How To Handle Negative Comments On Social Media

Social media has gained popularity over a period. It is among the best medium to increase your online sales.

There are different types of social media platforms which have come into existence to help the online businesses.

Here we shall understand how the live chat and support programs will benefit your business.

With the advent of the internet, the products and services are very easily available and also very competitive.

Every company should have the know-how of the digital media which is very helpful to keep up with the tough competition.

The social media has revolutionized the entire internet; it is a handy medium for the marketing of various products and services.

Negative Comments Social Media

There are companies which are very successful with the marketing done on the social media platform.

Customer interaction plays a very important role in the success of the business. If the customer’s queries and demands are cleared, and they are satisfied, then the customers are retained for a longer period.

Social media marketing is a magic wand which brings you the best and high quality leads from the market and at the same time helps you to convert them into your customers.

Finding the right network:

There is an old proverb that “too many cooks spoil the broth”, and it stands true for social media marketing.

If you do not choose the right social media, then you might land up without getting any customers.

You need to choose those social channels which will help you reach out to your right target audience making your presence felt in all the important search engines.

Use proper content:

It is said that content mentioned on the website should always be related and hence content is the winner of all websites.

The content should be product focused because most of your customers buy your product after reading the content from the website.

If the content is good, then it can create a viral effect on your website. You can get the content from a Reputed Digital Marketing Company.

  • The social media content is always casual and easy, so you can easily share pictures and video which may be funny and witty, and at the same time, they should be informative.

The idea of having proper content is to give your customer a recall value of your product and service.

Target your content in such a manner that it directly reaches out to your target audience. This can bring about more qualified and fruitful leads for your business.

It is said that every coin has two sides, same is the case with Social media. On the one hand, the social media helps the society in handling various sensitive issues; on the other hand, it is also responsible for the negative comments that are spread through them.

The social media opens up a whole world of negative criticism. There could be many nasty and irritating comments on social media.

There are many ways to deal with negative comments on social media. Here are some of them –

Tips on How to Handle Negative Comments On Social Media:

1. Don’t react if you do not know:

There are all chances that a business will get negative comments on their own site.

You will also get negative comments on the site which you are managing – E.g., Facebook, Twitter and various other third-party forums, blogs, and many other online sites.

In order to ensure that you face the negative comments on the social media, you have to be very vigilant in all the aspects of your company namely – your brands, your employees and products, and services you are marketing.

This can be done using the service of Google alerts; besides this, you can also use the services of various cloud-based software that help you to monitor the negative comments in real time.

It shall also give you an insight into the language and words used in the comments.

2. Quick acknowledgment:

There are many studies which have proven that most of the people give negative comments because they feel that they are not attended to.

They are not given a hearing either personally or through any written media.

So what they think is that they should lash out to grab the attention.

There are some groups who pass on the negative comments in order to spread awareness about a particular product or service.

In the beginning, it would hurt you – but if it is for a noble cause they should be allowed to do.

You should be able to acknowledge the customer issues and problems on an immediate basis. It is vital that they get resolved before any other person enters with a negative aspect of the comments.

It is not necessary that you have the solution on hand with you, but you can start investigating and gather information about the problem and issues. You can, later on, come up with concrete actions for the same.

3. Customer’s point of view:

When the person posts a negative comment on the social media they are unaware of the problems that are caused because of them.

They are not bothered to understand what problems the opposite party would have faced; they just know that it has caused some kind of inconvenience to them.

Initially, when such issues come up, the first thing the company does is to present a list of excuses and problems which they have faced.

You need to place yourself in the customer’s shoes and understand their feelings.

If a company is continuously submitting excuses and other reasons, then this could prove to be a red mark in social media.

The best way to tackle this is to talk to the customer, understand their problems and give them the best possible solution immediately.

4. Say sorry:

For most of the companies getting a negative comment on social media is like killing their reputation in the market.

It is very difficult for them to say sorry if anything goes wrong with their customers. This is because the companies would never want to take any blame on them.

The officials generally do not agree with the point of view of the customers – but if you can thoroughly analyze them then they are also correct in certain ways.

In order to ensure that you do not face any negative comments on the social media if you know that you have flaws in a particular product or service, then a sincere apology which is again followed with replacement or refund as the case may be should be provided.

In case if you get a comment with regards to the services – then the best way to address this is to – mention on the lead page We are very sorry that we could provide the services as desired by you.

Along with this apology, you should also offer something tangible like gift vouchers, etc. which will be of great help in reducing the negative comment on social media. You should not act like a robot but be more practical.

5. Tracking of issues resolved:

Whenever there is an issue of negative comments posted on social media – the company tries to fix it. It may also be resolved, but this does not necessarily mean that the people commenting would have gone away. They can always come back with a different set of issues and problems.

Whatever – good or bad word of mouth, it will bounce back and affect the brand of your company. The Social customer service tool will help you to track such touch points with the customers.

In case they play around with your brand again – you can easily catch hold of them and give them the necessary punishment. In certain cases, you can even approach the legal departments who can help you resolve such issues.

Another way is to hire a Social Media Manager – He is a person who basically helps the company in managing the networking and marketing part of the company. This responsibility is taken on behalf of individuals or companies.

Over a period of time, social media has taken up the major responsibility of marketing and networking of products and services for the companies. This is the most effective communication medium between buyers and sellers. In the online market, this is the best option to reach out to your target customers.

The marketing process in online business has varied types – here are some of them – the marketing is done through blogs, websites, networking sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Besides that, the companies use live video streaming or bookmarking of the sites. These are some of the most common methods used.

Social media marketing has become the forerunner in the process of online marketing. There is a wide range of roles and services which are offered by the social media manager. The main services are as below:

  • Assist the companies in setting up social network packages.
  • Explain the interconnection between various platforms of online marketing.
  • Managing the content for the websites and also scheduling the posting contents from time to time. They are also responsible for analyzing the latest market trends about the concerned products and services.
  • Social media manager has the responsibility to answer the questions of the customers related to the products and services.

Hence when you look at all these roles of a social media manager, it is vital that you hire one. The purpose of the social media manager has increased over a period of time in the online business.

Here are some of the questions you should answer when you have to hire a potential social media manager.

What are the results that you expect from the manager?

When you decide to hire the social media manager you need to explain what you would expect from him?

A good social media manager will reach up to your expectations and also achieve the goals you have pointed out. They are the persons who can provide you a rough idea as to what will be the marketing strategy for your websites.

Besides this, they are also supposed to resolve the issues which take place due to negative comments on social media.

This is among their primary responsibility. They work as mediators between the company and the person who has posted the negative comment.

How does the social media manager define the ROI in social marketing:

Most of us think that there is no ROI in social media but this is not the fact you can have ROI, but it will be perpetual ROI. If you have achieved your mentioned goals, then you have achieved a positive ROI.

A good social media manager will always know and understand that the ROI is never related to substantial business profits.

Your social media manager will be able to tell you which are the factors that are to be considered while valuing your business.

What are the social platforms that a media manager specializes:

Every social network has a varied audience and hence you need to understand which platform is the person very strong. This helps the business to take advantage of the social media platform to increase their profits.

They will understand the details of the problems of the customers as to why they posted such comments on social media.

Social media manager must interact with the people who comment and resolve the queries and ensure that the business is not affected.

In a nutshell, it can be said that if any company wants to thrive on the social media, they will have to take care about the customers – needs of the customers and why they are dissatisfied.

What can be done to immediately resolve their issues and problems and in how much time. If these issues and problems can be taken care, then there will be no negative comments on social media.

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