How to Start your SEO Career: The Complete Guide

Search engine optimization is getting popular nowadays as a career option. The main function of this job is to optimize a website for search engine.

This is important to get noticed by the search engine. There are many SEO methods you can do, to promote a website.

The main job of an SEO analyst is to attract more viewers to a website and improve its pageviews. For that, an SEO expert needs to perform various modifications to content and submit it to search engine. As digital marketing becomes popular, SEO is essential for all sites.

There are no entry barriers to make a good career in the SEO field. Anyone with a degree can do this job. After the degree, they need to enroll in a small program for digital marketing. This is a course that helps you to learn various optimization methods and aspects of digital marketing.

In addition to doing a course, you can read and learn many things related to this from external sources. Practical experience is also essential to be a good SEO analyst.

For that, you can make a blog and optimize it yourself or try some entry-level job in any small companies as an SEO analyst.

Getting good experience is very important in this field. To get great corporate opportunities, you need to have at least 2-3 years of experience.

Reasons behind SEO Career Growth:

Everybody now depends on search engines for any information they want.

Traditional and direct marketing are now adopting SEO methods.

When we compare advertisement in various media like radio, TV as well as a newspaper we can see a drop in all those. Most advertisers now depend on SEO for their brand promotion.

People believe in organic SEO search listing more than advertisements

These are some reasons behind the sudden growth of SEO as a career option. There are fewer people who can handle this job well. So, if you have got that ability to use your skill for brand promotion, you also can handle SEO.

Good technical knowledge and patience to research are essential to handle SEO. It is a career where you can learn new things every day. So, if you are ready to get into a field of experimentation, you can choose it as a career.

There are good things and bad things for every profession. Like that when you choose search engine optimization as a career, there are some good points as well as bad ones. Let’s check out the good things about SEO

Advantages of choosing SEO Career:

Great Demand:

This is a career with great demand. Now everything became digital and even marketing also demands it. As the demand is high in every field for an SEO analyst, there will be more job opportunities.

Good salary:

A specialist job will get a high salary always. Search engine optimization is not a simple job and the salary also will be higher. SEO based ads have a higher demand compared to other ads. In short, this is a job where you need to apply your skills. So, getting a good salary is not a big issue in this career.

Great learning experience:

If you are not familiar with this field, you need to learn so many things before picking it as a career. Even after you enter into this career, you should learn about new things that are going on in your field.

This is not a constant field. As a changing field, you will get a good learning experience from this field.

Good ideas will get appreciation:

No matter what your job post is, if you got a brilliant working idea, you will get appreciation. Your job is to develop a working idea that can improve traffic and revenue.

Fly all around the world:

Like any other marketing professionals, this also demands traveling. As a part of campaigns and surveys, you will get a chance to fly to various parts of the world in order to attend meetings and presentation.

Disadvantages of SEO Career:

To work with search engines:

It is not an easy task to work with search engines. The algorithm updates are done frequently and an SEO needs to guess those changes and work accordingly.

Search engines don’t disclose these changes publicly. Most of the expert SEO expert says that sometimes they need to guess how that works.

No fixed rules:

This is a field without any fixed rules. It is changing every day. An SEO expert should work hard to get what they want and the main aim of search engine optimization is to bring more traffic to their site.

They have to guess many things and apply them blindly. The result could be anything.

Need to be up to date:

This is a job that demands you to be up to date always. This is a changing field and as an SEO analyst, you need to know every new change happening in your field.

This is a career which demands constant learning and if you are not ready to learn every day this is not a career for you.

Hard to maintain work and life balance:

Search engine optimization is a never-ending work. As this is a field with limited resource there will be more work pressure. It is difficult for you to maintain a good balance between work and life.

Sometimes you need to work hard to make things happen. So, it’s up to you to keep a good balance between life and work. You cannot live life after completing your job. Find the time and maintain an equilibrium between both.

Learn to take the risk:

Your clients will expect many things from you but it is very difficult to keep up with their expectation. Every new change that you apply to your product promotion is a new risk.

The result will be unpredictable. If you are not willing to take new risks then you cannot win in this field.

