SEO In House Vs Outsourcing: Which is the Best Option

As we all know, search engine optimization is a very important part of any business in today’s date.

In this digital era, search engine optimization provides a sure shot way to reach out to the potential customers who would bring sales, in turn providing profit for the business firm.

Due to an upsurge in the digital era, it has become very difficult for business owners to walk hand in hand with all the current Google updates related to search engine optimization.

There are a large number of penalties laid on businesses whose activities are not in compliance with Google policies related to SEO. For this reason, there is another difficult issue that arises.

It is, whether a business should go for an in-house search engine optimization or should opt for an outsourced form for the same reason. To help you make the right choice for your business, we are here to help you.

Today in this article,

We would be discussing the pros and cons of both outsourced and in house SEOs.

SEO In House Vs Outsourcing: Which is Better for Your Business?;

By this, you will be able to brood on what’s better for your firm and can choose the SEO service accordingly. So, let’s get started to discuss search engine optimization without any further ado.

Outsourced Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Outsourced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is giving the work of one business to an experienced firm which can perform all the tasks of SEO.

Through this method, you reach desired results for website ranking and generate revenue through pay per clicks in the field of digital marketing.

Pros of Outsourced Search Engine Optimization:


In present times, time is money and is very precious.

Due to the complexities of work, generally, business owners do not have an ample amount of time to do the daily work tasks.

So, for small businesses, it is always advisable that they should go for outsourced SEO work as this provides a great amount of time to look into the criticalities and legalities of the business.

Also, outsourced companies will take care of constantly changing search engine optimization techniques and practices. This also saves time and removes inefficiencies related to business work.


Link building is a hectic task when we talk about search engine optimization. Keyword insertion, social media, and related SEO tasks are time-consuming and require a lot of expertise to create a business website that is responsive.

An experienced SEO firm would be well versed when comes to using the right SEO tactics to increase the website ranking and related stuff.

For this purpose, SEO firms offer their expertise to businesses if the results are not up to the mark. Better SEO means better traffic on the business site. This also helps businesses in avoiding losses.

Search engines are regularly announcing updates which make it difficult for businesses to cope up with sudden changes.

For this reason, outsourced SEO companies take the lead and help businesses to take off their unnecessary load. Also, they work in compliance with Google strategies.


Joining hands with well-versed and experienced SEO agencies is the best way when you need to handle large businesses or when the nature of your business is too cumbersome.

Experienced agencies will certainly help your business to rank better. The SEO agencies will also make sure that your website is up to date and optimized.


Search engine optimization is not just pay per click or keyword insertion. There is a number of related techniques and divisions to SEO too.

Nowadays, digital marketing organizations help in providing in-depth and comprehensive services to their esteemed clients.

Businesses opt for SEO outsourcing due to their well-known services to increase website ranking and taking care of all the related SEO tasks.

SEO services include a wide range like content marketing, graphic design, website design, email marketing, and other optimization techniques.


Small businesses need to take care of the day to day business tasks. So, it becomes difficult for such firms to take care of SEO.

To add to this problem solving, hiring a third-party firm is the best option. Also, start-ups and small businesses have less expertise when we talk about SEO.

So the best bet is to buy services of experts who can help inject brand new vision to the business, in turn, generating revenue path. Also, different perspective helps any business to take care of the probable issues and gain insights.


In house SEO team building requires an infrastructure which is, in turn, a hefty task. This challenging task requires a lot of persons who have expertise in their respective fields.

For instance, you need copywriters, optimization experts, social media executive, etc. Every subdivision of SEO has an extensive outlook and requires in-depth knowledge of each topic if one wants to succeed.

Cons of hiring an outsourced SEO firm:

Inherent risks:

Outsourcing SEO services can pose certain threats to businesses. Analyzing various aspects does not always stay in favor of businesses.

You need to give your important business related information to the SEO firms which may be used wrongly. Also, the results are not guaranteed by any search engine optimization agency which in some cases leads to losses.

Managing contacts:

To some businesses, managing contacts is a hefty task. When businesses outsource SEO, you cannot contact the original blogger or copywriter. The line of communication is lengthy.

Also, you need to keep a check whether the services provided are giving any benefit to your business or not. Communication is crucial in such cases.

