How to Move from Page 2 of Google to First Page Easily

The powerful search engine Google crawls the web and identifies the pages that are beneficial and appropriate for users. People rely on Google results for every aspect of their lifetime. In that way obtaining the results of small business on the first page of Google might seem impracticable for a few people. But, for others who are stuck on page 2 of Google, they always are in a lookout for tips and strategies on how to get to the first page of google.

Page 2 of Google

Google’s first-page ranking is important as it captures the main traffic. The click-through rates vary for the top as well as the bottom results. A click-through rate of 36.4% is obtained for the first result and 12.5% for the second results. The rates declines and 9.5% are obtained for the third result. As the page declines the rates also decline. For the tenth page, the rate is 2.2%.

It is mandatory to improve and get to the first page of search engine results as 75% of people scroll through the first page. Hence it is not advised to get ranked in the second, third or fourth page of Google search results. If your site is coming on Page 2 of Google or thereafter pages you cannot expect traffic and clicks.

Here are a few hints that help to get off from page two of Google ranking to page one.

Stuck on Page 2 of Google? How to Move Up to Page 1

1. Analyzing opponents on the first page:

With Ahrefs the opponent’s backlinks can be analyzed. The number of backlinks is made a note and needs to be surpassed. This can be achieved by promotion utilizing facebook.

2. Analyze keyword:

By holding hands with Google keyword planner, the competition or PPC competition in Google keyword planner is analyzed. The search volume’s level is analyzed. Also, the variations in the keyword are to be analyzed so that enhanced traffic can be obtained. Such aspects are to be optimized.

3. The on-page factors of competitors are analyzed with yours:

Few aspects need to be analysed such as the usefulness, layout, and content of the page.

  • The page should be simple to read with short paragraphs and strong headlines along with a few bullet points.
  • Analyze and compare the readability score of your content with top-ranking content. It is advised to gain a readability score nearing the range of the opponent in the first page.
  • The blog should possess visual assets and strong images.
  • Supporting keywords are mandatory in any blog and this can be achieved by utilizing It is mandatory to incorporate appropriate variations so that associated searches are attracted. The best and powerful tool used for content writing is
  • It is advised to avoid inappropriate content as it declines the relevancy of the blog for aimed keywords.
  • Unique data is something that helps rank better.
  • Make quick research about the elements that are present in the ranking pages. Look for topics that overlap.

4. Add new content:

It is advised to contribute contents that aren’t discussed by the opponents. The content should be offered with unique value so that it stands out of the rest and results in a better search result. It can be a perfect idea to enhance keyword density but less than 3%, the addition of content, title tags revision, Meta descriptions, and H1’s so that the main keyword is merged at the start, etc. All these ideas can be executed naturally.

The headings and sub-headings that rank above your contents are to be monitored. Analyze their sub-headings and headings of page one results. Analyze the topics and sub-topics that are not covered in your article but available on page one results articles. These points are to be penned down and researched online. New contents are to be developed and added to the article.

5. Add video:

Remember that adding a video to the content is another smart tip that enhances ranking. Navigating to Youtube, getting videos for the main keyword is mandatory. It would be great to pick videos that have about 2500 views and a perfect thumbs up and thumbs down ratio. The article is to be embedded in the video along with the H2 heading.

6. Concentrate on SEO title:

The SEO title is to be analyzed and the following tips can be implemented.

  • When looking for page 1 of Google, visitors look for the latest information and hence inserting the present year in the title will give you extra benefit in search results.
  • The SEO title stands out of the rest by adding parentheses and hence is to be added.
  • Adding numbers can gain more clicks as numbers stand out of the text.
  • Adding symbols to the title is another technic that helps gain more CTR and SEO title stands out of the rest.
  • Keywords need to be present in SEO title as visitors are looking for the term typed in Google.

7. The internal strength of site reinforced:

It is important to make sure that significant pages should be a single click to the home page. The links are to be logical and it would be great to start links with the blog. The blogs are to be read and appropriate content to the site is to be linked.

8. Adjust metadata:

There are a few aspects to be followed while concentrating on the Meta description.

  • The Meta description should possess keyword in it and mainly at the start of the Meta description.
  • Words that elicit an emotional response such as fast, solution, easy, unlimited, free, etc. can be used.
  • There should be an action word in the Meta description such as increase your, enhance now, discover how, etc.

9. Page speed improvement:

Improving page speed is another way to push contents from page 2 of google search results to page 1. A key ranking factor considered today is the page speed. Presently about 50% of all searches are done utilizing mobile devices and hence Google looks for pages to be loaded quickly for users.

