Are Private Blog Networks Risky or Worth Building

Private Blog Networks or PBN can be mentioned as an authoritative gathering of the network. Over such a network, a thorough control can be maintained and it directs back to the key money making website. In order to create links for your key website, PBN is utilized. The result is that enhanced ranking can be achieved in Google search engines.

What is a Private Blog Network or PBN?

To provide a more clear understanding, a PBN can be mentioned as domain sets owned by any individual. A PBN can comprise of, blogs that are free,,, etc. Actually, self-hosted blogs hold more power when made a comparison with free blog domains.

Expired domain:

When a PBN is considered, it is composed of mainly expired domains. A domain that had content and was owned for a specific period of time is called an expired domain. Such a domain was once alive under the control of the webmaster. Also, the webmaster developed the site into a beneficial website that grabbed the attention of more number of visitors. The domain also had a number of website links.

So at some time the owner or the webmaster didn’t want the domain and permitted it to expire. Remember that a registered domain can be bought formally for a registration fee of about $10 to $15.

Importance of expired domains:

The main aspect for the importance of an expired domain is that an expired domain permits more backlinks. The other major reason is that more weight is offered to aged domains by Google. For example when you find a 2008 expired domain, then the domain permits more links and is authoritative than new domain. The backlink profile is another key aspect of an expired domain. The number of backlinks to the domain is the backlink profile and for an expired domain, the backlink profile is broad ranging.

How to Build a PBN Network?

In order to build a PBN, there are few steps to be followed as mentioned below.

Purchase expired domains:

There may be research needed to purchase an expired domain. It’s a lengthy procedure to purchase an expired domain for PBN. It is good to opt for domains that are old with good stats. It is also important to note that the domain has a lower rate of drop level. The backlink profile of the expired domain must be checked to have a good rate.

The other main aspect to be checked before purchasing expired domain is that it should be utilized for a real website before. You’ll be under loss if you purchase a spam domain. Expired domains can be bought from freelancer, Facebook market place groups, Legiit, and Fiverr.

Registering domains:

Purchase is made after getting in link with a domain registrar. There are a number of parameters to cross through in order to get a PBN to be registered with a domain. There are a few points to bear in mind as domains are registered.

  1. All domains must not be registered simultaneously; instead, they must be done separately. It is good to have a three days gap between every registration.
  2. For any PBN network avoid purchasing the same TLD domains. The best suggestion would be to combine the TLD and utilize extensions for domain name such as .co, .com, .net, .org, .info etc.
  3. It is advised to use fake details such as varied phone numbers, emails for every domain. It is always better to back up a copy of all the details that you’re using for the domains.
  4. All domain names must never be registered in the same registrar’s name.
  5. Avoid using Gmail, chrome or any Google related products for maintaining or managing PBN networks as it may convey all data to Google.
  6. Any free email provider or temporary email that’s not associated with Google can be used.

Hosting a PBN network:

The main and important aspect is hosting a PBN network. The following hints must be remembered before hosting a PBN network.

  1. There should be a unique address for every website hence multiple domains hosting under same hosting plans can be avoided.
  2. It is mandatory that the website hosting servers are positioned at varied locations across the globe. When all PBN networks are hosted under a single data center or location, the PBN footprint will be spotted and banned.
  3. Choose to use and manage an easy web hosting plan in order to avoid hassles.

Picking the appropriate CMS for a blog network:

When discussing using a CMS for a website there are many opportunities for the same. In spite of employing varied CMS for each PBN site, same CMS can be utilized for PBN websites. By this way, they can be mixed in a ratio 7:3 for many CMS provider. Pick an Easy to use and manage CMS. In that manner, the WordPress is best to be suggested.

Website Building without Footprints:

You may not leave any footprints when you utilize the same CMS for almost all PBN networks. This idea may also lead you to risk and hence as you build websites the following aspects should be kept in mind.

1. Custom logo:

Every domain should hold a new logo so that your website is tagged as genuine for Google. There are many logo designers who make perfect logos for the site, for example up work or Fiverr.

2. Varied theme:

Every PBN website can make use of varied theme and in that manner, WordPress is a perfect source as it provides loads of themes free for use. A good suggestion would be to use free themes and premium usage in a 7:3 ratio. It is necessary to add genuine pages to the site. Make a note that the blog has essential pages prior to posting to gain backlinks.

3. Varied plugins:

It is important to make use of varied plugins for the site. For example when Yoast is used on one blog, then the next one can employ the usage of SEO framework plugin. Different SEO plugins are available for free online.