No or little understanding of the process by the client:

The outsourcing company sometimes does not get what is the business requirement. This leads to losses and the results aren’t achieved as desired.

The content sometimes may not be at par. In such cases, it becomes hard to keep up with the Google updates.

In house SEO:

In house SEO, as the name suggests, refers to the optimization of the content of your website for the search engines by the dedicated team of specialists in the company itself. There is no outside agency involved in the process for the purpose.

There are many benefits for in house SEO. This is the reason why many organizations are opting for in-house SEOs. Some of the benefits are discussed below:

There is no wait

When you try to get work done from an agency, there is a lot of time and efforts involved from your side.

It is so because you have to explain each and everything to them from scratch and then you have to wait for them to implement your recommendations. There are a lot of meetings involved in trying to get better suggestions.

But in the case of in-house SEO, you can investigate and negotiate these roadblocks or you can find something else which is more productive to put into action, in turn, seeing the results.

No extra or unnecessary billings:

In an in-house SEO, there is no need for those extra bills and negotiations, since you are already paying your employees.

You can extract more from them and hence be more productive. This will help you maximize your return on investment.

Freshers are a boon:

In an agency, almost all the people breathe social networking and there is no add-on to your knowledge as you have to do what they asked you to do.

You have to abide by the clients’ and the agency’s suggestions. There is hardly any room for any innovation or experiment from your side. But in an in-house SEO, you can guide the freshers to help them learn and grow.

They may ask you many questions and can distract you sometimes, but all this will be worth it, as this will help you to grow.

No more mercy:

Many times, there are roadblocks with agency clients. And this leaves you at their mercy. There can be an issue like communications slowdown, technical hurdles, or defensive posturing.

At this point in time, you feel stuck because the only option left with you is to wait.

Such issues can be avoided in an in-house SEO. Here you can deal with the problems face on and can resolve the issues with your counterparts.

Like pros, in-house SEOs have its cons too. Some of them are listed below:

Rapidly Changing Landscape:

SEO is a rapidly changing field. The algorithm of Search engine algorithms is dynamic.

You have to constantly update your skills and knowledge about the SEO to survive in the market. If you can’t be active in this field, then it is better that you hire an agency for your SEO needs.

Let them manage their way. Then, all you need to worry about is paying their bills on time and analyzing that they are delivering the results or not.

Focus gets diverted:

Since a lot of effort and time is involved in communicating with your staff, and if you are not a good communicator, then it becomes a hell of an issue.

In such cases, it is better that you focus more on your business and leave the work to the experts. It will save a lot of time for you and help you to avoid unnecessary frustrations.

Expertise in the usage of tools:

SEO requires a number of tools that are expensive. So, if you are in the initial stages of your business, it is better that you try to save the cost on these tools.

Once the business gets started and flourishes, you can think of buying those tools. Other than the cost factor, there is another factor too for the usage of these tools which needs to be kept in mind. It is the expertise factor.

To get expertise in these tools, you need to be smart enough to get the best out of these tools. So doing the research and dedicating time to it can be cumbersome. So, try not to use these tools and techniques without apt knowledge.

A lot of technicalities:

SEO involves a lot of technical elements like content and link building activities. For an individual working in an in-house, it becomes very difficult to be skilled in all the aspects of the SEO.

This will lead to hiring extra manpower for the purpose and hence a compromise on your profits.

And if you don’t hire qualified persons in SEO operations, then you can lose the ranking on search engines too. And this is just a big gamble you would hardly love to take.

There can be stagnation of expertise too in some cases as they will be limited to the knowledge, expertise, and ability as per the in-house expert.

Final Verdict:

So, let us conclude the article by analyzing the pros and cons of both types of Search engine optimizations.

If your new business finds it difficult to compete with the dynamic changes of the industry, they should go for the outhouse agencies which can take care of all the related tasks to make sure the business website ranking improves.

After, getting experience and learning how SEOs work in the field of digital marketing and how to hire the right person or agency for it, one could think to go for an in house SEO.

Also, it will be an icing on the cake if you are a good communicator and know how to communicate with the staff. This minimizes any flow of wrong information.

You should try to go to the house. So, it is all about the return on investment for the business firms. Ultimately, it is the profit that is the final aim of any business.

So, think about how much you can extract from the money you have invested. We hope you would be able to take the right decision after this in-depth knowledge about SEOs.

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