Reddit SEO: How to Boost Reddit Backlinks and Upvotes

Reddit is a famous social media platform and is a ninth popular website in the United States. You can find all social news here and also there are many discussion forums too.

It is one of the most influential sites that drive new headlines, more traffic and help to grow your site rapidly. But most of the people don’t know about this site.

Everyone knows Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many more. But Reddit is not a popular one among common users. Recently it has got much more popularity and now more than 200 million people use this site worldwide.

Reddit SEO

When it comes to content marketing, researchers look for various options to promote their content. Most popular social media platforms that use for content promotion are Pinterest, Quora, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Reddit was not popular among many before.

But, now everyone knows that this is a very strong platform where one can promote their content and get a better ranking.

Using Reddit is different than using any other social media sites. A lot of people follows this site and you can get many page views if you can post good quality contents.

It is not an easy task to be popular on Reddit platform. For that, you need to spend some time and do thorough research about everything related to it.

How to use Reddit?

Do proper research before marketing your contents. If you don’t want to invest your time, then you won’t get any advantage out of it.

Reddit is divided into Subreddit, which are subdivisions of the Reddit group and each subreddit represent a particular topic.

Anyone can start a subreddit with a URL with a domain name and with an” /r/” separation. For example, if you are handling topics about legal advice then the subreddit URL will be https//

You can see many such categories.

If you are creating an account on Reddit, check those subreddits and see the various content options available. You can also subscribe to the favorite topic page.

While you create a subreddit with your content, you can see the number of page visitors on top of the page. As the number of viewers increases, your page popularity and ranking also increases.

When you open the app, you will get suggestions according to your interest. Only top pages will appear on the front page. If your content quality is good, it will get popular and come on top.

Now you got an idea of how to use Reddit.

Next, we are discussing the points to be noted while using Reddit for SEO and Content Marketing research. Many marketers neglect these points while promoting their site.

Reddit SEO for Content Marketing:

Some of them think that Reddit is not that much effective in marketing. But the real thing is that if you can use Reddit properly, this is one strong and effective way to boost your content marketing. Here are some points to be noted while using Reddit for content marketing.

1. Find out good content ideas:

You need to find a good content idea for marketing your site. Reddit is a perfect tool where you can put quality content and make it popular. Other than the content quality you should also make sure that the content is fresh, simple and unique.

You can search for subreddits related to your niche on Reddit. From there you will get a good idea on various opportunities that you can get from your own niche. After checking good contents, you can imitate and modify it.

Make sure not to copy any ideas. Take this as a base and develop your own ideas and topics related to your niche. On the top, you can see many different options like hot, controversial, Top, promotional, rising and many other options. Research well and find out unanswered questions in your topics.

If you can make a content based on it then you will get more page views. One posts, questions in Reddit, if they cannot find the answer to it anywhere else. So, it is a very good idea to search for unanswered questions in your area.

Controversial topics are also good to get noted easily. That type of pages will be active always and if you can create that controversy the page will automatically increase activities. There will be popular pages where you can ask questions and read their comments. This will help you to get fresh ideas.

So, researching is very important before you decide to promote your content through Reddit. You cannot market your site by posting any topics. Just make sure to find good ideas from Subreddits and use it when you post something.

2. Keyword selection:

Choosing the right keyword is very important while you post something. Keywords are the backbone of SEO and it is also one of the toughest parts in this field. You have to know, what words the audience will use to search for any product/service in your field.

You will get a small idea about this while researching subreddits in your field. The top contents will be optimized for keywords. Make sure to note those keywords in your content too.

There are many tools available to find out keywords such as Ahrefs, Books, Pinterest, Search console, etc. make use of any SEO tools to find the right keywords and implement it on your content well. There will be many keywords while you research on those tools. Finding those right keywords is a time-consuming process.

You can shortlist some from tools and subreddits. Merge both and some of them will be common. Use them on your content to get noticed.

Optimizing your content is very important to get a good ranking. Marketers adopt various options to get noticed and using the right keyword is an important thing among them. Identify content popular on subreddit and copy the URL of that page.

