The Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Better Rankings

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a fast-changing industry where the things that worked a few months ago may not work today.

There are so many SEO beginners who make mistakes they are not aware of or they don’t know about this industry properly.

Don’t worry, we are here to let you know the most common SEO mistakes to avoid and attain better ranking for your website.

Since SEO can be quite complex in its ever updating nature, it is very easy for blogs, websites, and brands to avoid making mistakes.

SEO Mistakes

As the SEO rules and algorithms are changing, you need to stay educated regularly about SEO developments.

The power of the search engine is becoming stronger or harder than ever before.

According to the stats updated by Search Engine Journal, as many as 75% of the users never scroll their websites past the first page of the search engine results.

This is the main reason that you need to know about techniques and to know how to Increase Rankings.

Developing poor SEO practices will leave your websites, blogs or brands buried in the search engine rankings and searches that makes impossible for the people to find you.

By avoiding some of the common SEO mistakes, you can improve the rankings on Google Search Engine Results page. Don’t worry about the mistakes that you are doing, take a glance at the below information and avoid those SEO mistakes to get better ranking to your website, blogs or brands.

12 Most Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid:

Poor Content:

The latest trends in search engine optimization are all about trust and authority. The major goal in this industry is to build high-quality content on the website.

It is also to build the authority between website and search engines and trust between a website and users. It is very important for the website or blog holders to provide quality and unique content on the website.

If the quality of the content is very poor or bad, chances of your website appearing on the first page of the Google search engine are low.

One of the best ways to build authority is by publishing high-quality content on the website constantly.

It is a huge SEO mistake to concentrate rather than on anything else and not to forget about the importance and quality of the content. The content should have the following characteristics, they are:

  • Accurate
  • Informative and useful to the user
  • Analytical
  • Unbiased
  • Insightful

Choosing the wrong keywords:

One has to select the target keywords carefully because they are the biggest determinant in SEO success.

The wrong keyword defines the extends to selecting the keywords that do not accurately describe the products and services.

Many believe in using the Google Keyword Tool before creating the content. It will give the people an indication of the queries that people are searching in Google search.

Include the searched keywords in the content, so that you make it more reliable and also search engines will easily understand the content in your post or article.

In addition to this, the most common mistake that many webmasters will make is targeting popular keywords only through the post. The truth behind the SEO is that the high targeted keywords are always having huge competition. So use unique targeted keywords.

Absence of Proper Title and Description:

One of the biggest SEO Mistakes is not having eye catchy title tags and description as mentioned by the search engines.

Some of the mistakes that many of them do is, having all the pages under the same title and also includes only one-page title to the entire website. In the case of the homepage it is ok, but not for all the pages.

Always remember to have page titles more than 65 characters in length and should have a unique description which is between 150 to 160 characters in length and not keywords stuffed in the content.

A unique description increases the CTR (Click through Rate). If the content contains the information as mentioned in the description, it also helps in increasing the value.

Irregular in Social Media:

We can say that social media is one of the excellent ways to improve the value of the content of your website by promoting. If you are not active in at least one of your social media accounts, it is a huge mistake.

Experts say that social promoting helps in getting the page rank. The SEO benefits in social media promoting also boosts Traffic. There is no need to spend a lot of time to be active in all networks without any reason.

All you have to do is, find the right platform which is better to get your traffic. Always share the content which is informative and useful.

Not Promoting Blog Posts:

Promoting the work is not at all a mistake, even it is in the beginning, it is also not a shy thing that you are feeling something about.

Good content and the work that you are sharing will become easier for you to promote.

There are many ways which are effective to promote your work such as publish and share your work on your social media pages.

In order to target pre-defined traffic, the Facebook ads also help you to promote the posts and link it to older posts (which is internal linking).

Always write a brief description of the article and share it on social media. Writing a guest post and sharing it on the authoritative website will help your post in a way to increase the traffic.

Not Register in Webmaster tools (Google and Bing):

If your website is not registered in both webmaster tools, it is one of the blunder mistakes that you are doing.

Both Google and Bing have offered webmaster tools to help the website holders to find a way to increase their traffic. In fact, it is mandatory to register in the webmaster tools.

The process of registration in the webmaster tools is very simple and there will be a lot of benefits to gain from this.

Always consider the feedback provided by the search engines. It helps in making any changes in order to make your website live on the search engine result pages.

Make a Proper Publishing Plan:

If you publish the posts daily, once in a week or every other day it won’t be a matter, what is more, important is that having a consistent publishing schedule.

No matter what, you have to decide before when and how many times you have planned to publish a new post and always make the plan to succeed.

Consistency has more SEO values and it helps in bringing more traffic to the website. So make sure to have a correct and consistent publishing plan.

Proper internal linking:

This is also one of the best ways to improve the traffic on the website and it is also the most Common SEO Mistake that will be done by most of the beginners.

Interlinking your pages increases the website value and brings more traffic. The reasons to do this necessarily are, it helps search engines to reach more pages on the website and helps the users to find out more about the subject that they are interested in.

A link to your internal page is also an indication to the search engines that the page is very necessary to your website.

Having Slow Loading on a Page:

If your page is loading very slow and you are not taking proper care of the page speed then you are missing the advantage of having one of major ranking factor. One has to remember that, if the page loading is more, the traffic will be less.

Google and Bing search engines always search for the webpages that are faster so that it will be easier for the traffic.

Always remember that if your website page speed is good it results in having more traffic to the website due to its high rankings and it will also generate more page views and more sales.

If you are running ads, that is Adsense on your website, it will also generate more ad clicks and as a result, revenue.

In order to improve the loading time, you have two ways. The first one is, take the help of a professional expert team where they will find a way to improve the loading time and the second one is doing it on your own. But the best option is taking the help of a professional team.

Getting Incoming Links to your website very fast:

Whether it is link building or promotion or off-page SEO, it is one of the most important things to do if you want to achieve higher rankings, especially in Google. The Common SEO Mistakes through building links are,

  • Do not be in a hurry to build internal links. Because the entire process should be natural, so go slow and make the process.
  • You should not use the anchor keyword text links. The previous keyword links are very important for ranking. The disadvantage in that is if you use more you have to face the penalty.
  • Do not direct all the links to the home page and don’t buy or exchange the links with other website holders and do not involve any scheme of linking.

No Crawl Path:

There are many websites that still eliminate the process of the crawl path to the key page on their websites.

If Google cannot crawl or if do not put the pages in the XML sitemap, the search engines see little value in them. So always follow the instructions of Google crawl and make sure of XML Sitemaps.

Optimization Goals:

Always try to attract everyone to the website. Optimizing the border, using generic keywords is an easy and understandable way to grab people’s attention. But there are also some problems related to this. They are

  • Having a lot of competition when optimizing the generic or highly targeted keywords.
  • Drawing the traffic to the website that will never convert. Instead of that, be as specific as possible with the keywords.


So guys, along with the above SEO mistakes, there are even more mistakes that are present. But the above mistakes are very important and one should have to avoid in order to Increase Rankings.

When these mistakes are corrected, you will witness the immediate benefits to your website.

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