Why You Should Not Use Social Media? Top 18 Reasons

Marketers are using new ways to be found online and they find social media as a perfect medium to reach to their audience. But social media marketing is still unknown for many marketers. The reason could be many, and they just don’t want to try something new using social media. It could be their ignorance about the power of social media, reluctance to change, fear of all those scams and many more.

Not Use Social Media

Let us see some of the reasons for not using social media for marketing in this article.

18 Reasons Why Not Use Social Media?

The social media platform is the face of new marketing. If you have not tried it yet to promote your business, you are wasting your time. Don’t think that social media is a curse for the young generation. Social media is a blessing when it comes to the marketing of products. Here are the reasons you should know why people shouldn’t use social media platforms

1. You should be a traditionalist:

The main reason for not using social media is because of your reluctance to change yourself according to new social changes. If you are a traditionalist and don’t want to change the traditional marketing options, then you might ignore social media. This is a wrong concept actually.

You should implement new strategies according to the changing market. Consumers are getting more smarter and it is very hard to please them without connecting with them through social media platforms. So, if you believe in traditional marketing option, this is the right time to change your mind and concentrate on social media marketing.

2. You don’t want to be found:

Some people don’t want to get attention from people. That is a reason why they stay away from the social media platform. When you connect with people with a social media platform, you may have to share each and every update of your business through these channels. But some people don’t want to get that publicity and want to stay like how they are now. So, they won’t use any social media platforms to promote their business and try to stay away from it.

You should think twice before taking such a decision as your positive decision can change your business future. So, think twice before ignoring social media

3. It creates an expectation:

Some businesses want their employees to use social media to promote their business. But these employees want to stay away from social media platforms due to any reasons. Also when you have a business account on social media platforms, people expect a lot from your page. If you cannot match up to that expectation, it can create a negative impact on customers also. So, some people prefer to stay back from social media platforms.

4. You want to stay away from negativity:

Businesses create social media platforms to interact with customers. But sometimes people will become very genuine and respond to your product negatively if they don’t like it. It is better to get live feedbacks when it comes to products growth. But some businesses want to stay away from the negative response of the audience as they want to avoid extra stress. It can be possible if they stay away from social media.

Many celebrities and brands are staying away from social media to avoid these negative comments that they may receive from the audience. People can use very bad words while commenting on something and it can adversely impact your product reputation. It is easy to get a bad image of a product than creating a good image.

5. You don’t have to waste your time:

When you use social media, you may have spent a lot of time to make it work. Many people want to concentrate on business development more than online promotion using social media. If you want to promote business through social media, you should be active more frequently and spend a lot of time to make the posts engaging.

As it may take a lot of time, it may affect your concentration on business. Some people don’t have the ability to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. Using social media longer may affect your business growth, if not used properly.

6. You don’t want to expand your business:

Some businesses are not at all interested in expanding their business. They are happy with what they have and don’t need any newer customers. Such people don’t want to promote their business using social media as they don’t have enough time and resources to handle the existing customers. In such cases, the business avoids social media for their promotion.

7. You value your privacy most:

Internet is a very dangerous place if you have not used it properly. Your privacy is something you can easily lose while using the internet. If you are running a business and want to promote it you should be very active on social media. But people will start to look for their personal profile also and it can damage your name among your customers if they found anything bad in your personal account.

Your documents and any other details are not at all sage when you upload on social media platforms as anyone can access it without any need of special permissions. People who want to keep their life private will stay away from social media platforms.

8. You like to spend money on another form of advertisements:

If you are not ready to accept the new change and believe in the old form of advertisement, then it is a good reason to stay away from social media. When it comes to business there are many ways to promote a business.

Advertisements are an old form of promotions and you cannot even measure the result of it easily. But some business owners believe in spending their money on celebrity endorsement and advertisement than using social media platforms. This is not a good idea in this digital world as people are more concentrated on spending their time on social media than any other platforms.

9. You like to keep everything simple:

If you are a person who doesn’t want to make your business process more complicated, you can avoid social media. You need to learn a lot of things while handling various social media platforms at a time and for that, you might need to spend some time learning.

If you are a simple person who doesn’t want to complicate your life using Twitter, Instagram or any such platform, that could be a reason for keeping in distance with social media.

10. You believe in face to face interaction:

If you are a person who is interested in face-to-face interaction, people may not approve of social media benefits. It is a platform which helps to connect with people. But some people don’t believe in this virtual interaction. They just want to experience everything in real to believe it. Such people don’t want to waste their time on social media. They will try to make face-to-face interaction with people while marketing their business.

11. You are afraid of getting spammed:

Social media is not a safe place always. There could be many positive as well as negative effects of social media. One such issue is spamming social media accounts. Anyone can hack your social media account and publish the contents they want. It can adversely affect your brand name and reputation among your customers.

Some people don’t want to take a chance with their business reputation, and they try to stay back from social media accounts to protect their reputation.

12. You believe that social media still needs to grow:

Some people still think that social media has not got the development they want even now. They don’t want to try their luck on these evolving platforms. That could be a reason for their mindset about social media. They want to see it as a fully developed platform and waiting to happen that process. This is a very common thought process of many people who don’t want to use new technologies and tools.

13. You think that it is just momentary:

Social media promotions are just momentary, and it is easy for people to forget old posts when they see something new. So, it is very hard to create a memorable post and make a product successful in social media.

The competition is very high, and you may have to work very hard to make your product visible in your competition. This is the main reason why many people stay away from social media platforms and promotions. They don’t want to get into a platform which only creates momentary impacts about a product or service among the audience.

14. You are someone who wants to observe your competition:

If you are someone who wants to see what your competitors does to promote their business then they start using social media. This is a good reason why many people don’t even create social media accounts. They are waiting for their competition to get started with their account and want to see what they are doing with their account. It can help you to decide what strategy they need to use to impress their customers and implement it while creating social media account of their own.

15. You want to stay away from the crowd:

Social media is a largely populated place. People who want to stay away from the crowd will always back out from social media platforms. It will always be a crowded place and you cannot get even noticed among another post.

So, some people purposefully stay away from social media accounts as they value their privacy. They don’t want to expose more about themselves to the public out there who use various social media platforms.

16. You don’t want to be highly addictive:

Once after started using social media platforms people get addicted to it. There are people who cannot even live without social media nowadays. It is really an unhealthy habit too. If you are among people who value in real life relationship and interaction, you will stay back from social media accounts. It’s like a disease that can affect your whole mind and make you more addictive to the platform.

17. You are someone who enjoys the real moment:

Social media kills your enjoyment of real-life experiences. We are now very much focused on taking pictures of the place you are visiting and the things you are doing. It can actually affect your ability to enjoy the moments at its fullest.

People get busy taking pictures and showing it to others through their social media account nowadays. If you value that moment of happiness and want to enjoy it without any distractions, you can stay away from social media.

18. You don’t want so much information:

If you don’t want to get into a platform where so much information is there, then the reason for staying away from social media could be that. Some people don’t want to confuse their mind with so much information. It can also create confusion sometimes. One cannot even identify the genuine information from so much information. People purposefully stay away from social media to avoid this huge amount of information.


If you are someone who stays back from using social media accounts, it is the best time to think. Consider the better opportunities it can bring to you and decide whether to stay or stay away from social media platforms. You will miss so many chances to see some real change in your business if you do not connect with social media platforms. If you see someone who is not active in social media, the reason could be any of the above. So think carefully and act wisely.

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