The Best Pop Under Ad Networks You Need to Know

The famed aspect of online advertising these days is pop-under advertising.

The main aim of pop under advertising is to grab in more traffic and also email addresses.

It is under the main active window, the pop-under ads open in fresh browsers. For the purpose of promoting ads and varied services, pop under ads can be used.

Pop Under Ad Networks

What is a pop-under ad?

Pop under ads or pop up ads can be mentioned as new dimensions of online advertising on the internet in order to reap more profit.

Under the active window, the pop under window opens in a new browser. The users are usually not disturbed with a pop-under ad. They are present as soon as the user closes the active window.

Pop under ads is said to be very effective and prevalent ones. The publishers and advertisers are benefited and reap good results with pop under ad.

It is believed that pop under advertisement is familiar and powerful as they do not need any space on the publisher’s site.

Due to this advantage, publishers can show many ads on their sites. Enhanced income is generated for download sites with pop under ads.

What is Pop Up and Pop Under Ads?

Both pop under and pop-up ads fall under the category pop ads. When studying their functionality they both are identical. They both usually open up a new window and by means of a Javascript.

In simple ways, both pop up and pop under are similar ones. Both these open ads in the window or tab which you use. When pop up is considered, they open a window with the current site you use, whereas pop under opens window below the present website. So in a pop under, the visitor would view the ad when they close the current window.

To overcome this issue the pop under ad is brought to existence. Instead of displaying in the front of the present screen, the pop under ad opens behind the present window which is being viewed by the user. By this way, the user is not interrupted.

When there are more windows open and if they have completed reading a page and close the page. A pop-under ad would exist and the visitor would possess less knowledge about where the ad came from. This also permits the visitor to have a less negative impact regarding the page that loaded pop-under.

There are many advantages when pop under ads are considered. They are said to be inexpensive when compared to others. Few low-level PPC ads and cheap PPM ads are said to be cheaper, but when pop-under ads they are said to be inexpensive.

The other benefit is that pop under ads is said to be flexible. There are many chances for split testing varied themes and for marketing as they load a complete landing page.

Another advantage is that pop under is considered the last aspect that takes place when the visitor uses the session.

Here psychology works, the visitor has mentally completed their browsing chores and now they may be ready to view your marketing without hindrance.

As we discussed pros, there are also a few cons associated with pop under ads. Pop under cannot be considered as the only source which can be used for advertising.

There are few cons with pop under which can be major or minor and depends more on the web sites which makes use of the ad. There are few security issues associated with pop under ads.

Best Pop Under Ad Networks:

The advertising industries are well accustomed to pop under ads as they are more effective and also reap enhanced profit for publishers. Let’s check out a few pop under ads which are familiar presently.

1. Propeller ads:

The best internet media company that aims to deliver effective, easy, and reliable global digital advertising platform is Propeller ads. This specific ad provides multi-channel advertising solution that can be used for mobile, display, video, desktop and more.

There should be optimization for each channel and propeller ads are renovated with algorithms of state of the art technologies.

Propeller Ads look for changes that happen and adopt them instantly so that their advertisers and publishers stand ahead in the competition.

2. Revenue hits:

Revenue hits is a famed pop under network based in Israel but have its operations across the globe. This network possesses a good backing team with a bunch of expert tech professionals.

Apart from professionals they also possess finance experts and online marketers. In order to reap great benefits, the network provides geo-targeted ad serving technology.

3. Hilltop ads:

To deliver the right ads for the ads, global advertising network hilltop ads are to be picked.

Hilltop ads have been reaching heights since 2014 with continuous enhancement in ad server solutions and they are also good at developing excellent technical features.

They also possess long term association across the globe. A self-service platform from hilltop permits advertisers for simple launch as well as optimization for ad campaigns.

By this way, there is good audience engagement and heightened ROI. For an ultimate brand reach, they provide anti-adblocking solutions and superior targeting for premium advertisers.

They also provide the best ad server solution and their chore is to rotate the unique converting ads and also the malicious sources are tracked and are left out from ad feed.

4. Ad ad networks:

They are experts and have been in the field for 15 years as pop under networks.

The unique feature of Ad Maven is that they provide many monetization methods such as banners, new tab, lightbox, pop up, slider, interstitial and more.

There are many advantages for advertisers and publishers by choosing ad ads and they are simple approval of websites, month end on time payments, no minimum requirements for traffic, worldwide traffic accepted, ad block software & extensions bypassed, any category of websites accepted, automatic payout system and plenty more.

