How to Increase Pinterest Engagement and Visibility

Pinterest is popular worldwide yet is an under-appreciated social networking platform. The platform is evolving gradually. You may use Pinterest to find unique ideas or DIYs, but it is also an awesome platform to extend your business’s reach.

This particular network has lots of space for expression and creativity. Recent statistics reveal that users on Pinterest will probably buy more as well as spend more, as compared to users on other social networking platforms. In fact, a study done by Shopify has disclosed that the average sales value from Pinterest is around $50 and higher than any other social platform.

So, how can you make Pinterest work for you?

This is possible only when you get increased Pinterest engagement.

In this post, we disclose everything about Pinterest engagement and brief you really awesome ways to boost Pinterest engagement.

What is Pinterest Engagement?

Pinterest engagement is when your users interact with your pins or brands in different ways. Engagement on Pinterest is more than just a click. It is about pinners signing up to a business website in order to purchase something. Also, engagement on Pinterest occurs when pinners tap or repin for a closer version of the pin and are more likely to purchase as compared to those who simply view the pin.

Repins occur when people like the content promoted by your pins. They will either repin it or share it with the followers. This adds extra value to you since you avail additional distribution for your Pins without paying any cost.

Why Pinterest Engagement Matters to Marketing?

Till date, every business is aware of the importance Pinterest engagement offered to the users. With the change in the social media strategy, Pinterest has become a vital tool for online marketers.

One major reason that makes Pinterest engagement so important to marketing is that it attracts millions of users. Even recently, this platform has crossed more than 100 million users, which is a novel milestone for the company. There are plenty of individuals using this platform and most importantly, people who use it have strong purchasing power.

According to a survey done by Pinterest Marketing developer partner, around 45% of Pinners active on this platform possess a household income of minimum $60,000. This implies you can just not target plenty of users, but such users who have more likeliness to become potential buyers.

Furthermore, Pinterest has announced buyable pins that allow users to directly purchase from Pinterest. This way, your products can become more reachable to interested customers. With buyable pins, you can also promote pins that enable companies to develop an exhibition of their products and then place the same exhibition on user’s feeds.

As a business, you can pay Pinterest for per site visit and per engagement generated by the pins that were promoted. So, higher engagement on Pinterest can help you get connected to more people who really care about your offerings.

Finally, Pinterest is an excellent community. It is a wonderful social media platform where individuals share their hopes, aspirations, dreams, and interests. It is a creative platform for people and offers them a reliable space to interact for what they desire. For this reason, businesses with higher Pinterest engagement can interact better with users and engage with them in a meaningful manner that drives their business.

How to Measure Pinterest Engagement?

The best way to measure Pinterest is using Pinterest Analytics tools. With the help of such tools, you can track the performance of your Pins on this platform. Moreover, measuring Pinterest engagement can help you create a more winning strategy.

In addition to Pinterest engagement, Pinterest Analytics lets you measure the pin performance, traffic referrals, and follower growth. Most importantly, these analytics provide you insights that can help you understand the audience better, develop stronger content, and create data-supported strategies.

For using Pinterest Analytics, you have to open a business account and create your profile there. Based on the performance of each metric, you can know whether your business is achieving higher Pinterest engagement or not.

1. Closeups:

This metric lets you measure the number of times individuals have tapped the pin to get a closer look.

2. Impressions:

It measures the number of times your pins appear in the search results, Home feed, and distinct category feed. So, one impression is equal to one view.

3. Clicks:

It measures the total number of clicks to your site from different pins on the profile.

4. Top Pins:

It lets you know about the top 50 pins that performed well within the last 30-day period on the basis of impressions, clicks, and repins.

5. Repins:

This metric measures the number of times a user saved the pin to any of their boards. It is important as it lets you know whether your post is interesting, saveable, and shareable or not.

6. All-Time Stats:

This metric measures the view length on data. It begins from the inception of your account on the pins that have received most repins. The pins with the most power are highly engaged with the pins from your account.

It lets you know the best performing content and is the finest way to determine what has worked the best for your account and how to keep performing better. Also, it lets you know the pins that rank well in the search results. This way, you can optimize content to move forward.

7. Audience Affinities:

This metric lets you know better about your audience’s interest and preferences. With a better understanding of your audience’s interest, you can know the kind of content they prefer to engage with.

8. Original Pins:

It measures the numbers of unique pins designed from the website with the help of save button, manual pin uploads, or the browser extensions on Pinterest. It gives you an idea of the uniqueness of your content.

9. Top Boards:

A monthly look at the boards that Pinners see from the pins, click your pins from, etc. It discovers that the content is an important tool for the content marketing strategy.

10. Customers:

A customer on Pinterest is someone who visited your website from Pinterest, transformed into a lead or contact, and eventually made a purchase. When you know the number of such customers, it gives you a real idea of your Pinterest marketing ROI works. After converting, make sure to sustain the relationship with such customers through adequate engagement metrics.

