The Best SEO Audit Tools You Need to Fix Site Issues

Never ever take website auditing as a joke. Generally, it needs many resources and much time to spend to work throughout the day. It requires keen eye concentration to every point because the auditor needs to check every page. In order to make auditing work easier, you need the best tools.

Nowadays many tools are handy on the web which makes the SEO auditors work much easier. By getting those tools, auditors do not require much time doing all the manual checks on the respective web pages.

You can easily find hundreds of different websites which are having audit tools. These websites help you to identify what problems are there on your website. However, using website auditing tools alone is not going to help you to identify the problems but need a professional auditing team to ensure the results are correct or up to the mark.

Sometimes, the sudden Google algorithm update leaves the marketers into confused and concerned states. It seems like the marketers wait to get all your website work complete in a row but a sudden update makes all their efforts obsolete.

Best SEO Audit Tools

In fact, each algorithm update brings one step closer to the relevant search results. However, there is still secrecy behind how Google evaluates a website and determine which websites to show for the related search queries.

Nowadays, most of the businesses invest more in digital marketing and tools of social media to improve their brand presentation and sell their products online. Many companies started recruiting the SEO consultants, professional marketing candidates, SEO agencies and freelancers to develop and boost up their own websites.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a very vital role in popularizing the websites in the list of search engine results and keywords ranking. Initially, people start implementing SEO by conducting an audit for their website.

It is a fact, the SEO auditing is a tame process and you have to evaluate the website pages with your IT team help. You can use various SEO audit tools which are available over the internet to resolve the issues by auditing and analyzing the website.

The SEO audit tools are very important for your organic search strategy as they allow you to focus on the elements of your website which Google marked as an important factor. If you have the best SEO audit tools, it will be easier for you to check whether your website has any issues and you can rectify them immediately with the help of the support team.

But wait, are you thinking to search about Best SEO Audit Tools list? Then you are at the right platform. Here on this page, we clearly furnished all the details about the various SEO audit tools.

Best SEO Audit Tools:


Woorank is one of the best and amazing auditing tools to review a website. It is a very handy tool for the website owners, digital marketing companies, SEO agencies, SEO consultants and Marketing team members. This audit tool offers a clear report about both Off-page and On-page SEO.

And along with these, it provides analysis about broken links, backlinks and other defective web pages on your website and also gives recommendations to improve the website ranking and visibility. Woorank comes with both paid and free versions. Users can download the audit analysis in the PDF format.

These reports are pretty simple to puzzle out and the respective SEO consultants can affix the website issues with ease. So if you are searching for the audit tool to analyze your web pages, then go with the Woorank for best results.


Semrush is one of the amazing auditing and research tool that exclusively helps to keep an eye on the organic keywords, backlinks, competitor research, and competitors PPC keywords. To track the competitor’s data, you can use this best Semrush tool. You can apply those strategies in your SEO efforts and boost up your website ranking.

It has many best features such as the discovery of candidate ad copies, topmost advertisers and publishers, analyzing backlinks and uncovers competitor ad strategies and budget. It helps you to build productive ad campaigns and finds both PPC and SEO right keywords.

This auditing tool provides access to the users to differentiate with competing candidates and get clear analytical reports in the Excel format. In addition to this, it helps to complete auditing the website and also the position tracking.

Ahrefs Site Audit:

This auditing tool helps to evaluate your website’s health. Ahrefs Site Audit can recognize technical issues more than 110 such as from most difficult errors to simple printing mistakes. You can quickly find the issues and make changes to it.
If you found any unknown issue, you don’t have to Google it. Whatever the issue is, by visiting Ahrefs dashboard you can understand the issues within your website and also know how to solve the issue.

It refers to as advanced SEO resource and it has three main tools such as:

  1. Site Explorer: This shows the performance of each of the web page on your website.
  2. Content explorer: It allows you to find the high-performing web pages with specific keywords and topics.
  3. Keywords explorer: It generates monthly search volume for your website and click-through rates of the specific keywords.


SEO Audit tool checks the website and gives you a complete inclusive analysis report so that you will be able to export the report and download it in the PDF format. This gives a complete list of issues, your website score and fix the issues for your off-page SEO and on-page SEO performance.

