What is Natural Link Building? How to Get Them Easily?

While some SEO marketers believe that organic link building or natural link building is important for every website, a few think that it is just an SEO myth. So, what do you think? Is natural link building important for the website or is it not!

Is organic link building a myth or it is real?

Does natural link building impacts to traffic and ranking on your website or not?

Natural Link Building

To answer these and more such questions related to natural link building, here, we share this post with you.

So, let’s have a closer look at natural link building, its significance, and the best ways to gain natural links for your website!

What is Natural Link Building?

The process of natural link building is related to backlinks, which are prepared naturally without having any interference from the website owner. Such links are generated through natural practices such as guest posting, or other kinds of link building techniques.

Simply speaking, natural links occur when bloggers, website owners, or webmasters link to the content of your websites, such as videos, products, images, blogs, and more, as they think the content on your site is useful for readers and adds rich value to their webpages as well as websites.

Does Natural link Building Holds Any Importance or Not?

It is extensively accepted within the SEO industry that websites with natural links are the best, fastest, and safest for readers. Such websites are the most reliable and efficient ones to promote a website or a blog.

When a website has natural links it feels more secure and ensures that its content is good. Moreover, those who link to those websites can believe that their traffic and rankings will not be affected by any changes in Google algorithms.

Benefits of Organic or Natural Links to a Website:

Without any doubt, you would agree that the most valuable and fruitful backlinks are the ones that:

  • Are offered in a natural context – Such links are surrounded by content, which is relevant to the target page on their site.
  • Offer rich value for readers – Such links provide additional details to readers about a specific topic.
  • Possess an anchor text – These links have text, which is integrated within the content of the page in a meaningful manner.

Because of so many reasons, natural links offer numerous benefits to website owners.

  1. Widespread recognition in the Industry – The best and most valuable benefit offered by natural links to website owners is industry recognition. It always works best to get a reference by some of the reputed and top ranking blogs in the industry.
  2. High Volume of Traffic – There are numerous online websites that are receiving a lot of traffic. Such websites receive a large volume of traffic coming to their blog.
  3. More Courage – When your website gains natural links, the site owners get the courage to keep doing what they are doing and keep gaining more number of natural links for their website.
  4. Increased Number of Natural Links – When your website is linked by natural links from top-notch sites, other websites would also want to link to you. Hence, it increases the number of natural links on your website.
  5. More Number of Social Shares – Online posts that attracted more natural links were the ones, which gain the most attention in social media platforms as well.
  6. Higher Rankings – Links that are coming to your website affect the pages and ranking that gained such links. These pages enjoy top rankings on the first page, which is something that every website aims at.

Best Ways to Get Organic or Natural Links:

One logical assumption is that when you create content, which is relevant and attractive enough to attract and offer value to people lets you gain natural links.

But the truth is that even the finest content piece can stay forever hidden from the customers and targeted eyes if it is not strategically offered. Hence, it is essential to market and promotes the rich content of your website so that it can target a number of backlinks.

Here check some of the ways to attract natural links for your website.

1. Provide Value Rather than Asking for Links:

Just creating a rich and relevant post is not enough you have to market it as well in order to gain natural links. But before that, you must select a topic related to your industry, which is convenient to discover and can offer great value to the readers in that industry.

Positioning a link at a place where it offers value to the readers is an adequate way to attract a number of natural links.

Paid links always hold a gray area in the SEO industry and the advanced algorithms from Google keep track of this. For this reason, it is not recommended to ask for paid links. Hence, reach out to individuals who are interested in linking to your website. Avoid practicing any paid link service as it can be really harmful.

2. Create Purposeful and Targeted Content:

Before creating any content, you must first check if anyone is interested in linking back or republishing the same. Sometimes it can be useful to recycle the old topics and maintain the regularity of publishing. But when you create natural backlinks you need to offer something juicy or new.

For this reason, you must first create a list of sites that target the audience and check the kind of content they may find appealing. Approaching this way can let you do content creation and gain benefits for the long-term.

Remember, an EBook or white paper can offer you a number of natural backlinks than other sorts of generic content, which can entertain the audience for a shorter time duration.

3. Always Create Something Better:

This is another technique that needs you to first identify the target and develop content on the basis of opportunity discovered. Creating for someone else’s content is specifically useful for complex or controversial topics.

If the story is not appropriate, other people will need to consider it taking your viewpoint into consideration and then decide to relate to the subject.

