What is Native Advertising: Its Benefits and Examples

What Is Native Advertising:

Native advertising is like paid media. It is used by businessmen to generate a natural form of ads. It is a very unique concept which helps consumers get high-quality content. Also, the advertisers find it easy to get in touch with potential customers.

The other uses of it are,

  1. It helps in developing genuine ads
  2. It is inclusive of innovative, creative and imaginative content
  3. It impresses customers. They get a chance to experience virtual reality ads
  4. It improves the advertisement experience of the business
  5. It helps in storytelling

Are Native ads worth the Hype?

Yes, they are advantageous. Given below are the benefits of native ads.

Benefits of Native Advertising:

1. Genuine advertisements:

Native ads help businessmen to promote their products naturally. One can advertise his brand, product, or service in a natural way.

2. Creative and interactive ads:

It is not less than an opportunity for the businessman. It is because native advertising gets the customer’s attention very soon. It provides flexibility to the advertising company. It offers so many interesting and interactive facilities.

3. Virtual reality advertising:

Virtual reality (VR) is the next-generation concept. It has a huge potential to increase the sales of the company. It offers numerous chances to advertisers. They can develop interactive ads to attract the customer.

4. Social Media:

Social media platforms also use native advertisement. The popularly used platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the best example. They use it to give qualitative experience to users.

In short

  1. It engages and entertains the customer
  2. It helps in getting user-oriented content
  3. It offers a chance to the company to go for hit and trial.

How to Boost your Digital Strategy with Native Advertising?

Competition is accepted in the corporate world. Every business tries its best to get the customer’s attention. Various marketing strategies are developed in order to increase sales. Presently the concept of digital marketing is also very high. People devote time and energy in developing high-quality content. They do so to be competent. But there are some challenges faced by digital marketers.

  • The content may not reach too many customers.
  • Time and energy may get wasted.
  • The return on investment may suffer some time

These problems can be easily faced and tackled by using native advertising. Native advertising helps businesses to expose their content. They can improve their brand image. They will experience improved goodwill. More and more traffic will get generated automatically. The customers will get engaged and impressed. It is very fruitful to use native advertising. If done properly, then it will give so many benefits. It is known to improve the performance and profitability of the business. The website gets so many visitors. Also the conversion rate increases.

Given below are some strategies. Go through them and bring them into action. You will be highly benefitted. Have a look at the suggestions given below:

1. Research well:

Every native advertising company differs in look, style, customers and objective. You have to carefully develop content according to the company.

You have to be capable enough to get the audience’s attention. You have to showcase your content in a very appealing way. Firstly learn to create brilliant content. Also, you should know how to organize content properly. Take time and properly analyze the publisher.

All in all, it is a matter of successfully promoting the content.

2. Post same kind of content:

Your advertising copy should be developed properly. It should not be possible to differentiate your content from that of the page.

You have to master the art of using native advertising. Post the same kind of content on various platforms. The content should have the same language, style, and tone. Also, the keyword used should be apt and same. It will maintain the interest of your customer. You will succeed in sustaining your targeted customer.

3. Simple and soothing:

Native advertising is not at all complex. It is a very simple form of marketing. It solely focuses on getting customer attention. It aims at providing something interesting to the audience. So, you should also be very simple while using it. You can give an invitation to your spectators. You can offer them a discount. Focus on giving a simple message to people and that too in a simple way.

4. Valuable content:

Your content should be strong. Only then it will be able to grab attention. Your content should offer something to the publisher. Unless you offer something precious, you won’t get attention. Develop remarkable content. Also, make sure to get it shared. Make every possible effort to achieve your desired result.

If you promote badly written content, you will get adverse results. You may lose customers and clients. Also, your brand image will get affected. Once gone, a customer will never come back. So, be cautious and careful.

Follow these tips and develop amazing native advertising. Many people have succeeded in grabbing customer attention by following these tips.

The Pros and Cons of Native Advertising:

Why native advertising:

  1. With native advertising, they can reach out to various platforms. It reaches out to many users. Many people ignore unwanted or unnecessary contents. It happens especially when they are questing for another kind of content. Native advertising saves you from being ignored. It grabs the customer’s attention very quickly.
  2. Native advertisements are very effective and efficient. Reports have specified that native advertisements have the caliber to attention three times more. And it results in improved performance. It has generated ten times better profit. This is what makes it better than traditional mobile advertising.
  3. Native advertisements also improve the reputation of the brand. It is obvious that companies get recognition. And native advertisements gives far better results than other types of advertisements. It will get your reader’s attention very soon. Just develop high-quality content and you will get amazing results.
  4. Native advertising has become the preference of professionals.

