Plumber SEO: The Complete Guide You Need to Follow

Whether you are a small business or a multi-million dollar business, you can benefit only with a handful of employees and by wisely investing in SEO or Search Engine Optimization. So, even if you have a plumber business, you must implement an SEO strategy designed exclusively for your plumber business. With the help of a plumber SEO strategy, you can target new customers in your area and service and can compete efficiently with big companies holding a high brand recognition factor to gain new clients.

Plumber SEO

As we are approaching the third decade of the 21st century, we must admit that the Yellow Pages are dead. When individuals intend to hire services for a home repair like plumbing service, the first platform they will search in Google and other search engines like Bing or Yahoo.

Users search online search engines to identify the best solutions for their needs. The great news is for business owners who have invested a huge amount of resources and time into creating a site and considering SEO, it is possible to fetch a large volume of online traffic. It is because the website of a company that ranks on the first page of search results or SERP is one that contains only natural keywords. Moreover, that website is one that meets exactly the requirements of queries searched by people for a specific service.

The organic search results displayed by Google and other search engines are not a paid marketing tool. However, it is a way to fetch traffic to your site because of an efficient plumber SEO strategy.

For instance, if searchers use the word ‘emergency plumber’ strategically and create long-form content intended to help users on a page designed to meet urgent plumbing requirements, it will aid your site rank high on the search engines. A website ranking high is greatly vital as the research shows that very few people turn to the second page of SERP to find what they require.

What is the Importance of Plumber SEO?

Even when you are an expert in the field, you might not be able to earn a steady flow of new customers, and hence, make a consistent amount of profit. But with plumber SEO, it is possible to optimize your site for phrases and words that searcher on internet use when attempting to locate a plumbing company near their location.

Also, plumber SEO makes sure that you earn a higher SERP return and more leads that ultimately lead to more sales.

Defining Plumber SEO Keywords and Strategy

It is a known truth that organic search results hold high value for a plumbing company. However, it is vital to know about the audience and target the same precisely before you leverage this advantage,

It is greatly beneficial to use local keywords or phrases as they are most effective for service-based companies and businesses like plumbing. One important thumb rule is the best structure for the local keyword phrases, which are ‘plumbing keyword and service area location.’

Here we share with you some important keywords that the plumbing company must target and use.

1. Keywords or Phrases Considering Brand Name:

When a plumbing company is searched by users, they are searching for a specific brand. Hence, in order to compete with that brand, you must appear in the first result.

The primary keyword to implement in the plumber SEO strategy must be the name of your brand. By including your brand name, you are optimizing your website SEO as well as for search queries, which users are searching for a specific business.

Additionally, Google may showcase your plumbing organization as a suggestion even when users are not searching specifically for your plumbing entity.

2. Generic Keywords Related to Plumbing:

There are a few general terms, which are the most searched phrases of keywords. For example, the keyword ‘best plumber in Atlanta’ is a generic keyword.

By targeting such general keywords, you can maximize the traffic volume as well as the opportunity to rank for the most searched terms. Since it is a general phrase or keyword, it will surely hold a high competition. For this reason, it is essential to target distinct variations of the generic keyword or phrase.

The suggested keywords in this can be ‘Atlanta plumbing, plumbers in Atlanta, best plumbing Atlanta, plumbing Atlanta area,’ and others.

3. Keyword Phrases for a Specific Service:

Customers who are looking for specific plumbing services like repair of a clogged sink or installation of the gas line and more will always search for a plumbing company that can offer it by utilizing terms like ‘clogged sink repair’ or ‘gas line installation.’

4. Structure Keywords for Specific Plumbing Service:

Another vital consideration when setting up an effective plumber SEO strategy for your site is to differentiate between commercial and residential services. You must ensure that you incorporate phrases like ‘residential emergency plumbing’ and ‘commercial plumbing emergency’ to target the correct customer base.

Best Tools to Identify Plumber Keywords:

It can appear overwhelming to come up with efficient phrases and keywords for a plumber SEO campaign especially when you are new to digital marketing.

In such a situation, one highly useful tool is the Google Keyword Planner, which makes the process to search for relevant keywords much simpler. You can begin the process by registering the business and then entering a phrase or keyword into the planner. It will offer numerous suggestions to beat the competition for that phrase of the keyword as well as lets you know the way how a phrase or keyword performs over time.

Moreover, the Google Keyword Planner is an efficient tool because it showcases the average searches in a month.