This technique is known as the skyscraper technique that suggests finding any popular post and creating something better.

When considering any post, make sure to follow three important steps:

  • Finding content that is link-worthy
  • Creating content that is better
  • Reaching out to the correct people

All the steps in this technique are critical and must be followed at all costs.

4. Associate with the Influencers:

Once you identified and create a list of influential companies or people in the industry, you can associate with them on designing amazing content. Most of the companies in your industry hold a dedicated section for the press where they feature news that has been written by somebody else.

Consider the webpages for vital updates and then cover your blog’s story. Definitely, you still have to ensure they won’t miss it so that it pays off to reach out to them to inform the same. Chances are that they will be happy, so move ahead.

5. Encourage Influencers with the Ego Bait:

Interviewers are great, general knowledge kind of content, which can be interesting for both the interviewer as well as interlocutor.

Performing an interview may need to perform extensive research and contact numerous people. But the ultimate results must translate into an appropriate post and highly linkable. If there are more people included in a particular topic interview, you boost the chances of sharing the content.

This kind of content is considered ‘egg bait’ and depends on offering benefits for parties involved. You must reach out to the influencers for expert advice to gain material for awesome content, while they gain an opportunity to enhance their own visibility.

Designing such a form of content usually needs extensive research and must take a while. However, the results usually translate into numerous natural backlinks from the blogs of interviewees.

6. Look Out for Questions and Answers for Relevant Topics:

Selecting the right topic is one important thing. If you wish to offer extraordinary, you must find the burn problem first. Websites like Quora and Reddit can direct to a number of unanswered queries.

The best thing about performing research on a website is that you can identify new influencers. Here, you can learn more about the area of expertise to search the correct question to ask them. If you perform the research right and let them know about the same, you enhance the chances of getting your content linked to other webpages.

7. Publish Different Kinds of Content:

Often, natural backlinks occur in numerous distinct forms and from sites, which function in different ways. For this reason, you need to offer numerous links options by designing innumerable kinds of content forms. From EBooks and Infographics to how-to posts, you must try creating every form of content, which you can promote as well.

In order to identify the different kinds of content forms, you can check your competitors to see, which one works the best. This can be done irrespective of the industry you function in.

8. Create Visual Content to Attract Traffic:

Often, visual content is considered the most effective form of content marketing. It can attract 52% of professionals considering the type of video content that you create. If your content is rich and valuable it can offer the highest ROI.

Provided that everybody loves them, videos must form an important part of the natural link creating strategy. In addition to this, posting visuals like Infographics on similar websites can instantly attract interested visitors to the website. Some of such websites may even republish your rich visual content.

9. Identify the Favorite Channels of Your Audience:

Determining the correct channels is important to boost organic content on your website. Sometimes the finest way to inform such people about the content is to reach out to them through email. However, this does not guarantee the email will be opened. For this reason, they must consider using other communication platforms, among which social media is a highly efficient one.

Explore Twitter chats and hashtags, which gather the industry leaders. These chats sometimes announce the topic in advance that can be another promising opportunity for you to design valuable content. Just make sure you have a promotional channel available at your disposal.

10. Optimize the Content Across Numerous Channels:

Mostly, people believe that they have to create content only for people and not for search engines. But this is not the complete truth. You must take into consideration numerous factors before creating content.

One important factor is the organic search. You must offer a search-friendly title to your post so that people can easily find it on Google.

Another factor to consider is new websites. In order to attract new websites, you must create interesting or story like content that is worth reading. But this does not imply that offer anything fake or false information to the customers. You can even announce the future strategy of your company or the outstanding results that your business is gaining.

At the same time, check websites that are interested to share this form of content. It will let you comprehend the topics, which you can deal with and use for content creation.

11. Encourage Sharing Among Social Followers:

Next, you can encourage your followers on social platforms to share your content. When it is shared on a wide scale, there are more chances that a higher number of people will like to link to it.

Just make sure you always reach to people who are actually interested in your offerings.

12. Focus on Consistency:

Regularly writing and publishing good content on your website and social channels can help you build connections with other experts in the industry.

Timing is highly important in posting your content in front of the correct people. Do follow a regular publishing schedule to increase your chances of being noticed and gaining links.

Summing Up:

A lot of people regularly try manipulating Google algorithm by creating backlinks, which appear like natural links. But Google is an expert and hence it easily identifies links that are paid, spam, or offering no value.

Therefore, practice natural link building carefully to attract high-quality links to your site and gain innumerable benefits.

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