How to Repurpose Content Easily to Get More Traffic

You’ve done everything needed to create high-quality content, added images, social media promotion, optimized it, and more. Then what’s this new thing – Repurposing Content or Content Repurposing!

Well, this is a secret technique that most of the smart marketer’s practice by which they keep receiving traffic to your website without writing a new piece of content.

How to Repurpose Content

We all know that great content can drive in more traffic to your site, strengthen the reputation of your brand, and attract new visitors to convert. The issue is that creating new content involves time and effort. This is where repurposing content comes in!

This practice can do wonders and keep driving immense traffic to your website. But this is not it, you can avail other benefits too!

Here we share with you this step-by-step and comprehensive guide about repurposing content.

What is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing or reformatting the content is a way to recycle or alter your content for distinct mediums to appeal more audiences and extend your reach. Content can be repurposed for social media or various other platforms to give it a novel life and expose it to new readers.

This way, it becomes easier to keep fetching traffic to your website without investing time and effort in generating a new and fresh piece of content.

In brief, you only have to revamp your existing content into a new, fresh piece and in accordance with the median where it has to be posted.

The Purpose of Repurposing Content:

Why content repurposing is a good idea?

We have already explained briefly that repurposing content can drive more traffic to your website. But this is not the only reason why a large number of digital marketers practice it.

Content repurposing or re-packaging is beneficial in a number of ways, such as:

  • Receive more organic traffic from search engines.
  • Reach out to more potential customers within content marketing.
  • You don’t have to take stress searching for a new topic or thinking what to write.
  • You can focus more on increasing sales.

These are some of the prominent benefits of repurposing your content that you cannot ignore at all. You now clearly know that if you are not repurposing the content, you are definitely missing out on a great opportunity.

So, let’s delve into the details of how you can practice content repurposing and where.

Ways to Repurpose Content to Create Smarter Content:

Content repurposing can drive you adequate results only if you practice it correctly and in a proper way. Check below some of the best ways to repurpose content. At the same time, we have discussed platforms where you can share your repurposed content and achieve the desired results.

1. Syndicate or Repost Your Content:

One of the best ways to bring your posts or content in front of new audiences is through content syndication. For this, you have to spend a few bucks and your content will be highlighted as ‘related posts’ or ‘recommended reading.’

Though content syndication will not bring you SEO benefits, it is a great way to drive more traffic to your website.

You can practice content syndication on some of the popular networks such as:

  • Zemanta – It lets you alter the title and image of your post.
  • Outbrain – It is one of the most popular options and used commonly on websites such as CNN.
  • SimpleReach – It lets you determine the posts that are likely to receive more shares, and promotes them.
  • Taboola – Just like Outbrain, Taboola can bring your content and posts in front of a vast audience.
  • PR Newswire – This network provides you access to numerous content syndication channels and social media networks. It also lets you reach to a wider target audience.
  • LinkWithin – It is a widget to show related posts within a thumbnail image. It is believed that it will share revenue features in the near future.

2. Republishing the Posts:

Another way to practice content repurposing is republishing the posts on various other sites. There are numerous websites that let you republish your old content and get them in front of a newer and bigger audience.

In order to republish your old content, you just have to sign up for the account with any one of such sites. After this, you have to copy and paste the content and enter ‘publish.’

Some of the places or platforms where you can republish your content are:

  • Hacker News – This is a great platform for entrepreneurs and programmers. It is a perfect platform for content related to entrepreneurship or computer science.
  • Reddit – Another popular platform for republishing content is Reddit. It offers user-generated news links and let users vote to promote stories on the front page.
  • Medium – At this platform, you can republish blog posts to a wider audience. You can set up an account easily and for free. The good thing is that you can sign up with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account.
  • Growth Hackers – It is a website that enables you to promote the content of your startup company. You just have to submit the URL and your content will be promoted.
  • Examiner – This platform works similar to Medium. The only difference is that you have to create an account.
  • Inbound – It is a great platform to post content related to inbound marketing. It brings great exposure to your post. Just make sure you read the guidelines thoroughly.
  • Social Media Today – You can submit your content either automatically or manually through RSS feed. Your content will be selected by the editors and if they like it then it will be featured on the homepage.

3. Create Snippets for Social Media Websites:

The next effective way to repurpose the content is by creating snippets. You can take a small snippet or a small excerpt of your post and turn the same into a social media post.

This technique is practiced to add some social media value to your post and then present it in front of new customers. If you prefer, then you can link the snippet to your blog post. But this is optional.

