Quantity vs Quality: What Matters the Most for Blog Posts

Nowadays there are so many bloggers and all of them are in a dilemma about what will increase their blog traffic. The debate is quality vs quantity, what exactly will get them more traffic or subscribers or followers.

They are trying every new strategy to attract readers towards their site. The competition is very tough, and it is not easy to please the readers.

Quantity vs Quality Blog Posts

In the meantime, there is a debate going on about content quality vs quantity. Is it good to write one very long high-quality blog post or 10 short ones which increases the quantity of blog posts?

Quantity VS Quality Blog Posts – Which is Most Needed?

Most experts say that both are important to stay alive in this field. Content marketers always go with the quality of contents. That is a very important factor.

But only by creating quality contents, a website cannot be successful. The search engine wants a site to be more active by producing quality contents more frequently.

For example, the search engine won’t give importance to a site which produces quality contents once every month. It always goes with a site which publishes new contents every week.

The search engine looks for fresh contents always with enough information to help users. that is the real meaning of quality. There should be enough information for users’ query and it should be in simple and understandable language too.

Just by creating new contents every day by finding a new topic is not enough. When you publish content, it should be useful for users and they must find it interesting to read. This is where you can win their trust.

So, we cannot say that quality is the only factor that affects your inbound traffic. Quantity of posts will also affect it.

Google values its users and they ignore or penalizes contents created for the machine. It is very important to note the point that you must always give importance to users than the machine.

No matter what your content length is it should cover the topic well and clearly define the topic. Long form contents will get more chance compared to short-form content.

Other than content length there are many factors Google evaluates when you publish a content and rank based on it. Here we can compare various advantages and disadvantages of quality vs quantity of contents.

Quality of Content:

You can get many advantages by creating quality contents and there are many drawbacks to it.

If you are alone and running a website, creating quality content always is a tedious and time-consuming task. But, there is not any other solution to it.

The search engine only promotes quality contents. If you want to get more followers and increase your site ranking, quality content is a must. Here are some pros and cons of quality contents.


Trust from readers:

When you run a website, you cannot survive without enough followers. If you produce quality contents that answers their queries constantly. they will surely follow you.

If you get many followers, your site traffic and popularity will increase with it. To attain all of this, you need to get trust from your followers first. This is only possible through quality contents.

Trust from your followers is one of the biggest assets you can have. They will wait for what you have to say about each topic.

Free promotion:

You can use your followers as your brand promoters. If they like your blogs, they will share it on their social media platform.

Nobody wants to ignore these types of free promotional options. You can also request your followers to share your post on social media platforms which can help you to get more social exposure. This can also attract new people to your blogs also

Increase in the number of followers:

Whenever we come across quality blog we surely tap on subscribe button. This is the power of quality blogs.

If you can engage the audience through your blogs and be informative, you can easily achieve new followers. As a result, your inbound traffic will increase, and the result will be more sale, high ranking, etc.

Great opportunities:

As a result of an increase in popularity, you will also get great opportunities. Many marketers will use you as brand advocates and you can generate a good income from it.

Also, as your blog popularity increases, more Ads will be there and this is also a way to get money through CPC. Once your blog becomes popular, you can achieve so many opportunities and make your website business successful.

Great satisfaction:

Writing is an art and it is not easy to produce quality contents that can engage the audience.

If you can make them satisfy through your writing what else, you want. There will be great satisfaction and your self-confidence will increase too.

When you reach this level everything will come towards you from money to fame. Now you can think of guest blogging, promotional ideas, being an influencer and many more which can help to grow your website more.


Time consumption:

This is one of the important drawbacks of creating quality content. You cannot produce quality content without proper research.

You need to invest so much time into researching and creating a well-articulated blog with so many information to help users.

When you invest time in producing good quality contents you can’t find time for the rest of the things like promotions, marketing, etc. This is a serious issue for every writer who concentrates on quality. Low-quality articles won’t consume time and this much effort.

Few visitors:

When you concentrate on quality the result should be fewer visitors to your site. Users obviously go with quality content. But it has to reach to new people so that they can see and appreciate your articles. This is not possible if you cannot invest time in promotions and marketing.

