How to Optimize Your Pinterest Account for Exposure

Pinterest is a very popular social media platform for business promotion. Marketers are using various platforms to promote their business and they found using the Pinterest account as a useful one for promotion.

More than 150 million people use this platform daily. Businesses promote their contents on Pinterest to get organic traffic towards their website. This is mainly used to promote visual contents and users come to this platform to get inspiration on something they want. They will pin their favorite post also on their board. Just like Facebook, Instagram this is also a very popular social media platform for business promotions.

Optimize Pinterest Account

SEO is mainly used to make your contents on the top of the search result. There are some basic rules you can follow while posting contents so that it will get appeared on the top of SERP. Don’t think that SEO is only suitable for Google.

You can also do some optimization while posting on social media platforms. It can help your posts to get more visibility and popularity it needed. Anyone can post interesting ideas on Pinterest and make it more visible by implementing some SEO tactics in their post. Here are the reasons for the popularity of Pinterest as a platform for promoting business

  • More than 2 billion searches happen in Pinterest every month
  • More than 250 million visual searches in Pinterest happens every month
  • More than 80% of Pinterest users visit the app using their mobile devices

Optimization of the Pinterest post is almost the same as Google optimization. Here on Pinterest, there are many factors you need to consider for making your content look better. Quality is the main thing among them. You can find lots of content on Pinterest. If someone wants to be successful in Pinterest their ideas should be unique and should have something special. Here the number of social shares and audience engagement is more important than technical SEO and number of backlinks. This article will help you to optimize your Pinterest account for search engine and make your profile post popular.

10 Effective Tips to Optimize your Pinterest Account:

Before going further to some effective tips, you need to know the important points Pinterest considers while ranking a page. Its search algorithm is different from Google’s algorithm. There are mainly 4 factors you need to consider while posting on Pinterest. They are-:

  1. Pin quality
  2. Domain quality
  3. Pinner Quality
  4. Relevance

Once you got all these 4 factors it is very easy to follow the optimization tips. Be active on Pinterest and explore various possibilities of this amazing platform. Here are some effective tips for Pinterest business users

1. Start from the base:

First thing you have to do is to create a Pinterest business account. Using a personal account, you cannot promote your business. The main reason is that the business account offers you some special features and tools to analyze your account performance. Make sure to choose a good name for your Pinterest account. You can include important keywords in your profile’s URL.

Optimize your Pinterest page and make it look attractive. You can create a detailed profile of yours in about us section with your company logo. You should also make sure to have at least one board to have pins.

2. Link your website:

Link your website with your Pinterest account. Integrating your website and Pinterest can help you to make more clear campaigns and can also give you more positive results. You can use Pinterest tags which can help you to set up organic as well as paid campaigns. Use hashtags to make your post to get listed under relevant search results. Hashtags are new to Pinterest and you can make use of them to get featured easily.

You might have noticed some Pinterest posts with save button. Most Pinterest posts usually will have a Pin button and some posts may have a save button. You can set it up by writing a simple HTML code. You can set it up on your Pinterest post to increase conversion. There is also a Pinterest Chrome extension available that can be used by visitors of your site and convert it as pins. If you can also verify your account, it will be easy to add a profile picture with all your pins

3. Have your business goals

Every marketer uses Pinterest for various purposes. Without a clear rule, it is very hard for a business to be successful. A study shows that more than 85% of people purchased a product because of Pinterest. This value will give more strength to marketers while using it for business promotion. First, you need to have a clear idea about what you need for your business from Pinterest. It will be easy to work towards your goal once after defining it. Initially, you can use it for small promotions and campaigns. After getting good credibility among the audience you can spread messages about your brand through this platform

4. Keyword research

This is common for all platforms while doing SEO. Keywords are those popular words users enter to get a solution from the search engine. Using keywords in posts can increase its chance of getting listed under top search results. This can increase the popularity of a post and its conversion also. Pinterest shows some interesting features while searching for something.

It has a guided search facility where it shows more related search queries that are popular to the word that you entered. This guided search can help you to narrow down your search and also gives you a more relevant search result. Another option is to engage with promoted pins to see the popular keywords in your niche. You can also explore various topics and subtopics which can help you to find what you want easily.

