7 Ways to Gain Quality One Way Backlinks for your blog

As a blogger, there are few factors that you should understand that effect the blog’s performance. You should be having a minimum knowledge about the on page and off page optimization techniques that help your blog become successful.

One Way Backlinks

You might very well know that unique content holds an importnat part in blogging, similarly there is one more factor which has a prominent role in blog’s success and that is backlinks.

Initially when I started blogging, there were many techniques to acquire backlinks. Some of them were

  • Directory submission
  • Social bookmarking
  • Classified posting
  • Exchange of links etc.

But after the launch of google penguin algorithm in April 2012, all these techniques were considered as wrong tricks. But the importance of backlinks still holds an vital place.

You should understand one important point that good backlinks to your site helps you get good ranking and also will result in top SERP’s result. It would be very vital to get 10 PR4 links rather than getting 500 PR1 links. Both of them holds equal value but getting high page rank links will be considered better.

In case of backlinks, quality matters more than quantity. This is one simple formula which you should not forget.

For your help, I am sharing few useful tips that help you build good backlinks for your blog . They are

Best Tips to Build One Way Backlinks:

1. Infographic:

One of the trending ways to get backlinks and promotion to your blog posts is using infographics. This is one of the best way to get backlinks to your site.

Inforgraphic is a visual format of an article, here the total article can be summed up into a single image type format. When you have a highly effective and informative inforgraphic then you are sure to get backlinks from it.

Now once you are ready with your infographic, you need to target top bloggers who are experts in your same niche. You need to ask them to publish your infographic on their blogs and chalk out an important reason for it. As it is from the same niche and if your infographic is really good, then there are high chances of them publishing your post on their blogs.

Once they are ready to publish your infographic, they obviously would give a link back to your site. Thus getting such a link would be very helpful to your blog.

2. Blog commenting:

Blog commenting is one of the best and easy way to build backlinks. Usually many bloggers
post a widget in thier sidebar for top commentors. And if by chance you get in that list then you will be getting a link from every page of the blog which is showing that widget.

Commenting on a blog doesn’t mean that you write anything you like. You should have idea about the topic and share interesting suggestion and reviews regarding it. Most of the times, bloggers keep moderation filters for their blog. Only if they find that your comment is genuine, they allow it to show in the comments section.

It is in this phase that they will vote or recognize you and enter you in top commentors list, provided your comments should be effective and genuine.

3. Holding contests on your blog:

This is a great way to earn backlinks for your blog. You need to conduct a contest on your blog where the participants have to blog about your contest, or answer the right answers or just subscribe to your blog .

The rules you imply should be very relevant to normal rules of any contest. You also need to show the gifts that the contestants would win.There is another way wherein which you can request product makers of your niche to sponsor.

4. Write amazing blog posts:

This is a gun shot way of attracting many other bloggers and visitors. If you are able to write effective and informative researched article then you are sure to get good backlinks.

Good blog posts are always link worthy, and if you take social media to promote your article then that would be somethig like cherry on the cake.

5. Guest posting:

One of the top ways of getting backlinks. Usually guest blogging is used to make your branding and for promotion, but it is a great way to gain backlinks. You just need to request other bloggers to allow you write for them.

Writing good article relevant to your niche for other article help you gain links for others. It will also help you get loyal visitors.

6. Participate in webmaster forums:

Registering on multiple forums will be very helpful to gain backlinks. You could also built good networking with other bloggers who are of same niche.

You need to develop a good reputation by solving and asking questions related to your niche. This will not only help you but also others who are searching for it.

You just need to add a link on your signature and write as many posts as possible. Also you should not use any wrong means as that could lead to

  • lose of reputation you have build
  • lose all the links

7. From the very own Matt Cutts:

The final tip is straight from the Matt Cutts.

Let us look at what Matt Cutts has to say about link building and effective techniques for building


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