How to Promote a Product or Service on the Internet

The promotion has a very special place in the current business world. It involves communication of the product utility to the customer. It is a very important element in the marketing system.

How to Promote a Product

  • Brands promote their products in order to get customer attention. Basically, promotion aims at creating brand awareness, getting customers and developing goodwill. There are many ways to do this.
  • Advertising is a paid promotional tool. It happens with the help of print media or online media. Earlier people used to advertise their product through newspapers and radio. But now people have also started using digital media.
  • Public Relations is a sort of media publicity. It involves press releases, news conferences, and other related things. It aims at the creation of networks.
  • Sales are done by the representatives as hired by the company. They directly go to the customers and tell them about the product. It is a sort of direct marketing.

So, promotion is an action done to encourage the sales of a company. It includes advertisements, marketing, etc. You need not to spend too much money in order to promote your product. There are many tactics which can happen free of cost. The below mentioned ways are the most popular ways. They have been applied by many people. And they have generated good results. You can also try them out.

14 Effective Ways to Promote a Product or Service Online:

1. Organize an online contest:

You can organize multiple contests or giveaways to get customer attention. The experts have accepted that it is a very popular tool. Many top quality marketers constantly organize social media competitions. They are creative. They always conduct competition in a unique way. They have learned the key to successful promotion.

People enjoy social media contests. They find them funny, easy, and entertaining. Being a promoter, you can easily get in touch with your customers via social media. Make the best use of your social media platforms and be benefitted. Contests on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube gain popularity too much. It is the swiftest way in present time.

2. Electronic Marketing:

Yes, you guessed it right. How can one forget about e-mail?

The corporate world works with ease only because of e-mails. You should use it to promote your product. Many consumers use emails for business purpose. They believe in e-mail marketing. And reports have accepted that many email recipients purchase the product because of e-mail promotion. So, if your product has a worth, why not to promote it through e-mails? E-mail marketing is an amazing tool. It has made an advertisement easy and convenient. You can easily share the details of your product with your customers. Capture multiple consumers with a single click.

3. Digital advertisement:

Facebook is a successful platform in promoting a product. It has the ability to capture millions of people. Develop any creative ad and share it on Facebook. You will get a good response.

Now, social networking sites are a successful market. And Facebook is on its top. You should use Facebook to target your audience. You will get a variety of people. You can differentiate people on the basis of their gender, age, area, choice, etc. Developing an ad is not very expensive. But there is a guarantee of good revenue. You will generate good revenue from Facebook.

4. Organize an event:

Online modes don’t work always. It is because not every customer uses social media. You need to use physical mode as well. This is very important in order to bring the customer to your place. You can organize any open mic or any other competition. It will automatically bring people to your place.

Organize either any competition or exhibition or any challenge. Be creative and interesting to make sure more people come. This will be a successful marketing tactic. Offer discounts to your people. Such offline competitions generally turn people into customers. So, what are you waiting for? Plan an interesting competition. And put the posters out!

5. Share feedback:

If you get good reviews from customers, share them with others. It is very important in order to win the trust of the public. When people see that your product is getting good feedback, they automatically become interested in it. As a result, they buy it.

Give a chance to your customers to speak about your product. It will give them confidence in your product. Invite them to say about their experience. And showcase all this to other people. Ask your people to recommend your product to other people too. Ensure more and more participation. You will be amazed to see the result.

6. Preview of your product:

You must have some regular customers. Give them special importance. It is because they are the ones who can promote your product on your behalf. Tell your customers about the launch of your product. Organize any private party for them. Invite them especially to the launch event of your product. You have to give them extra attention. It is because they are the ones who will buy your product on a priority basis.

Ask them to tell others about your product. Give them all the possible discounts and other offers. If they feel good, they will keep on purchasing your product.

7. Social Media:

With the increased notion of digitalization, social networking sites are getting popularity. You should promote your product on all Social Media. You have to get the attention of every possible customer. Once you succeed in making customers online, you will start getting good results.

Every product gets easily and swiftly promoted on social networking sites. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are the popularly used social networking sites to promote your product on them. Organize any contest or ask your followers to share your product. Keep on posting interesting images of your product.

