Different Press Release Types: How to Use Each One

A press release is a written communication between business firms and the media. There are different press release types you can use for every kind of business announcement you might want to make

A well-written press release article will easily reach the targeted media. One has to remember that the press release should be a short and simple news story.

The main aim of the press release is to grasp the attention of an editor and then a journalist.

The press release must contain the information about a product or service or business by including 5 W’s i.e., why, when, what, where, whom and how.

Press Release is also known as news release as it mostly focuses on the outline of a news story.

If your press release is more accurate, clear, clean and informative then it will grab the attention of the editorial section and becomes easy to get in the media.

One has to follow the rules while writing the press release. It is always better to hire the writing expert in order to write the press release because they will write it in a professional way.

The press release also refers to a news release that can be utilized in various ways to grab the attention of media to promote the newsworthy article about a product or service.

There are many press release types present that are available in different formats, comes with own rules and differ in a subtle way of conveying messages to the people about their business.

If you are writing and promoting your own press release article then you want to make sure about the odds and strategies that are followed by the professionals.

By following the rules of the press release, it helps in getting selected by the editors and producers of the media.

Now online marketing has become most popular, many of the businesses are getting attracted to that. But the importance of the press release has remained the same even when the usage of social media increased.

Rules for Issuing Press Releases:

Depending on the press release types always present useful and accurate information in the press release article. Editors are generally looking for the correct information so that they can rely on the clean article to the audience.

The first thing that the writer thinks while writing the press release article,

Is the information present in the article will be useful and easily understandable to the readers and enjoyable?.

There are huge chances of getting rejected by the editors if your article doesn’t contain any useful information about the product or service or about the business.

Eye catchy headlines:

Always start the press release article with a good headline. It should be brief and must have full scope to denote the importance of the total article.

It is recommended to write the headline after completion of writing articles so that you will get an idea about what words have to be mentioned in the headline.

It is important to mention the attributions in the press release content. It has to be clearly indicated about who is making the statements or claims about the business and also mention what their qualification or position is.

Generally, attributes will be mentioned in the second and third paragraphs.

Cover only newsworthy information:

A press release has to cover all the information and that should be newsworthy. Without accurate information, it’s hard to reach the audience and promotion will be inadequate.

Always include what is your objective of writing the press release clearly. Use proper grammar, styles, titles, and names correctly in an appropriate way.

Research is an important function to do while writing the press release. The more research you do, the more information you will get and you can also know what the audience is most searching for and what they want from your product or service.

Make a clear understanding of your audience interest and mention all the points in the article.

Focus on the angles of branding:

As we all know, the press release is the major source for branding and promotion.

The press release also plays a vital role in online marketing for brand promoting and getting publicity nowadays.

We can say that SEO has changed more from being about promoting and branding than getting the backlinks.

Make sure to get full knowledge about your product or service and always do research on what your competitors are doing.

Try to be more creative while giving titles to your press release. They should be clear, punchier, accurate, catchy and more engaged.

Keep the press release article as short as possible, that means from 300 to 600 words. If your release is short and sweet, the readers feel more clear about the information that you have provided.

Cross promoting is one of the ways to promote your release firmly. This method is used by most of the companies or industries for advertising.

Select the best cross-promotion partner by checking all the details of them and then partner with them. it is always recommended to use quality distribution channels.

Press Release Best Practices:

The headline may be a small part in the press release, but plays a major role in getting the readers attention and to get promoted easily.

So always make an eye catchy headline that can easily grasp the editor’s interest and also the readers.

The headline or press release title depicts the tone of what to expect and what is there in the particular press release. Make use of action words that grab the attention.

Don’t make your headline long and wordy, but make it short and sweet. Avoid the stuff like including keywords, idioms, slang, and industry jargon.

It is better to use simple, everyday language and don’t go for high-level English.

You need to cover all the necessary information in the first paragraph correctly. Make sure to answer why, when, what, where, who and how clarifications as soon as possible in the press release article.

Don’t mention any unnecessary information which may reduce the importance of your actual message. Make a clean observation on the grammar, style, and spacing of the words.