4. Unique content:

Your blog should be posted with unique content and not the same for all PBN blogs. Writing content for every blog can be a hard-hitting task, but there are many content writers out there for this chore. Remember that your posts should have videos, images, and all required aspects. Also, make a note to schedule the posts instead of posting everything at once.

5. Building backlinks:

It is important to know that none of the PBN networks to be associated with the PBN site. If this happens, a penalty would be charged by Google. For PBN blogs, backlinks can be developed. In order to achieve this, you can buy forum posts, blog comments, properties of web 2.0, and other required aspects online.

Natural look:

A natural look for your PBN network can be maintained with a timely update of looks. Hence regular posts make the website’s view for users look natural. Also, your niche can be associated with high authority blogs.

Structure of Private Blog Networks:

It is always advised to work PBN network in a structured format so that you can know the tier you reside in and performing PBN link building. With a structured format, you can also get to know linking structure.

Are Private Blog Networks worth building?

There are a number of reasons to justify that PBN’s are worth building. Let’s look into the three main reasons initially for PBN building.

Having control:

The first and foremost beneficial aspect of building a PBN is that one can have control. When you possess a network, you have the capability to dictate links, anchor text and also test anything you desire. Such freedom cannot be obtained in any other link building mode.

The best part of having control is that though you receive manual penalty you can revoke the penalty. Also make a note that if you have bought links on other sites that you do not own or if GSA links are built, manual action eradication would be difficult.

Quick authority:

Now you have authority on a trusted as well as aged website hence PBN’s are powerful. Either in a natural way or by means of outreach, gaining such links can be tough.

Relationship building not required:

There is never a need to build a relationship when you have a PBN. This is beneficial as it saves time.


The search engines main feature for ranking is the number and quality of the backlinks for a website. It is the quality backlink number that governs if you’re in the results top page or bottom.

Hence very good ranking is mandatory for the top position in the ranking. The best aspect of PBN is that, without performing tough tasks, enhanced quality backlinks can be obtained.

Enhanced SERP:

As you redirect authority and trust of blogs backlinks are utilized. As quality contents are being transferred along with the best keywords, getting to the top ten ranks is easy.

High-quality traffic:

An expansive reach to the people, subscribers as well as sales are few aspects required by any site. High-quality traffic is a basic requirement in order to rank higher. Hence the challenge arises as to how perfect one can build as well as reach a higher rank by using appropriate keywords and grab in more traffic. For all this to be achieved, PBN is a perfect way.

More visibility:

With a particular keyword, the ranking can be boosted and in turn, more exposure is gained. Such networks are monitored by the users and this would, in turn, lead to the development of an email list. This is due to the result of the social sharing of the network.

The beneficial aspect of social sharing is that apart from gaining more traffic, there is also enhanced trust. With the development of an email list, the traffic still increases when compared before. By this way, your content is promoted in an easier manner. When your content is noticed remember that your product will also be noticed and you can reap a profit.

Enhanced earnings:

As PBN are monetized they have the opportunity to change from private to public. By this way, surplus earnings can be obtained. In this manner, there are many PBN owners desiring to rent high-cost links to the site. Almost all PBN SEO owners charge highly for quality service. It is also true that the network would be accessible for a particular time period.

Private Blog Networks works better when compared to white hat links:

Once a perfect content is created, there is a need for publicity campaign so that the content can be associated with other authorized sites. This offers a low rate for such conversion campaigns. Moreover, there are many outreach programs such as Shake and GMass.

Maintaining a relationship with the webmaster is great in order to consider your content. There is also issue with the disclosure as the anchor text cannot be controlled. When PBN is used you’re controlled with the link as it is associated from the website.


Developing an effective Private Blog Networks is quite difficult and should be done with patience. You would face more issues when your website uses a number of links. Invest time and plan for a long term PBN construction. With all these tips and tactics, one can understand the development of PBN and its benefits.

It is clear that in order to rank any website, PBN is a great option. Though the process may be challenging, it is smart to plan and work in an effective manner.

For ones who aren’t well-versed with these techniques can hire professionals for the same. With all these points and tips in mind, one can get to know the importance and need for PBN. Though there are many queries regarding PBN, there are also a number of benefits when PBN is employed.

Look for positive aspects and make use of Private Blog Networks without getting penalized by Google. PBN plays the main role in gaining more traffic, ranking higher, earning a profit, etc. Hence PBN can be understood, employed and used in the right way to reap success.

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