How to do One Way Link Building to Your Website

We all know how important SEO is for any online business to survive.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is not a one-step process that can be done in one day.

It has many layers and many aspects to it, something that might take an individual, years to understand.

That is why every business needs an SEO expert who can guide the business through the high competition of the online world and still keep the search engine page ranking at the top marks.

One Way Link Building

One aspect of SEO is to get backlinks. It might sound simple, but it is not. Backlinks are very important for generating organic traffic for any business website.

Now there are several ways in which your website can get a backlink from other websites.

In this article, we are going to discuss all those ways. But before we get into that, let us first understand what backlinks are and how they are beneficial for your website.

What Is A One Way Link or Backlink?

A backlink is nothing but the incoming links to a certain web page.

This means that when a user is browsing through a website and finds a certain link to some relevant topic, and when he clicks on the link he is redirected to the webpage of that link, which belongs to a different website.

This is a great way to earn traffic.

That’s because when you have backlinks that are relevant to the content that the other website is displaying, users and readers get interested in what is there in the link and click it to find it.

That is how they land on your web page, and that increases your traffic. That is why backlinks are such an important part of Search Engine Optimisation.

However, you have to understand that not all backlinks are healthy or of good quality. Only high-quality backlinks are beneficial for your website. Backlinks that are from trusted sources and from relevant content, only matter.

In fact, if you have too many low-quality backlinks redirecting to your website, Google will recognize that and might penalize your website. That is why your ultimate aim should be to get high-quality backlinks from different websites.

Now how would you get a backlink from another website?

Well, that is what we are here for. Let us look at the most effective ways in which you can get one-way backlinks to your website.

Most Effective Ways To One Way Link Building:

1. Broken link building method:

This is the perfect way to create backlinks to your website. In this method what you do is that when you find some broken links on a website, you check with the Webmaster to inform him or her about it.

You also recommend all other websites that were using that link to replace it because it is broken. In this process, you also recommend your own website.

The Webmaster considers your recommendation since you did a favor to him by reporting the broken link so the chances of your website getting a backlink will be quite high.

When you find a broken link, the first thing you have to do is that you have to find all important and relevant websites in your industry having resource pages.

You can find these websites on Google using the following search queries on search engines:

  • Your keywords + resources
  • Your keyword + links, and
  • keywords inurl: links

Once you have found all the websites that you can get backlinks from, you have to then reach out to the Webmaster.

Have a friendly tone and tell the Webmaster that they might be linking to some web pages that no longer exist.

Provide the specific location of the broken links so that the Webmaster can easily find them.

After you have reported the broken link, give the Webmaster alternatives so that he can replace those links and, in those alternatives don’t forget to include your website.

Make sure that you do not sound like you are eager to get a backlink. This method mostly works, but sometimes the Webmaster might refuse to link to your website.

2. Get backlinks through relevant infographics:

This is a very effective and popular way to get website traffic using high-quality backlinks.

Creating infographics is also a great thing to do because they are so easy to share and understand. Also, visual data is any day more interesting than long stretches of text. This is the reason, the infographics demand is so high.

You have to choose the infographics on your website very carefully. Each of the infographics should include something interesting and unique for your readers.

To decide what infographics to use, you should consider what the trending topics in your niche are and what people are willing to read or look at.

After you have figured this out, create the necessary infographics with statistical data. First research for the content on the topic and then turn this content into visual data.

Then when your infographic is done and ready, you have to make sure that you make it easy for others so that they can share it. Create your own embed code, if you need to do this.

After you have published the infographic on your website along with generating its embed code, you have to then distribute it to the various infographic directories.

Websites that require infographics regularly visit these directories, and there they can find the link to your web page that contains the infographic. This is how they will share your link on their page, and you get a successful backlink.

3. Build strong internal links:

Building internal links for your own website is also one of the most important ways to successfully run your website and get backlinks from other websites. This is because your internal links are passing valuable link juice.

When your internal-linking structure is strong, readers can easily navigate through your website, and that enhances the user experience.