5. Exo click:

There is a number of ad formats with Exo click. There are more creative choices with exo click and they are IM and native supplementing videos like in-video, in-stream, pre-roll and more.

They take only $20 as minimum payout as earning and this is present on a weekly basis.

6. Ad cash:

Based on industry, language, browser detailed audience are targeted by ad cash. They also provide tailor-made records and also real-time stats.

All effects at Cost per click (CPC), expense each action (certified public accountant), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), Price per lead (CPL) and along with this they provide CPM rates which are dynamic.

7. Active revenue:

The global self- serve advertisement program which is compatible with desktop and mobile platforms is active revenue.

They permit advertisers to access granular targeting, enhanced performing ad units, and varied optimization faculties. There are different ad formats such as Native ad, POP and display banner ads.

Another plus point with active revenue is that they possess excellent anti-fraud system so that every campaign would receive enhanced and quality traffic.


Ads from Yahoo are served with They consist of an abundant number of local and national advertisers holding cent percent fill rate across all ad formats.

Few publishers are reuters, Forbes, Esquire, Elle, cosmopolitan, and plenty more.

Access to enhanced quality sites from main DSP and IAB sizes are supported by this network. Apart from display units, also assists in-content native, desktop interstitial, mobile docked ads and more.

9. Adsterra:

They are one of the quickly growing ad networks today and a familiar one in advertising. They possess a professional and good user interface website.

With a 100% fill rate, traffic can be monetized to the fullest with Adsterra. They are also familiar for highest CPM in the industry and complete monetization for their ad impressions.

Adsterra can be mentioned as one of the trusted ad networks which hold a vast variety of ad formats to grab in more traffic. There are an enhanced variety of quality advertisements of top brands that provide high rates to publishers.

10. Pop Ads:

One another best network is the pop ads network that holds daily frequency payouts with $5 as a minimum payout.

High CPC network can be obtained if you possess decent traffic. The minimum payout given by this network is $5 that assists many payment methods.

11. Pop cash:

This is another famed and specialized pop under network for advertising. To make payment for its publishers, it utilizes CPC and CPM advertising model.

This is a kind of a network where enhanced quality content is driven, CPM rates pop-under advertisements which assists in generating heightened rate CTR which in turn reaps abundant profits.

Payment requests are processed daily for the publishers which aren’t present in any other network.

12. Adbuff:

The perfect alternative to Google Adsense and one of the best, incredible pop under Ad network is none other than Adbuff. This is a perfect ad network for mobile and web channels.

The network has unique, innovative features. The advantages of this network are that they provide weekly bonuses. They also provide a $25 bonus at the time of signing up.

Every publisher is provided with a personal account manager.

13. Ero advertising:

The best revolutionary technology which elevates online advertising is none other than Ero advertising. They offer new ways in order to impact easily and quickly.

Publishers can enjoy different innovative ad formats with Ero advertising. High CPM rates can be obtained with this network.

The best advantages are that many online brands can be partnered and regular payments can be received.

14. Click Adu:

The familiar ad network which generates more thousands of impressions per day is Click Adu.

They started to gain grounds since 2014 and have been serving publishers and advertisers worldwide.

Few best advantages are that they possess a smart optimization system for enhanced conversion quality.

They focus on optimal targetings such as frequency capping, geo, device, OS, dayparting, ad placement and more. They also possess qualified accounting where large and mid-sized clients have a dedicated account manager.

15. Clicksor:

Another contextual advertising network which has its headquarters in Canada is the Clicksor. YesUp media Inc sister site is none other than clicksor.

The oldest ad network that was present is clicksor. There are multiple ad formats which are offered to publishers so that their inventory is monetized.

 16. Pop on click:

This is the best pop-under ad network which delivers profitable CPM popup network for publishers.

For specific countries in the world, ads are available with pop on click. The advertisers need to click on and present popups on click on the specific websites.

The main advantages are that live details are made available, they can enjoy payment on requests, there is permission for worldwide websites, easy and quick setups, GeoIP aimed at ads and plenty more.

17. Bidvertiser:

The longest running ad network is the advertisers which are still operational today.

During the initial period of PPC ads, Bidvertisers were launched. In the PPC advertising space, the company targeted to concentrate on AdSense.

These are few pop-under ad networks available for usage. There are plenty more pop-under ads which can be used to drive in more traffic and gain profits. All these networks are easy to use and are user-friendly too.

Pop up and pop-under ads are gaining grounds as they are innovative and effective than banner ads.

Hence advertisers look for these kinds of ads to promote their services and products. Ad networks provide high rates for pop-under ads and they are gaining grounds these days.

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