Ways to Boost Your Pinterest Engagement:

1. Optimize the Posting Schedule on Pinterest:

You must optimize the posting schedule on Pinterest as well as other social media platforms to increase engagement. It is important to post quality content on a consistent basis. The best way to do is to design a proper schedule.

2. Create Innumerable Boards:

In Pinterest, you don’t have to possess rich original content, to begin with. You can use the content from other people. As a beginner, you can start with at least five boards with 20 pins at a minimum. Repinning the pins of other people lets you create more visibility for the profile. Also, it lets you know what works well and what not.

Moreover, avoid pinning and selling your products. It is best to have only a few boards for your products. If you are short of ideas, consider implementing relevant and related interests of your customers.

3. Include Attractive Images:

Not every pin on Pinterest is amazing. A few of them lack high resolution. This way, you are putting yourself directly at a disadvantage. As a result, your chances for the next sale can reduce to a great extent.

Pinterest can let you fulfill your inspirations, goals, and aspirations. Hence, create enticing and attractive presence by including eye-grabbing images.

4. Design a Pinterest Ad:

Pinterest has launched its advertising program recently. It is similar to the ad platform on Twitter and Facebook. But generally, it offers the most engagement for the lowest investment. Therefore, create a Pinterest ad that meets the requirements of your audiences, belongs to your niche, and is of great quality.

5. Be a Follower:

Another way is to follow the other relevant boards. This will help you gain knowledge about popular stuff. Also, it begins the route of reciprocity.

Once you have developed relationships with similar companies or bloggers in the niche, you can follow the previous tactic and create boards jointly. This will enhance exposure and let you end in a win-win situation.

6. Include Contributors:

With Pinterest, you can include contributors to the boards. Whether you have a relationship with a thought leader or a blogger with thousands of followers, you can become a contributor to them. This will help you with the boards and get in front of your audience.

You can also ask your dedicated followers to join you. It is also a great way to gain insights into the audience’s preferences and tastes and develop a sense of community around the brand.

7. Include Call-To-Action in Your Posts:

Call-to-actions are powerful. They can help you earn engagement by asking the audience to do something. Including CTAs can help you re-pin and follow links.

Some effective CTAs, which you can include, are

  • Offering a prompt sign-up
  • Requesting RSVP to an event
  • Offering a free download or free gift
  • Asking the audience to share the post
  • Directing the audience to the website to see more content and products of yours.

8. Run Special Campaigns:

There are a few companies that can increase engagement on Pinterest by particularly asking the followers to like the pins or repin. You can run special campaigns by offering discounts, with grow with the number of repins.

You can employ different creative ideas to create fun challenges for your audiences.

9. Identify Aspects that Get the Best Traction:

Next, identify the pins that receive the most engagement and what is special about them. They are beautiful, inspirational, or everything. Is it an image or an infographic? It can even be a video. Also, does it have a cool description or a price tag?

Once you know what is that gets traction with the followers, you must examine the other popular and relevant pins. What do people in the target market prefer the most and what engages them the most?

10. Include Excellent Descriptions:

It is vital to include descriptions in the content. It is because descriptions let Pinterest know about your pins. Hence, try to keep it most descriptive. For example, if you are showcasing furniture you can create descriptions like ‘beautiful cotton curtains,’ ‘blue modern chair’ and more.

Your pins must be discoverable and include a useful description. Avoid stuffing the pins with keywords as this can annoy the potential followers.

11. Watch Pins that are Trending:

Just keep a close eye on everything that is trending. If anything trending seems relevant to you, repin it for additional visibility. Also, test or examine the trending pin to know the reason why it is so popular. If you have something similar, which can become a trending pin, then that’s great.

12. Explore Pins that Are Rich:

Rich pins are those, which have location or price information. For example, it can be a list of ingredients for a recipe. Such pins enjoy better rates of engagement. If your brand employs rich pins then they witness an 82% increase in the pin or repin ratio.

13. Design How-To Content, Lists, and Infographics:

One myth is that if your company or industry is not service-based or visual, it may not be able to look pleasing on Pinterest. However, this is not true. Pinterest is famous not only for beautiful pictures, but also for the wealth of tutorials, Infographics, checklists, and how-tos. Also, it has a big DIY community.

Moreover, there is great repinnable content that can be used for planning different things. So, all such ways are great to boost engagement. Most importantly, everyone on Pinterest loves a checklist or easy-to-follow tutorial, which can make their particular task doable or easier.

Summing Up:

Generally, people consider Pinterest as a younger brother to Twitter and Facebook. But it has evolved drastically and is a powerful platform for marketing and promoting businesses of all kinds. Hence, use Pinterest wisely to target potential audiences, attract more attention to the boards and pins and direct more leads to your store or website.

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