The Best Online Grammar Checker Tools You Need to Try

If you have a WordPress website, you definitely want it to look great and one infused with rich content. But only engaging words and interesting facts do not make rich content, your content must be free from grammatical issues.

Though most of the browsers come with their own built-in tools for spell check, not all of them offer solutions for readability and grammar.

Best Online Grammar Checker Tools

In this post, we have listed some of the best grammar check tools for WordPress that you must know about. But before that, you must know why it is essential to add a grammar check tool for WordPress.

Why You Must Add a Grammar Checker Tool for WordPress?

You might be a brilliant writer. However, you may make mistakes while writing content. When you proofread your own content, it may lead to creating small careless errors as we mostly rush through the pre-publish checklist.

A way to combat such issues is to reach your content out loud. This helps to listen to your own writing so that one can identify mistakes and enhance the overall readability score of your postings.

A grammar check tool is an ideal solution to identify spelling and grammar issues. Such tools help detect mistakes related to grammar and spelling as you write and enter the content. It not only saves you a lot of time on proofreading but also enhances content readability across the website.

So, now you know why a grammar check tool is so important, let’s have a quick look at the best online grammar check tools for WordPress.

Best Online Grammar Checker Tools:

1. Grammar Check:

Designed with a simple and user-friendly interface, it is possible to check your content for grammatical issues. It comes with a search box, which needs timely input from users. Once the text is entered, you only have to click on the ‘Free check’ button.

If there is a spelling error, or your content needs grammar style enhancement, or there is any grammar issue in the text, you will see them underlined. Once the errors are corrected you may click to see more options. This will ensure that the system automatically scans your text for spelling and grammar problems. This software is quite older but is highly effective.

Also, you can use its deep check functionality utilizing which helps to identify and correct advanced grammar issues.

2. Ginger Grammar Checker:

Another popular and effective grammar check tool is the Ginger software, which is an excellent way to identify and correct grammar-related issues in your content. This tool can be downloaded easily from the Google Play store.

It gives the reader a strong impression of native English even when you do not belong to the native origin. Depending on the context of complete sentences, this checker utilizes its patent-pending technology. With the help of this technology, it is possible to rectify grammar mistakes, misused words, and spelling issues with a high level of accuracy.

Also, it offers the feature of proofreading, which shows all violations so that it is possible for you to learn from past mistakes. Also, it corrects basic errors such as consecutive nouns, repetition, sentence structure issues, and more.

3. Grammarly:

Grammarly is one of the most extensively used tools for grammar and spelling check. It is a highly trusted and reliable tool that lets you identify the most simple as well as advanced grammar issues in your content.

Grammarly is believed to be one of the best online tools for grammar check. To start with, you can use its basic version, which is available for absolutely free of cost. It is an excellent tool, which makes your writing error-free and effective.

Grammarly is an excellent tool for not only journalists but also for professional writers and students as well as all class of writers that exist.

This tool is so great that it has out-performed the spell and grammar check of Word by far. It scans the entire content for optimal use for more than 400 grammar rules including proper active-passive voice, subject-verb agreement, and other rules.

Using Grammarly, it is assumed that you will not make any stupid errors in your text. It ensures you use correctly spelled words in the entire content.

4. Paper Rater:

This tool is a tough choice in the market of grammar checking. It guarantees to handle all kinds of writing issues including spelling and grammar check along with copy issues. It comes with the great feature of plagiarism detection and in just a few seconds you can sign up, download, or log in your details and start using this tool.

Once you submit your contextual work in the text box, your writing is compared with more than 10 billion documents using their artificial analysts called Grendel. This way it makes sure that the content you submit is original.

This tool is used extensively in more than 140 countries. Most importantly, you can conveniently organize ‘confused words Grammar Quiz,’ which lets you enhance the overall vocabulary of your content.

In addition to numerous basic features, it comes with various advanced features such as vocabulary builders and proof-reader.

5. Hemingway Editor:

The Hemingway Editor was established in 2013 and assesses your writing from the point of view of a reader. It offers a rating of your content on the basis of various parameters to predict your content readability and make it error-free and hassle-free. The higher is your content rating, the easier it is to understand the content. It offers verdict for your content in 5 different colors including green, blue, purple, red, and yellow.

Different colors show different meanings of errors. The yellow color shows that your lines are too lengthy to be grasped, which is a common typing issue. The red color implies that it is too complex to be understood by the reader and you have to rewrite your content in a simpler way.