Why Not Native Advertising:

  1. If native advertising is used badly, it will give bad results. It happens when a businessman develops bad content quality. In this case, the readers will definitely take advantage.
  2. Native advertising may spoil the brand image. It generally happens when the user gets a negative experience. The feelings of the user will become negative. And this is not at all good for the business.
  3. Native advertising is a paid form of advertising. And so it becomes very expensive. It is actually more expensive than other marketing forms. If you are spending too much money on native advertising, then it might disturb your marketing budget. Being too much costlier makes native advertising the least option for many businesses.
  4. And yes, native advertising can never give SEO oriented results. It is because it can only capture a customer’s attention. It never guarantees to improve the traffic to the website.

Native Advertising Formats:

There are many people who love to use native advertising. But there are many more people who deny its application. This brings us to the forms of native advertising. Actually, there are many kinds of native advertising. Some of the popular native advertising formats have been discussed below. Have a look:

There are two ways in which native advertising can happen. The very first one is programmatic native advertising. It happens automatically. The second one is manual native advertising.

Programmatic Native Advertising:

1. Search engine marketing:

It is one of the oldest yet the best forms of native advertising. People who know Google know about it as well. It generates sponsored results. They are called native advertising because of their form and function. It is best known for location-based marketing. The business can get its targeted users.

2. Social media marketing:

No one can forget social media marketing when it comes to native advertising. People go for sponsored posts. They use them to target their audience and tell them about trending topics.

3. In-Feed:

Many people consider social media native advertisement to be “in-feed”. But it’s not so. Not every time in-feed native advertising happens on social networking sites. Digital marketers use various techniques to target their audience.

4. Recommended Content:

The recommended content can be differentiated with in-feed native on the basis of web-page placement. You can find recommended content at the bottom of any site.

Manual native advertising

5. Publisher Produced

Many people mistake it with “branded content”. It is the popularly used manual tool. This type of advertising came into existence in the mid-20th century. Then, ads used to have content with a specific publication. The present-day customer wants the advertisements to be properly labeled. They should be informative, engaging and loving.

Examples of Native Ads:

People use native advertising in their own way. But there are some agencies that develop extraordinary ads. They are so interesting that they steal the show. Some of the best examples are below. They are popular among the viewers. Have a look

1. Altran Engineering:

This ad came in the Financial Times. It was inclusive of many elements of good digital advertising. It had an engaging video. It included a human interest story. The presence of Elon Musk made it more special. This ad had a very high production value. It was very appealing.

This ad was actually developed by the Altran engineering company. It got published in the tech section. It told the story of a few students who were competing in a competition run by Elon Musk. This ad was loved by people. They didn’t show that they are promoting something when they were actually doing so.

2. Land Rover:

Land Rover promotes its vehicles through amazing content marketing campaigns. Their ads include suspense and message. They are very engaging. It is one of the best examples of native advertising.

One of the ads shows the world’s first attempt to scale the stairs leading to the Heaven’s Gate landmark in China — by vehicle. In Feb 2018, a wholly fitted Range Rover SUV successfully drove up to the 999 steps to Heaven’s Gate, at 45 degrees angle.

The ad promotes the vehicles of Land Rover astonishingly. One can easily experience the daring, excellence and adventure. The ad had a story to tell. They promoted the vehicles on every possible network of Land Rover. It is not just an ad. It is much more.

3. Mercedes:

This ad had a very smooth and clean content. It succeeded in engaging users. The users were very impressed by the ad. It showed how technologies may transform humans into superhumans. The native content of the ad was very informative and interactive. It inserted questions that made users excited. They used to click on links to get answers. It was full of suspense element.

This ad developed a relationship between Mercedes and the superhuman. Even today the company follows the same principle. They try to develop a relationship between a car with other things. They believe that there should be a powerful connection.

4. Venture Beat:

No one can compete with Venture Beat. The way they promote their brand is unbelievable. They develop memes to promote their artificial intelligence. once they promoted an article. The article included all the issue related to AI.

5. Know Your Girls:

This campaign was developed to promote breast cancer awareness. It was created especially for African American women. Its content was very attractive, strong, appealing and informative.

The user was asked to click on the link. It was a properly built website. And the website included health resources, personal experiences and important details. It covered all the information’s about various risks. This campaign was organized by an ad company and a breast cancer foundation. They followed every possible advertising practice. And yes, they succeeded in getting customer attention.

You can also develop something like this.


Native advertising has so many merits. But if it is not used properly, it may spoil everything.

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