SEO Job Requirements:

Now you got an idea about the pros and cons of choosing SEO as a career option. These are some basic points. Finally, you can choose this career if you are willing to work hard. Now we can check some basic requirements that the job demands

Key requirements:

You can be a good SEO specialist if you have the following requirements

  • You need to have working experience with search engine optimization practices. You can acquire this from practice. Before you start working for a good company, you should practice your work by creating your own website or blog. I

If you can make that work of yours a great success, you have got enough experience in this field.

  • Ability to think creatively, strategically are essential for an SEO Analyst. Then only he can develop new ideas and implement them for product promotion.

Also, he should have the ability to find out issues related to a site and resolve them.

  • Good communication and written skill are also very important in this field. You need to communicate with your client and convey your ideas with them, it is only possible if you have good communication skill.
  • An SEO specialist should be ready to work as a team as well as independent. If you work for a large company then there will be a team of SEO analysts and you should be comfortable to work as a team.

You can also work individually if you are working on some small projects. The main thing is that it is very important to adjust in both situations.

  • Should be familiar with Google Analytics and various optimization tools. If you are not familiar with them learn everything. Google analytics is the base of SEO. So, if you can understand that well then you can easily manage optimization.

These are some key requirements an SEO specialist needs to have. In addition to this, there are some important responsibilities for this job. The main responsibilities of SEO analysts are:

SEO Responsibilities:

Website analysis:

It is an important job of an SEO analyst to keep the website up to date. If any problems are there an SEO analyst should be able to rebuild and redesign it.

Keyword optimization:

As you all know the main task of an SEO specialist on a website is to research keywords that can bring more traffic to a site.

They can do this with the help of many online tools. After finding out the right keywords, they need to introduce them organically to the site.

Search Engine Parameters:

Search engine parameters change frequently. This is a very important responsibility of an SEO analyst to know the criteria of the search engine to rank a page. He needs to change his optimization plans according to search engine criteria.

IT background:

An SEO analyst should have strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and many other programming languages. Also, he needs to know about various operating systems and hardware platforms available.

Client management:

Client management is also essential in this field. Before implementing any optimization, an SEO analyst should present it to the client and need to get approval for it. If he cannot convince the client then it is difficult to get success in this field.

Analytical skills:

Without a strong analysis, it is difficult to implement something new in this field. Before running a campaign, he should prepare detailed strategy reports.

Good planning is also required while implementing some new techniques for optimization. Analyzing problems and finding resources who can solve problems are part of this job.

We already discussed the important responsibilities of an SEO analyst. One of the important attraction of many to choose this career is the salary.

You will get a salary based on your experience. Here we are analyzing the range of salary, a good SEO analyst with experience can get.

Salary of an SEO Analyst:

The main functions of an SEO specialist are to research keywords, link building, page optimization or adding contents that can bring more traffic. They can expect a salary of $45,000-$85,000.

If they have to do some additional job then it will increase. The salary varies to their designation and expertise. Here is the range of salary for various designation in this field.

  • SEO specialist- $45,000-$85,000
  • SEO manager-$55,000-$100,000
  • SEO team manager–$50,000-$100,000
  • SEO Director-$70,000-$120,000
  • Link Builder-$35,000-$100,000
  • Content writer-$35,000-$75,000
  • SEO Researcher-$30,000-$60,000

These are some approximate value of salary that can get a person who chooses this as a profession. It can vary according to your geographic location, seniority, industry education qualification and experience.

The government hasn’t recognized this as a career and not reported a particular salary base for this field. The main factor that depends on your salary is the industry you work in.

Future of SEO:

Future of a person with SEO as a career option is safe. Everyone depends on SEO now to promote their business.

In this age of digitization, we can see a bright future for an SEO analyst. it is difficult to enter into this field with limited skills.

One who desperately wants to be an SEO analyst should develop many skills and develop a willingness to learn new things.

Final words:

SEO analyst is a reputable professional and a promising career. A person with multi-talent can easily standout in this field. This job also gives you a good salary. These are some basic things everyone expects from a career.

If you are ready to experiment with new things and can bring success and popularity to your product, then you don’t have to look backward

Anyone with good analytical skill and multi-skills can choose this job. This is a very challenging career where you need to put maximum hard work. There are tons of job opportunities out there if you can work well.

Experienced people have more value compared to the inexperienced one. As long as there is demand for the internet, a good SEO analyst is very essential.

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