If someone who doesn’t want to get a deep knowledge about a topic will get bored if you approach your blog like that. So, the best thing to do is to create simple and informative content for your targeted audience

No followers:

When you concentrate on quality and create a deep blog about a topic, no one wants to read it except someone who researches about it.

Normal users leave your page if it is too complicated to understand and the result will be no followers to your blog. This is very bad, and you cannot go forward without pleasing your users.

No advertising opportunities:

Advertising is one of the main sources of income when it comes to blogging. If your site is popular many advertisers use it as a platform to advertise their products and services.

In order to achieve this income, your site should have so many followers. Without enough traffic, no one wants to advertise on a site. To make money from your blogs make sure to get as many followers as you can.

More expensive:

If you are hiring good professionals to write quality blogs, it will be more expensive. If you are not handling this writing process, there is no other way than hiring good writers.

Professional charges more than other writers and you need to pay for them to maintain your blog quality.


Quantity of blog post cannot be ignored. A website cannot exist only with the quality of blogs. Quantity of blog post is also very important. The length of your blog and the number of blog posts are useful to attract more viewers.


More traffic:

If you want to attract more traffic quantity of blog post can also help. When someone lands on your page there is a chance of reading another popular post from your website and this will increase your page views and hence rank of your site

Readers trust:

Readers will always note a website with so many posts. They will easily believe that your website is a developed one.

As a result, they will subscribe to your website and follows you. It will be an indirect impact on your blog post quantity.

High ranking:

This is the final result of the quality and quantity of blog posts. Google’s algorithm is trying to avoid all low-quality sites.

Google ranking is very important, and every website owner tries to take their site to the top position. Blog quality and quantity will create trust in followers and the result will be a good ranking position

Large variety:

When you concentrate on the quality you can find so many varieties of topics to write about. It will make you think about all the available possibility of your niche.

You can check your competitors and your old post to generate more ideas to write about. Interacting with your audience will also give you more new topics because they will share with you what they want to see as your next blogs.

Get rid of writer’s block and go forward with a new topic. This can make your website big and popular.

Can accept guest posts:

To improve the quantity of a website, you don’t have to produce contents constantly. Try to include guest posts from popular bloggers in your niche. There are many bloggers who want to promote their blogs and guest blogging is a good solution for it.

You can accept blogs with good quality and content to your website. This can help you and guest blogger equally in increasing website traffic.

Make your blog active:

When you produce new blogs frequently, your website will be active. Google always support active sites with more user engagement.

This will increase the crawling rate and Google thinks your website as a good one. This can help with your website growth and improve your follower base also.


Low site traffic:

Google only allows good-quality sites to appear in the search result. With each algorithm updates, they are improving their filtering system.

Google always wants to maintain its quality and if your website does not contain quality sites, your page won’t appear in the search result. No one will see your website from the search result and this will reduce your website traffic automatically.

No user supports:

Without support from internet users’, you cannot get success. If you can get trust from users, they will help you in content marketing by sharing your popular post across social media platform.

This is great exposure to your content. If you cannot concentrate on the quality and quantity of your website, you won’t get any support from users. No support from the user means no way to advance in this field.

Fewer sales:

If you cannot get trust from your followers, the result will be low site traffic. To improve your sale or service the only option is to create a quality site and promote it to as many followers as possible.

Revenue from the advertisement will be missing and this is the primary revenue source for bloggers.

Search engine penalty:

The search engine only wants quality sites and they penalize low-quality sites. To avoid these problems, you need to concentrate on the quality of your articles.

Panda and Penguin algorithm is very advanced, and it easily finds out low-quality sites and penalizes it.

Difficult to maintain:

As the site gets bigger it will be difficult to manage it properly. A small website will be easy to maintain and manage.

When you include so many blogs there is a chance of loading slower also. You must conduct a site audit and find out whether there are any problems associated with it. If you found anything wrong, make it right.

Final Words:

When it comes to Quality vs quantity these two are inseparable elements of a website. To succeed in marketing your content need to concentrate on both elements and use proper tools to ensure this.

Conduct website audit more often to provide a better user experience. If you can win their trust this is an easy way to succeed. Make them as your brand promoters and use all platforms to promote your contents.

After establishing well, you can do guest blogging to reach to new users and attracting them towards your site.

Make revenue by incorporating with any top advertisers or brands. So, we can conclude that a website with both quality and quantity can be more productive and successful.

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