SEO PowerSuite Review: Why It Is The Best SEO Software

SEO can be highly complex and intricate if you are not using the correct set of tools. If there are not enough tools available at your disposal, you may fail to gain results from your SEO efforts.

Hence, it becomes essential to use an efficient SEO tool, which can render promising results.

SEO PowerSuite Review

While there are various tools available for use, one of the best and efficient tools is SEO PowerSuite. It is among a few tools holding great compatibility with all sorts of operating systems including Linux, Windows or Mac.

Well, there are cloud apps available at your service, but installing SEO PowerSuite lets you gain access to numerous features and functionalities. Moreover, it is a great solution for those who are under a budget and wish to make only a one-time investment.

You will not gain access to a wide range of features, which are obtainable with apps such as Ahrefs or SEMrush, but then this particular tool costs less in comparison to them. So, if you have just entered the SEO field and do not want to spend much money, SEO PowerSuite is an ideal fit for you. Moreover, this tool has some unique features such as TF-IDF and a lot more.

To know what SEO PowerSuite is all about, the features and functionalities it offers and why it is the best, here read my complete review.

What Does SEO PowerSuite Mean?

SEO PowerSuite is a cluster of powerful SEO tools, which comes in a usable bundle. This suite includes four different apps. They are:

  • SEO Spyglass
  • Rank Tracker
  • Website Auditor
  • Link Assistant

All these software are useful to both Mac and Windows platforms.

In order to understand each and everything about SEO PowerSuite, you must know about each of these tools.

SEO Spyglass:

SEO PowerSuite is a great tool that pulls all the backlinks for a particular domain. You have to enter the necessary keyword in the search bar and once you will enter it the backlinks for the same will appear in the form of a list.

This tool lets you add robust filters to gain the most appropriate backlinks that are of great value to your competitors as well.

This particular software offers numerous features such as penalty score, backlink traffic, and Inlink score. The Inlink score is the number of quality backlinks in your domain. It rates backlinks on the basis of quantity and quality. The penalty score is also estimated on the basis of backlink quality and it is indirectly proportional to Inlink score.

Both of these are powerful metrics to determine whether the backlinks you are receiving are high quality or not.

Another great use of SEO SpyGlass is its domain comparison. This particular feature allows comparing domain in a project with other domains as far as the backlink profile and other metrics are concerned.

This feature allows you instantly know about all areas where you have to focus to gain a competitive edge over the competitors.

Link Intersection is another great feature offered by this tool that lets you determine backlinks, which are common in a few domains. This will let you know the backlinks your competitors are receiving and those that are not.

Just like other tools, it allows generating backlink reports to make domain comparison, backlink details, and perform other tasks.

You can use the Bulk Analysis feature of SEO in order to assess vital backlink metrics for more than 200 domains. It is an amazing feature to boost your link building efforts.

Rank Tracker:

Another great tool within the SEO PowerSuite is Rank Tracker. This tool lets you monitor the search rankings for a specific keyword. It is not possible to conduct manual rankings for each keyword, especially when you are handling more than one website and there are multiple keywords to monitor.

Using Rank Tracker lets you monitor all keywords on your website, which is of great help to determine the progress of your SEO efforts. Furthermore, it let you determine whether rankings have reduced because of penalty or not. This way, you can conveniently spot the offending content and make necessary changes before you are penalized by Google or before things get out of control. Finally, it lets you quantify your SEO effort so that you can continue to make efforts on a consistent basis.

In order to use this tool, you first have to enter the website’s URL, which you want to monitor.  Next, you can track keywords through the list of keywords offered to you.

It is possible to add a few keywords for tracking the rankings. When you select the search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google, you can track rankings for the same.

Using this tool displays the ranking of your website only for keywords that you have mentioned. You can easily track your website’s progress for such keywords in the form of history or graph.

With the help of this tool, it is possible to measure the difficulty of keyword by assessing the link profile as well as distinct on-page SEO factors among the top 10 results, which are ranking in Google.

It provides quite accurate competitive scores and is comparable to other high-end tools such as LongTailPro and KWFinder.

Next, you can perform keyword research using this tool. It is possible to incorporate manual keywords for the process of keyword research. It does a great job of pulling the relevant keywords from SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, Yandex search, Autocomplete, Search assist, Search Console, Analytics, related searches, and other techniques and services.

For every single keyword you enter, the KEI score will offer a unique keyword efficiency index. This is the mathematical division of squares of search volume over the competitive scores.

There is one more feature offered by this tool, which is the Keyword Gap analysis. This tool lets you find SEO keywords for competitors, which you are not ranking. It is a highly effective feature that is available for use with other high-end SEO tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush.

It performs a great job of letting you perform keyword research in an efficient manner. All such features offered by Rank Tracker are great.