This is a key reason for page speed to be a key ranking factor. Mobile users should have good experience to rank to page one of Google results. Hence the page should load within two seconds. Navigate to Pingdom tools and the URL can be pasted. Check the page speed time and if it exceeds beyond two seconds then the page speed needs improvement.

Remember that in most content images add more volume and are responsible for the biggest percentage of volume. There are many online tools for example Kraken that help to shrink images. With this tool, the images are shrunk and replaced in the existing files. After this, a speed test can be done and found that the page loads in less than two seconds.

10. Visitors to be valued:

Visitors are important and they should be provided with more details regarding the service or product they are looking for. A successful way would be to add more infographics, videos, images so that the visitors are offered with useful and informative content. These are perfect ways to share value with the audience. While there are resources, then beneficial tools can be developed that are beneficial for people in the industry.

For example, techwyse created two tools named the Facebook image text detection tool, and the Lorem Ipsum scanner tool. Such tools earn more backlinks and make the site beneficial.

11. Improved readability:

The readability of the article is important to be analyzed as it helps the visitor read and understand the content. It is good to avoid sentences that are more than 20 words. Paragraphs are to be made simple and should not exceed more than 4 sentences. Evade forming bigger slabs of text and make sure to break them with appropriate side headings.

Visitors should find the blog, interesting and easy to read. The user can navigate to readable and conduct a readability test on the article. The article texts can be adjusted to obtain an ‘A’ grade. In this way, visitors stay longer on the page. This is also a way by which the blog post can move from page 2 of Google to page 1 of search results.

12. The SERP analysis tool and Moz keyword difficulty can be used:

After running a full report, the user obtains a ranking factor metrics of the top 10 results. The key aspects to be checked are

  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Root domains that associate to the root domain
  • C block links
  • Partial and exact match anchor text
  • Linking of root domains
  • On-page analysis grade

These factors are to be concentrated to beat the competitors.

13. More inbound links:

There are more chances to get ranked higher in Google when many bigger sites link your web page. When thumbs up are provided by third-party links Google gains confidence that the site might be worth to move higher in SERP.

14. Secured pages:

The loading of web pages should be through https for security reasons. Visitors and Google look for secured pages to search the web. Presently in chrome browser, pages that aren’t secure are loaded with SSL. It is hence advised to install SSL with the web hosting company so that pages are loaded securely.

Apart from all these aspects, there are few other strategies to be followed to get to the first page of Google search results.

  • Google my business: It is important to optimize and claim Google my business mainly for businesses that serve the local community. In this way, positive reviews can be obtained. This results in higher visibility in the local map section in the organic listing.
  • Gain quality links: Hold hands with non-profit in the community and conduct a contest. In this way, free PR can be obtained. Also, get associated with the BNI or local commerce chamber to get listed on their site. Get started and write a guest article for local magazine or paper that results in including a link to the site.
  • Get started with a blog: The best way to rank higher in Google is to start a blog and post articles regularly. Those who are unaware of the content to be written in the blog can analyze the queries asked by customers. A thorough answer to every question with an appropriate title is a good choice.
  • Create citations: The business must be listed in the local directory site. Navigating to sites like, Yelp, Angie’s List, Foursquare, etc. are sites that assist in your businesses being listed up and details are accurate. In this way, the domain name gains a robust link that sends signals to Google. Google recognizes that the details of the site can be trusted as they are found in other sites too.

Benefits of the first page ranking  on Google:

  • Enhanced business visibility: Each month there are about 167 billion searches and hence getting to the first page of search results is similar to the position the business on the busiest road of the city. In this way, more visitors are obtained and brand awareness also enhances.
  • Enhanced engagement: Adweek survey shows that about 81% of visitors make online research before they shop. The results can be descriptions, maps, reviews, ratings, contact details, etc. The search engine page results assist consumers to learn more about business compare and also engage with the business.
  • Drive website traffic: Being listed on the first page of Google drastically elevates the website traffic. About 71% of the web traffic is captured by the first page.
  • Enhances industry authority: Creation of regular enhanced quality content is important to get to the first page of Google ranking. Google analyses if the contents are satisfying the visitors, in this way enhanced trust and traffic are obtained. By regular updates of the business and industry, the audience obtains the latest details of the industry. Appearing on Google’s first page leads to the maintenance and development of robust knowledge so that business flourishes.


It takes time and effort to get listed on the first page of Google results from page 2 of google. These are a few protocols that can be followed to switch to page 1 from page 2 of google search results. The ranking algorithm of Google keeps changing and hence the rankings may differ each day.

Hence updating knowledge, blogging and obtaining links are important to rank higher. Contents already present in the site can be improved at times. Hence the ideas are beneficial and assist in moving to page 1 of Google search results.

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