You can paste the URL into some Keyword searching tool like Google keyword planner, Ahrefs, etc it will easily show you the best keywords in that particular content. There is a special tool called Keyworddit.

This is one and only free keyword research tool for Reddit available. You can search for keywords by entering the subreddit you want. Try this tool also because it is exclusively designed for Reddit and will give you more accurate results.

3. Make Reddit as part of your content marketing:

This is a site where you can get any information you want. Search for anything you want, you can find a subreddit with many contents about that topic. Some use Reddit to market their content and get more viewers and some others use it for their product promotions.

If you want to get an idea on any topic related to your subject, you can search for it here itself. No need to go out to get answers. A marketer will get new ideas related to their marketing from Reddit itself. Make use of it and promote your product/service.

4. Post your content and monitor traffic:

After thorough research, you can create quality content. The content should be informative and useful. You can create a subreddit and post your content.

After posting you can monitor the inbound traffic of the site. If it is well reached then no need to worry about it. Before posting your content, there are some important points to be noted.

First, you need to be an active participator in discussions related to your topic, this is a very important thing you need to do before posting anything. Do not post your own content first after you created a Reddit account. Initially, you can participate in discussions and after becoming an active member you can post your own content.

You can tie-up your content with something controversial that is happening in subreddit. It will help to increase your content reach and popularity. The main point is while posting anything make sure you followed the rules and regulations of the site. There are moderators to watch your site activity. They can ban your account for deviating rules.

5. Make your content appearance good:

This is very important to attract viewers. If you can include images and videos in your content it will reach well. This is a common strategy in all social media promoting sites.

Visual effects directly impact your viewership. When you can explain a concept visually it will be easy for a reader to understand. By including it, you are making the content simple for users to understand.

The main aim of marketers is to promote content and if they can include relevant images and videos it will help to improve its appearance and reachability. To get more upvotes this is very important.

6. Promote your content:

It is important to promote your content if you want to get noticed among other thousands of posts. You can use Reddit itself to promote your subreddit.

Share your content with other subreddits and you will also get many. Try to be accessible always. You can participate in forums and discussions in your niche.

Share links there and if you know about the topic more, then answer to questions about that topic. Active participation is enough to promote yourself on Reddit.

While sharing your link make sure not to post it on more than 3 subreddits. So, first, you need to find out the subreddits that can give more exposure.

Sometimes when you post your link on very popular subreddits it may not get that visibility you want because of that subreddit popularity. It is best to choose 2 subreddits one general subreddit and other special subreddit. It’s up to you to find out which one will help you to promote your link.

Cross-linking is very essential to promote your content and a very popular marketing strategy too. Over promotion will also affect your site badly.

If you post your content from the same domain repeatedly then there is a chance to consider it as spam. There are moderators to look at your site activity. If they found anything suspicious, it will affect your account.

7. Be accessible:

As I said above overpromotion will affect your site negatively. But one thing you can do is to share your content with your friends on other social media platforms. This will also help to improve your reachability.

Let them know that you have a subreddit and ask for their suggestion. Try to communicate well from your page. Reply to any comments and answer to all questions and concerns related to your content.

Be ready to accept criticisms also. Take everything positively and make sure to avoid any mistakes in the future. Reddit is a very good learning platform where you can meet every kind of people.

If someone finds a mistake in your post and criticize, you then take it positively and try to make it right next time. Learn new things and be accessible with viewers. Share everything you know about your content in an engaging way. Nobody likes boring content. Be informative and engaging at the same time.

Final words:

These are some marketing strategies you can use to promote your content on Reddit.

We know many popular options but Reddit was the least exploring site for content promotion before. But recently everyone is trying to explore maximum advantage that they can get from this site to promote contents.

This is a very good site to operate if you have done your research well. After understanding its techniques, you will find it easy to use.

Reddit is the only site which gives you new ideas for your contents. You can promote your contents and get new contents ideas from this site at the same time. Getting more upvotes and page views are the prime aim of everyone.

So, make use of every possibility Reddit can offer to promote your content and be successful. Have you made Reddit a part of your SEO and content Marketing research? If not, do it immediately. Explore every marketing options.

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