If your content is highlighted in purple color, it implies that you must use a shorter one rather than the presently highlighted long one and offers you with numerous hints. Weakening phrases and adverbs in your content can weaken the overall quality of your text. Hence, it is essential to replace such words. For this reason, they are highlighted in blue color. Finally, the content highlighted in green color displays the passive voice of content in your document.

No matter how long your content is, there is no limit to the word count. Hence, it is a perfect solution for not only blogs or articles but also for content on a website.

6. Online Text Correction:

The next grammar and spell-check tool available for use is online text correction, which comes with a user-friendly interface. This tool is not designed with high-quality graphics; however, if you are considered about its efficiency to check different kinds of issues in your content, it will help you in the best way.

It marks all spelling errors in red color while all grammar-related issues are marked in green color. This way, you get a clear idea of the different issues in your content. Further, it offers quick and reliable solutions to burdensome errors.

When you will linger your pointer on the content, which is highlighted in different colors, it shows the suggestion along with the description of the rule.

This tool checks your content in 6 dialects such as British English, American English, New Zealand English, South African English, and Australian English. Also, the text is available in distinct versions such as French Corrector, German Corrector, Polish Corrector, Spanish Corrector, Italian Corrector, Portuguese Corrector, and Russian Corrector.

7. Spell Check + Grammar Check:

This is a pro or advanced version of grammar and spell check, which offers a lot of benefits over the free of cost version available for use. It is good software, which determines spelling errors and common grammar mistakes.

The advanced version comes with an ad-free functionality, which is an additional benefit because the unnecessary appearance of ads makes the entire system less attractive. Further, it comes with an editor that can be resized to various scales and offer more space for text editing.

Using this tool, it is also possible to achieve documents so that they can be used for further reference in the future. Once the session of checking your content ends, it gives you a summary of all errors, which were corrected in your text.

Another great thing about this tool is that it offers immense exposure to interactive grammar exercises and holds numerous more interesting features. You may try using it by purchasing its yearly subscription at a price of $14.99.

Also, it is best to try the advanced or pro version of this tool for 5 days on a trial basis, which is available for absolutely free of cost.

8. White Smoke:

This is another great grammar checker that is definitely worth trying. This tool is not only unique in terms of its features and functionality but is also highly impressive when it comes to checking its efficiency.

It comes with a unique feature using which it is able to check all kinds of grammar errors in your content and at the same time offer you a detailed report of your writing skills and then offer you rating.

It offers your content rating in 6 distinct categories including redundancy, words expressions, length, voice, and sentence structure.

You can even install this tool on your smartphone as its mobile version is available for use on the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Using this tool allows users to get a fluent experience.

Moreover, its advanced version includes translation and the translator offers a thesaurus and dictionary. It can effectively perform complete text check and word to word translation and check content from 55 languages along with using examples for every transformed word.

This tool is perfect to check all sorts of content because it is compatible with all sorts of text applications. It comes with a dedicated option for fixing punctuations in your content, which is called as punctuation fixer. With the help of this tool, it is possible to learn new words and novel languages as well as promote communication everywhere.

9. Language Tool:

Next, we have this advanced tool that lets you save time from proofreading the content. It checks your content in more than 20 different languages that make it an exceptional tool for use.

When text is entered in the text box, it highlights distinct parts of your content in different colors.

The different colors present distinct errors in the work and show effective solutions for the same. If your solution does not matches the requirement, it offers similar examples that guide you to the correct kind of sentence.

Also, it is available as an add-on for Chrome, LibreOffice, Firefox, Google docs, and your desktop or laptop. The novel rules let you use this tool with updated software.

10. Jetpack:

This WordPress plugin suite comes with numerous useful modules with a core feature of proofreading content using the WordPress post editor.

The extended grammar check can be done making necessary changes within the setting. Within the writing tab, you will witness style, grammar, and spelling sections that let you enable distinct proofreading options such as style rules.

11. After the Deadline:

Finally, we have this grammar checking tool with an attractive name. It comes with a tagline stating that you have to spend less time while editing content and it stands on the tagline.

Incorporated with a contextual checker for spelling, it also checks content for advanced styles and intelligent grammar. This tool was designed by WordPress developers and can be obtained from or from its libraries, add-ons, extensions, and plug-ins for use on a range of platforms.

It is a powerful tool integrated with robust features that let you enhance your writing. The use of artificial technology as well as natural language processing functionality, which is a trending requirement in the field of computer science, makes it a smart solution.

Summing Up:

With an extensive list of best grammar checker tools, you can easily move ahead to writing great content. So, do use any one or more of these tools to ensure your writing is not only engaging but also free from a typo, grammar, or spelling issues.

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