Killer quote’s – A big YES!

If you mention a killer quote in your press release, it will easily grab not only an editor but also the readers. They feel interested to read your press release till the end.

By mentioning the killer note, readers feel that your information is not like other unwanted information. But make sure to choose the quote that depicts the actual meaning of your message.

It may be a chance of rejecting by the journalist if your press release lacks relevant information. So present the relevant information and journalists also likes to move on to the next press release of yours.

Don’t forget to mention about your company details and highlight if you are awarded and include your company’s homepage link.

Keep the Press release to the brief:

Don’t make your press release too long and boring. Always keep it short and sweet, so that it will easy to grab the reader’s attention and also easy to read and understand.

In most cases, long paragraphs look overwhelming and heavy to the readers. Break the information into short paragraphs or use bullets to make the information looks easy.

Many of the public and private organizations utilize this written communication way on a regular basis to reach their services to more people easily. But press releases should be highly efficient and follows the particular objectives.

Always mention the complete details about the products and services that you have launched. It is important to provide clear business holder information in the press release.

The best format to write the press release is, in an inverted way. That means, always mention the main idea of your article on the top or first paragraph of the release. And the remaining paragraphs should be written about the data that supports the main theme of the article.

Always write the article in the order and should not be confusing to the readers.

Quality is the King and Queen:

One has to remember that the quality of the content plays an important role in promoting and distribution.

It’s just like no use of having a good quality of the article without a professional, who can easily deliver your information to the journalists. It is a great advantage of having a media experience to the professional.

Different Press Release Types and How They Work:

General Press Release:

General releases are referred to as what most people about the press release know and how they get accurate information from the particular press release article.

Generally, this type of press release includes the information and the needs of the media members in a hope to get media promotion, coverage, and publication.

It is a general occurrence that the company or organization is interested in media. Though writing a general press release is quite simple, but the writer has to focus on the interest of media outlets.

In this type of press release, they may cover any point about the general interest of the company.

Product Press Release:

Sometimes, this press release may differ in the format than compared to the general press release.

In this product press release, it is important to mention all the specifications of the product compulsorily. It can combine with launch press release if the new product was launched.

It is mostly used if the particular product wins the award, recalled for any reason when sales reach their milestones when an upgraded version released.

In this type of press release, people often come with the benefit of including photos and that can be used in various products focused on news articles.

Launch Press Release:

Most of the launch press releases follow the format of a general press release, the only thing that differs is, this launch press release will come with more specific information about the functions.

It helps to carry out the buzz and gets the publicity of the particular product that is released in the market.

The examples of launch press releases are launching a website, an expansion announcement, establishing a company or product released by the business firm.

It is more important about the type of launch. If you launch your press release firmly, you will be able to get the free promotion.

Executive or Staff Press Release:

The executive press release is also known as a staff news release that gives complete information about the high-level employee within the organization.

It includes the announcements about the promotion, hiring the new executive candidates. These press release types use the information to get a better resume with detailed skills, education, and experience.

Companies are often sending the press releases whenever staff changes in higher level management.

The main difference with staff announcements is getting the supporting information about the staff change.

Event Press Release:

This event press release is basically formatted differently than compared to general news or press release.

In this type, it has to be clearly mentioned about why, when, where, what and who clarifications, about the event taking place in the community in a list form, rather than mentioning them in paragraphs.

Instead of getting promoted only in the media, it also helps in getting publicity in various community calendars and listings.

At least 6 weeks or one month before the event, complete the contact information and send the requests. Event press releases always give the hope that the media will promote the event in the public.

Expert Positioning Press Release:

The expert positioning press release refers to as less announced that compared to other general press releases.

It always revolves around the report issued by the organization or company that offers results and statistics. This type also includes third-party organization news and other information from the issuing individual or company.

These press releases are used to demonstrate the information about someone’s expertise in a particular content matter and make them collect the information for future media members.


Hope you guys got enough information about the press release types and how they work.

Make sure to check about the rules for issuing a press release and press release best practices which helps you in getting the best press release. If you have any queries, just mention them in the comment box below.

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