other similar tools.

2. Diagnosis of SEO Quake:

Another highly useful metric of SEO Quake is its diagnosis feature, which allows analyzing any page of any website.

When you click on the icon that mentions ‘diagnosis,’ you can get an instant SEO audit of that particular page. The instant SEO audit conducted for that page assesses the three important attributes:

  • Mobile Compliance
  • Page Analysis
  • Website Compliance

This tool splits each of the 3 sections into multiple other results. It allows you to fast avail of a good overview of all the details available. Moreover, the thing, which is highly useful, is that alongside the results available for these three metrics, SEO Quake automatically enters a red warning sign or a green tick.

The kind and color of the icon displayed lets you know whether a website is performing well or not. The red warning sign indicates that the website is performing badly, while the green tick indicates that the website is performing well. Having such information in hand is highly useful if you are checking the performance of your own website. It is because you can also learn about the things, which you wish to modify in order to gain higher rankings in search engines.

3. Page Info:

As the name suggests, this attribute of SEO Quake lets you get complete information or details of a page. Using this feature, you can check the details or information for any webpage of any website.

It quickly gives you a fast glimpse of the page Meta Description, Title, Keywords, External Links, Internal Links, and the server, which is used. It is essential to note that the external and internal links you check here are mentioned only for a particular page.

If in case you wish to check the total number of backlinks of a specific domain, just visit the section for ‘page overview’ of SEO Quake and you will get all the details.

4. Displays Keyword Density:

It is the section of SEO Quake that displays the keyword density for a particular webpage. With the help of this tool, it is possible to check the keyword density of your website as well as the density of your competitor’s website.

To check how this feature works, you can consider any webpage and perform an analysis of its keyword density. For example, if you check the keyword density for the post Keyword Research for SEO from Brian Dean, you will find that this post ranks among the best 3 results in the search rankings of Google for the term ‘keyword research.’

The results are displayed in the form of a report, which is represented like a chart. This post holds a keyword density of around 2.11% for the word ‘keywords’ and a total density of 1.46% for the term ‘keyword.’

5. Displays External Links:

In the section ‘external links’ you can swiftly check the total number of external links for a particular page. This tool lets you know about the external links that a specific page has built and where they are directing.

When we consider the example, you can check the external links for any post. You will fast get the total number of external links for a page. It is not at all surprising that there is a total of 318 tools mentioned in the tool, each one of them holding a link to its relevant website.

Moreover, SEO Quake lets you export the list of a total number of links in the form of a CSV file. It is a rich feature, which is especially useful for a new website. Using this tool, it also lets you develop backlinks utilizing the technique of skyscraping.

6. Displays Internal Links:

Just like external links, SEO Quake is also useful to know about the internal links of any webpage of any website.

It gives instantly all details about internal links to a website. You can check the total number of internal links as well as the quality of these links.

7. Compare Domains or URLs:

SEO Quake comes with a comparison tool that allows you to compare URLs or domains of various websites. It allows you to contrast the URL to the competitors.

With the help of this tool, it is possible to compare distinct attributes such as the total number of pages that Google indexes, the total number of backlinks and other things. In addition to this, you can not only compare the two pages, but you can also compare innumerable URLs. Hence, if you want to compare more than 15 URLs, you can do the same in just a fraction of a few minutes.

Finally, just like other plugins, offers you an in-depth piece of information, this plugin offers you the additional benefit to export reports to CSV with the click of one button.

8. Display Advertising:

The SEO Quake also offers the feature to generate a report that shows how the domains of your competitors are being showcased or advertised.

For example, you can check for the total number of publishers or websites, which use Google AdSense to let advertisers run display advertisements on their website in an effort to bring traffic to their content for that specific domain.

The report also showcases the previews of popular text ads and media ads. This lets you get fresh and innovative ideas, which are highly useful if you plan to run a PPC campaign.

9. Shows Backlinks:

One new feature was added to SEO Quake by SEMrush in 2016. This feature was the ease to generate an overview report for backlinks.

In order to access the report for backlinks, you need to ask questions to connect the SEO Quake to your account for free in SEMrush account. It is very easy to create a free account in SEMrush as well as to connect the same to SEO Quake. After conducting this, you can unlock the overview report and you will get access to the most vital SEO metrics. Now, you can easily check backlink details on a particular URL, root domains, or domains.

10. Measure Keyword Difficulty:

For checking the keyword difficulty for a specific search term or phrase, you first have to activate the search engine result pages for SEO Quake. This can be done by clicking on the small icon appearing under the search engine logo, which mentions ‘SEO Quake.’

As soon as this icon is clicked and the feature is activated, the button becomes green in color. Now, whenever a search query is performed, there is a small line of text displayed directly under the search field, which mentions ‘keyword difficulty percentage.’ If this percentage is closer to 100, the difficult it is for you to rank well for that particular keyword.

Summing Up:

There are numerous alternatives available to SEO Quake. However, none of them is fast and efficient as this one. This plugin is extremely useful and can be used continuously by website owners. The best part is that it is available not only for desktop users but also for tablet or phone users

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