8. Write blogs:

Many people underestimate the power of blog writing. Blog writing is an important element in the whole marketing process. You can use this element to target your audience. You can inform them about your product. You can educate them with every single detail of your product. Don’t forget to mention the utility of the product. Tell your readers about the reasons they should purchase your product.

Blog updates help in generating more customers. If you cannot do full-time blog writing, you can opt for part-time blog writing. You can also become a guest blogger. Initially, it becomes very difficult to get readers. So, it will be better if you start by writing on any popular website. Make your followers there and promote your product.

9. Be a part of trade shows:

Trade shows generally have a large crowd. They prove to be a good platform to promote your product. You get a large crowd there. Don’t miss an opportunity to get in touch with the crowd. You should definitely attend trade shows. It helps you in two ways.

  1. You get a crowd you can convert them into your customer.
  2. You get media coverage. You need not pay much. You need not even invite media. But you will succeed in getting attention.

Be creative enough to impress the audience. Make a reputation in the eyes of the audience.

10. Influential marketing:

People don’t easily trust any product. They will check the reality of the product a hundred times. If they feel that the product is good, they will buy it without having a second thought. So, there is a probability that they won’t buy your product for the first time.

In order to tackle this issue, you can take help from influencers. Get in touch with influencers. It will be better if you find someone who is followed by your target consumer. Then ask them to give a product review. When such people recommend the product, the audience pays attention. You will find it very interesting to work with influencers.

11. Crowdfunding platforms:

As mentioned already, you don’t always have to spend money on promoting your product. Only devote time and energy and you will succeed. Do something that will get you crowd’s attention.

Why don’t you try using crowdfunding platforms?

Crowdfunding platforms are a good way of generating some amount. `You can also organize a crowdfunding campaign. It will be helpful for your new product launch. Also, you will get in touch with so many people. You will get people who will be ready to buy your product. You will also get people who will be interested not only in promoting your product but also investing in your product.

12. Visual impact:

There is no alternate of visual content. It is the strongest tool to engage the audience. You should also make a visual impact on your audience. Not everyone can do blogging. But almost everyone can develop interesting ads to get attention. Just create interesting videos. They should be capable of giving a full description of your product.

Tell your people the reason why your product is better than other products. Include images which are staggering. Mention about all the special offers you are giving to people. Videos generally get shared a lot. So, ask your friends and family to share the video too.

13. Advance booking:

You should offer pre-order options to your customers. Don’t just devote too much time in marketing campaign only. Ask your people to book the product in advance. You won’t believe but it is an excellent marketing tactic.

When you accept pre-orders, you actually create interest in your consumers. When people see that many consumers are booking their product in advance, they too order the product. In this way, they succeed in getting customers in advance. Post product launch, it is obvious that your customers will increase.

14. Leading media outlets:

Well, they are a very important tool in every product launch. It is somewhat like trade shows. It is like taking an extra step to promote the product.

You have to develop contact with some reputed online publications. Inform them about your product launch. Tell your struggles and success story to them. Tell them about how you planned the product. Take their help to tell your story to the audience. It will be beneficial for them too. It is because they will be covering an amazing story. This tactic is very fresh and it works.

Why is promotion important for a business?

You should promote your product in order to increase your brand awareness. You can take help of television, radio or any print media. You have to reach to your customers. Do anything to inform your customers about your product.

  1. You should devote time in promotion to get the “right” audience. Have a well-planned promotional strategy. Execute your marketing plan brilliantly. It is important in order to get customers. Remember, you are producing goods only for your consumers. So, you have to tell them about your product.
  2. You should promote your brand and company to get increased customer traffic. Promoting a product becomes very important if you want to improve your sales.
  3. You will be relieved to see that even promotion can take place free of cost. There are many ways. You don’t have to spend money.


So, it is not only important but also fundamental to do promotion. The promotional tactics will differ from brand to brand. Being a marketer you have to make an effective plan. Consider the suggestions given below:

  1. Be careful while making promotional strategies. They will decide the reaction of your customers.
  2. Every marketer and businessman should analyze the market first. Then only they should develop the marketing plan.
  3. Every business should use the appropriate marketing tool to target the customer.
  4. Only social media is not effective. There are multiple other ways that can be used.

Promote your product and experience increased sales.

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