Just make sure you include images in the snippet wherever possible to let your post stand out.

Some of the social media websites where you can practice this technique are:

  • Pinterest – You can take images of your post, include relevant images, and pin them to appropriate boards.
  • LinkedIn – Here you can share a small excerpt of your blog post and publish the same. You can use the share update option to share a small part of your post.
  • Google+ – You then have to take a small excerpt from your post and use it as your Google+ post.
  • Twitter – Take a small part or quote of your post and tweet the same.
  • Quora – Here, you can search for a question related to your post and copy and paste your content in that section as your answer.
  • Facebook – You can use the small excerpt of your text and use it as a Facebook post. Along with more reach, it can bring more leads to your business.

4. Repurpose Your Content as A Visual Treat:

There are different websites that let you post your content in distinct mediums. You can repurpose your blog in the form of a video, audio, or other formats that are in trend. Some of the popular mediums that you can use to avail more value for your old blog content are:

YouTube – A great and highly followed practice is to create videos on the same topic to your post and upload the same on YouTube.
Vimeo – It is a more innovative version of YouTube. You can use it repurpose your text into video content.
iTunes Podcast – For podcasts, the best choice is iTunes. It regularly features discussions about some of the best video or audio content.

5. Create Course Materials from Your Old Posts:

An increasingly growing trend among online users is online learning. There are numerous websites popping up that will let you find content that can be used as online tutorials.

Some of the websites where you can post content as an online course are:

  • Skillshare – It is an online learning platform where the experts of the world teach real skills to the world. On the website, there are hundreds of classes related to technology, business, design, and more.
  • Udemy – It is an excellent resource for online learning. It houses more than 15,000 courses and is one of the leaders in the industry. The best part is that it offers courses for free!
  • Live Ninja – Another platform to post your existing content as an online course is Live Ninja. It is a simple platform to share live videos. You can use it to host courses and instructional chats.
  • – At this platform, you can create interactive and helpful content to link directly to the readers. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and can showcase your content in a great way.

6. Repurpose Your Content into an Infographic:

Creating an infographic will never let others know that it is from an already existing post. – It offers a community page where you can post content on your own. They make selections so make sure your content meets their guidelines.
Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, and Google+ – All these social platforms offer a clear benefit to display visual content like Infographics.
Scribd – The place is popular for its library of EBooks and can distribute all sorts of documents, including infographics.

7. Repurpose Your Content as a Slide:

Creating a great slide is another way to create excellent content from what you already have.

You can share your newly created slides at various places like:

  • Slideworld – You can create and display powerpoint presentations here and make your content available for people to use.
  • Slideshare – It is the biggest community to share presentations and professional content. You can simply upload the content as a PowerPoint or PDF file and expose your content to a brand new audience.
  • Slide Deck – Another innovative way to use your old blog post is to convert it into a slide deck and upload the same to SlideShare.

8. Repurpose Your Content into a Webinar:

Webinars offer an excellent way to convert your visitors into long lasting fans. It is because Webinars allow you to communicate with your clients on a regular basis. If you have already prepared a presentation, you can post it as a webinar on platforms like:

  • Eventbrite – Once your webinar is scheduled and planned, you can post it on Eventbrite.
  • GoToWebinar – This is another reliable solution that is a little pricey, but can deliver you adequate results in the least amount of hassles.
  • – It is a free cost of the alternative, which is convenient to use and makes sharing simple.

9. Repurpose Your Content in Various Mediums:

The other ways to repurpose and add value to your existing content are:

  • Live Streaming – You can use the content as an outline for your visual presentation.
  • Physical Book – With the service of Lulu, you can transform your blog post into a physical book.
  • EBook – With a collection of relatable blog posts, you can create an eBook that can be downloaded.
  • Webinar – Another way is to turn your blog post into a Keynote presentation and present it to your audiences into a live source for the online audience using Google Hangouts.
  • Podcast – This one is easy. You only have to read aloud your post, record it, and upload the same to websites like Stitcher and iTunes.
  • Emails – Finally, create an email of your post as an autoresponder sequence. This can be a newsletter.
  • Downloadable PDF Format – Take your complete blog post and generate a PDF format out of it. You can use this format as an opt-in. Otherwise, you can list down some major points of your post and create a checklist in downloadable PDF format.

There are enormous numbers of ways to repurpose your content. So, if you have the bulk of old content lying with you then use it now. Repurposing will not only let you add value to your existing content but will also bring huge benefits to your online business.

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