If you need to get an immediate analysis report about your website, then this Seomator is what exactly you require. It is one of the best auditing tools which helps you to get or generate new leads. Seomator has important SEO monitoring alerts choices where you can perform automatic crawling tasks and track any chances you need to make for the website.


If you are searching for the best auditing tool especially to get the quality reports, then Raventools is the best preference for you. It is noted as one of the awesome SEO audit software tools that are mostly used by digital agencies and SEO consultants.

This tool gives the accurate quality reports with all the information such as technical SEO issues and recommendations. By using this Raventools, you can get all the suggestions and ideas about the web page speed, backlinks info, social media reputation and also online reputation.

It gives the users to access all the list of SEO tools to research and optimize their website. This Raventools is a very user-friendly tool where you can use it to prepare reports to website audit, social media, and marketing.

We can say that this is the best option for you if you want to run the marketing campaigns and need to increase your website ranking.


For the people who are thinking to go in an inexpensive way to manage your auditing process, BuzzStream is the best option. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to reach your targeted audiences.

It provides inbound links for their users’ website. Backlinks are very crucial for the website in order to reach a high rank on Google. Here, the BuzzStream auditing tool makes it easy for you. From this tool, it is easy to research the appropriate people; you can come up with effective email messages and also track the people who accepted the link request.

This tool helps you to identify the candidates for outreach which completely depends on their industry and how much they engaged across different social media networks. This helps you to know who is important to get the backlinks and boost up your ranking on the search engines, especially on Google.

UpCity’s SEO Report Card:

The UPCity SEO Report Card is one of the best auditing tools which helps you to analyze your website completely and also to determine how it stacks against your competitors. So if you want to know the information about your competitors’ websites, then choose this amazing audit tool.

Along with your contact information, the UpCity SEO Report Card covers all the information such as:

  1. Rank Analysis: It is a snapshot of the website where it ranks on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Here, the ranking completely depends on the main keyword which you have selected, to build the reports.
  2. Link building: This is detailed account information about the number of websites that link back to your website.
  3. On-Site Analysis: Through this, you can know how successful you are in incorporating main keywords throughout your website or your site web pages.
  4. Website Accessibility: It is a section which is mainly focused on the website loading time and makes easy accessibility for the crawlers to crawl on your website.
  5. Trust Metrics: It gives a complete overview of your website’s level of authority or trust.
  6. Current Indexing: This current indexing shows you information about how many pages of your website are indexed.

So if you are thinking to get all the information from ranking to your web pages indexing then you can go with UpCity’s SEO Report Card. It is very user-friendly and you can get complete detailed information related to your website.

HubSpot’s Website Grader:

Website Grader is one of the best SEO auditing online tools which generates accurate personalized reports depending on the metrics. The key metrics involved in the process are

  1. Performance – This analyzes the users’ web page size, speed, requests, and other SEO key metrics.
  2. Mobile Readiness – This tool checks whether your website is mobile-friendly or not in terms of viewport settings and responsiveness.
  3. SEO – It determines whether your website is easy to find by both humans and bots. This tool determines the websites under some factors such as page titles and meta descriptions.
  4. Security – This tool checks for the SSL certificate. It serves as a security tool to prove your visitors that your website is both authentic and safe for contact information submissions.

If you want to get started with this amazing tool, all you need to you do is enter your website URL and email address. Simply enter your information and you will get a detailed report about the website in a matter of a few seconds.

So without wasting time, go with this best online auditing tool and check your website performance speed, mobile friendliness, security and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the steps involved in an SEO audit:
  • Crawling the website
  • Generate XML Sitemap
  • Run duplicate content check
  • Conduct current keyword research
  • On-page SEO based on keyword research
  • Checking internal and external links health
  • Site speed
  • SEO
  • Check Analytics.

Are these audit tools free or paid?

These audit tools come with both paid and free versions. If you want more features, then you need to go for a paid version.


Hence, these are the top and best SEO audit tools available on the web. Without any late, choose one of the amazing audit tools from above and start the auditing process of your website. If you still have any queries related to this topic, feel free to share your queries in the comment below. We will get back to you with the best answers.

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