There is also a server-side keyword analysis database available that helps to maintain a fresh record of the total number of searches along with competition statistics and you are not required to connect to Google Ads to gain access to the entire data.

Also, it gathers keywords in organic search results from local areas, which is a great benefit of local SEOs.

Website Auditor:

This is another excellent app in the SEO PowerSuite, which is loaded with numerous exceptional features. This app is a great solution for auditing webpages to determine their SEO friendliness and crawlability.

The very first feature of Website Auditor is that it lets you gain insightful data about every page of your website. You only have to enter the site URL and it will index pages and offer you details regarding the page’s on-page SEO, social media, page traffic, and open graph data.

You will also get an overview that shows internal links and outbound links, which are present on the website. This is a great feature to perform the site’s audit.

Moreover, the app also checks whether the webpage is optimized using best SEO practices or not. It checks every page of a website for thirty on-page SEO factors including page speed. If there are any issues within the page, the same is mentioned in the form of a report and you can solve these issues to let your page gain higher SEO rankings.

Website Auditor also presents a list of internal links and external links in a page. This way, you can easily know about broken links on your webpage. This form of broken link audit is light on the servers and checks WordPress plugins, which are not favorable to servers.

There is a special section named ‘Page Audit,’ which checks the content for target keywords and for best practices related to keyword optimization. Using this editor, you can also easily edit the content on your webpages in order to fetch higher SEO rankings.

Once all necessary changes are done to your webpage, you can the file and upload the same to enhance the on-page SEO of your webpage.

TF-IDF is another awesome feature of the Website Auditor, which is the abbreviated form for the frequency-inverse document – frequency formula.

This feature extracts unique keywords, which are mentioned in your post and offer you the list of top 10 websites that rank higher for similar terms. You also get suggestions for using keywords, which are used by your competitors.

It is an excellent feature for performing research for LSI keywords. Using this app means you no more have to scour the pages of your competitors to identify additional semantic keywords. Website Auditor offers you a hassle-free solution to ensure you include all top ranking keywords in your content.

Finally, using this tool, you can conveniently export the final audit report into a PDF or HTML file format. It is of great help when you are working with customers.

Link Assistant:

Link Assistant from SEO PowerSuite is another robust tool loaded with various brilliant features and functionalities. This tool is highly supportive in carrying the link building process efficiently. It allows you to conveniently determine the low-hanging links and prospect ideas.

Just like other SEO PowerSuite tools, you have to enter the website’s URL first, which can be used to build links and identify prospects. This LinkAssistant will extract a vast list of websites within your niche so that you can conveniently build links.

If in case you did not find the link prospects offered by this tool convincing, you can search prospects on your own by using the option ‘look for the prospect.’

Further, you have to mention a few keywords, which are relevant to the niche. For instance, if you want links that are relevant to your blog about WordPress, you can enter keywords such as WordPress, SEO, Blogging, and more.

After entering the necessary keywords, LinkAssistant will showcase prospect opportunities with a low level of risk. Also, you can pull the various quality factors for a prospect such as domain inlink score, social shares, age of domain of prospect URL, and more.

It also gives you the email address of link prospects by using a button that shoots the email right within the dashboard. Before you send any emails using the dashboard, you first have to make POP3 settings. Such settings are required to send as well as receive emails using Link-Assistant.

Once you have made the necessary settings for email, you can easily send outreach emails to prospects mentioned in the application. Also, it offers you a range of email templates for use.

Moreover, Link Assistant also supports scheduling emails to be sent on a specific time and date. The task can be pre-scheduled within the SEO PowerSuite cloud and you don’t have to conduct anything on your part.

There is also an inbuilt browser in LinkAssistant to harvest the prospect URLs using manual actions and fill-in feature, which lets you build links faster.

Using SEO PowerSuite to Search Safely:

SEO PowerSuite is a comprehensive package of numerous rich tools and can be used to perform search safely. You can check the various safety settings of SEO PowerSuite before you begin the search process.

  • The feature of ‘User Agents’ allows you to make fake queries to Google from vast user agents such as a tablet, mobile, desktop, or other websites.
  • With the ‘Human Emulation’ feature, you can put a delay between automatically generated queries and delays from and to the SERP pages.
  • The ‘Captcha Settings’ is another great setting that lets you block or break captchas, which repeatedly occur from Google.
  • Finally, you can use the ‘Proxy Rotation’ setting that gives you a detailed list of working proxies, which can be entered on the settings page.

If you buy the enterprise or pro version of SEO PowerSuite, you also get access to its anti-block solution. While you can always use the free version available, you have to spend $299 for using the Pro version and $699 as a one-time license fee for using the Enterprise version.

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