How to Optimize Plumber Website for Conversions and User Experience

Your website is an online representation of your plumbing company. Most people view your website whenever they don’t have direct access to your physical location. This implies they solely rely on the website that offers them with details and information about your business, which they require only from you.

It also means that the searchers are interested to schedule a service primarily with you. In this concern, we suggest you take the following steps to help convert the number of site visitors into potential leads and actual customers.

1. Update the Design of Your Website for User Experience:

If your website holds an outdated design and style, which is difficult to navigate, it will immediately turn people away from your site.

Most of the people decide within a couple of seconds if they are going to visit the website or simply click away to another website. Moreover, if you have a properly optimized page for plumber SEO, your visitor might turn into your customer.

Hence, to attract visitors and make sure they stick to your website, you must have an easy to navigate and visually appealing website.

2. Add the Location and Contact Details of Your Business at the Top of Every Web Page:

When you present such information on every page of your website, it makes it easier for the visitors to navigate your site. It is because it provides them the most valuable details without having to search the same again.

An online visitor who is prepared to schedule an appointment for the plumbing service does not have enough time to search the website for contact details. Such a visitor will prefer websites that have contact information clearly visible. If this does not happen, it is likely that the visitors click away from your site and never return back.

3. Include a CTA on HomePage:

CTA or Call-to-Action is extremely important for a website. It entices the visitor to take necessary action.

Every visitor on your website wants you to inform them about the important step. Hence, you must make it convenient for them by offering and mentioning a clear Call – to – Action. You can offer them without obligation like a free consultation that tends to grab the attention of the people.

Another aim is to augment the sense of urgency by mentioning that someone is available now to support them, schedule an appointment. It will eventually boost conversions.

4. Add an About Us Page as well as Your Company’s Picture on the Homepage:

Whether your plumbing business is big or small, it needs your customers to place a promising deal of trust in you as well as your employees. It is because they will be coming out of the customer’s zone.

Adding a name with your company’s face help customers check your team and real people who they can rely on. It also supports to inspire trust when they can know a brief biography of the people working in your plumbing company.

The biography can include any description related to the experience and education of each person. You can also mention any special awards and honors and anyone or two-line related to their life outside of work.

5. Incorporate Pictures of Plumbing Awards and Certifications to Your Website:

You can add the recognition, awards, and certifications earned by your plumbing business. It can be a high rating or individual awards and certifications, which employees have gained. This needs much-required credibility for people to assess whether your company is genuinely based on what they check online.

Consider the plumbing companies like Rooter and Ace Plumbing, who have mentioned their certifications on their homepage to add credibility and social proof for their customers.

6. Showcase Your Work With Pictures and Videos:

As already known, a picture is worth a thousand words. This may appear as a slight exaggeration, but an image can convey a message that sometimes words might not able to present.

Include pictures and photos of your employees and let potential clients know what they can expect when they are hiring your plumbing company.

Even a better idea is to incorporate videos related to your business as a video that shows the employees in action. Both videos and pictures offer your company vital social proof and enable customers to rely about hiring. It is because they have already witnessed the work.

You may consider the example of Bell Plumbing, which has a big gallery of images of work they have done or presently doing.

7. Mention Reviews of Your Company on Your Site:

It is great to link to online reviews from third-party of your business. It is because people trust the words of other clients more than they trust the employees or business owners.

Most of the online customers search for online reviews. They prefer hiring a service or company only after reading positive reviews of a local business. Mainly, half of the clients consider a business with 4 or above star-rating.

8. Optimize Your Plumber Website for Mobile Searchers:

Most of the people now conduct mobile searches than website searches. Google too recognizes this and has introduced a major change in 2015, needing businesses to earn a higher SERP ranking by optimizing their website for mobile users.

Google penalizes websites that don’t comply with these rules by assigning them low value on SERP. This change is applicable to all pages of a website. To make sure your website is friendly to mobile users, you can run a Google Mobile-Friendly Test. This test also lets you know the shortcomings of your website so that you can correct it for a rich experience for mobile users.

9. Optimize Website for Speed:

People searching online have very little patients. The slow page loading speed can lead to a high bounce rate. Hence, make sure your plumber website has a fast loading speed.

10. Maintain Your Website’s Security:

It is essential that your site enable SSL or Secure Sockets Layers, particularly if you collect personal details, email addresses, and credit card information from customers. With SSL it is possible to protect your website from hackers.

Summing Up:

While you now know a lot about plumber SEO, you still have to explore more about Local plumber SEO in order to list your business in local searches and gain local clients. For this, you must read our next post. Till then use these SEO techniques to optimize your plumber website and gain the best results using SEO techniques.

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