5. Optimize your board

That is the first thing a user is going to see when they visit your page. So, you should spend some time to well-organize your page so that the audience can easily get impressed with your profile. You can organize your board well so that it can help to show the search engine about how well you organized your pages for users. This can increase your chance of getting features easily. You can give various categories so that users can easily find what they are looking for.

6. Optimize Pinterest description

You can add a detailed Pinterest description with your post. It is expected to have a description with your post. You can include suitable keywords within your description. It can also help users to get a small idea about the contents of your post. You can add up to 500 characters within the description field of an image. Add what you have to say about your product other than just repeating about it. You can add interesting facts about the product and how it can be beneficial for users. All letters should be capital and no need to add any hashtags in the description as it can interrupt audience attention.

7. Provide better user engagement

The success of your Pinterest posts happens when users engage with it. You can post highly interesting images that can make the user interact with the post. You can do the following things to increase your audience engagement

  • Integrate your Pinterest account with various social media platforms of your business. It can help the users to interact with all your social media account to know more about your business
  • Influencer marketing on Pinterest will also help you to promote your business. You can find out good influencers who can persuade users to do something on your page
  • If you can include images with text in it, then it can be very useful to rank the image.
  • Use image editing tools like Canva to make your post look more attractive. This can help you to create more creative pins for your Pinterest page.
  • Pin more frequently and be active on the platform. If you want to get more followers to try to Pin more frequently or else, you can schedule it as per you need
  • Follow popular boards to know the current trends and their tactic to get more followers. It will also help you to analyze what they are using to make their audience happier with their post. Good connections are very helpful to grow your business also
  • Use Pinterest analytics to measure the performance of your post. You can create new strategies accordingly by analyzing the performance.

8. Consider the visual search

This is a new feature from Pinterest where you can use the lens of the mobile phone camera do a visual search. All you have to do is to show your mobile camera towards an object or any household items and you will get all related pins on this platform. If you can spend some time on image optimization, then the lens is a very popular technology which can be beneficial for you. It is now implementing new techniques that can be useful for the recognition of various components of an image. Just like that, you can also grow with this platform by implementing new techniques while posting the content.

9. Use rich pins

Rich pins are more informative pins that can be useful to get more detailed knowledge of an image. Using rich pins, you can double your website traffic and visibility, it can be used in 6 contexts such as an app, article, movie, recipes, product, and place. Try using rich pins and get good responses for your posts.

10. Don’t compromise on quality

You can make sure to provide quality content for users. Pinterest is a highly competitive environment and you need to keep up the quality of your post. To stand out among thousands of other similar posts, you may need to implement some strategies. One of the best ways is to try posting unique elements through your page which can help you to make more followers.


There could be many doubts regarding Pinterest. Here are some most popular questions people may have in their mind about Pinterest SEO

Q. Can I delete pins that do not perform well?

The answer will be NO. Pinterest confirmed that by deleting a pin that is underperforming cannot help your account to be successful. Sometimes pins that do not perform well may rise up immediately and perform well

Q. Can I use hashtags on Pinterest?

Yes, you can use hashtags to make your post more relevant. Hashtags can help to land your post to the relevant search result page. You can add up to 20 pins within a post. Also, be aware that Pinterest only shows fresh pins first than best pins.

Q. Can I change the description when a repin other people’s content?

Actually, when people repin that content they are not aware that they can change the description. Just by including keywords and changing the description, their own business can get many organic incoming search results. But the process may take time to complete. If you haven’t made any changes to other people’s content when you repin it, they may get the benefits from your posting.

Q. How can you make sure that other people use your description when they pin your blog?

By including description within the image using alt+ text, you can make sure that other’s uses your description which is optimized for search engine. It can also help you to improve your search engine ranking as these descriptions are optimized using relevant keywords


Are you ready to start Pinterest optimization?

If yes, then create your own business account and start posting interesting visual contents. Be aware of various optimization techniques associated with Pinterest so that you can also make your posts visible to as many audiences as possible. All business owners are now using social media platforms to promote their business.

The main reason is the number of followers and response from the audience they are getting from these platforms. Make your Pinterest board optimized and attract more people towards your account. Visual platforms like Pinterest have the power to control the buying decision of the audience. Make use of it and be successful in your marketing venture.

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