4. Know how to promote your content properly:

Irrespective of how good your content is, if you do not know how to promote it the proper way, you will not get any traffic.

You have to know the right ways to promote your article, email marketing being the best of them.

The one way to promote your content and get backlinks from other websites is to contact websites or bloggers that do monthly or weekly roundups. You can easily search for search websites or blogs on Google.

Once you have done this, you can then check with the Webmaster and first give them a brief introduction to your website. When you are writing the introduction, make sure to send the link to one of the best work on your website.

If the webmasters find your link useful and relevant, they might link back to your website whenever there is the next round up. Bloggers and website owners are anyway always on the lookout for great content.

So if they find your content great, there is no reason as to why they would not link-back to your web page.

Make sure that you do not ask for a backlink directly as that makes you sound rude and makes you look greedy.

5. Interview famous people in your industry:

Whatever industry you are dealing in, it is always a great thing to interview the stalwarts and the biggest names in your industry. This is a very effective way to successfully earn backlinks.

Every time any website in your niche mentions about this interview, they are going to link back to your website, and that will successfully earn you a lot of traffic.

6. Commenting on other blogs:

Ever since the millions and millions of blogs on the Internet have made our lives easier, we always turn to these blogs whenever we need information about something.

But readers not only just read everything on the blog, but they also take extra interest in the comments section as that provides much extra information. This is why it is very important for you as a blogger to comment on other websites so that readers can spot your website.

You would know all other websites and your competitors in your industry. Comment regularly on these blogs or websites whenever they post something. However, make sure that whatever comment you are adding, it should add value to the post.

Do not comment just for the sake of commenting. You have to remember that whatever you comment, it is going to reflect your personality and is going to build your credibility.

When your comment provides some new information that is already not there in the original post, readers will visit your website. That is how you can successfully earn backlinks to your website.

7. Through link reclamation:

Link reclamation is a smart and powerful tool to generate backlinks to your own website.

Sometimes what happens is that there are some websites that mention your brand in their article without adding any link to your website. This is mostly due to some error, though you can successfully turn this into a backlink.

The great thing about link reclamation is that half of your job is already done.

When you find that some website has mentioned your brand or business in their posts because they like something about your website but has not added a link, you can always reach out to them. For this, you need a tool called BuzzSumo.

With the help of this tool, you can get a notification or an alert every time some website out there names your brand.

When you get that content alert, write an email to that website. In that email, thank them for mentioning your company in their articles, write some good things about the article they posted, and then politely ask them if they can add the link of your website to the article where they have named your brand.

But when you ask them, make sure you do not sound desperate for a backlink.

Be polite enough and ask if that would cause them any inconvenience. When your tone is friendly, almost every time the other website answers back and successfully adds your link.

Link reclamation sometimes leads you to get the most powerful backlinks ever. When you are writing the email, if you follow the guidelines and if you are polite enough, there is a high chance that those websites will mention you or your brand again in the future, this time with a proper backlink.

8. Keep a close watch on your competitors:

Keeping a close watch on your competitors will help you stay aware of all their moves. You will also get to know the techniques they are using to build high-quality backlinks to their websites.

Follow the social media pages of all your competitors. This is where they share their best content, and it will give you an idea of their users and other brands that follow them. You will have a better idea as to who all you can reach out to.

Also, sign up to their regular newsletters and subscribe to all their social media channels. This way you will be alerted whenever your competitors have posted new content.

You can use tools like Monitor Backlinks to know what kinds of backlinks your competitors are getting and how are they building those links. You will get direct knowledge about their backlink building techniques, and you can use them for your own website too.

Wrapping Up:

If you are a blogger or a website owner who is struggling to survive in the cut-throat competition online, you will know that the one thing that will always keep you at the top of your game is high traffic.

High traffic, whether organic or paid will determine your search engine rankings and how ahead you are of others in the competition.

For this, you need to have high-quality backlinks from other websites to have the flow of traffic uninterrupted.

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