Missinglettr Review: Why it is the best Social Media AI Tool

We all love automation. Whether you’re running a small business with few employees under your tutelage, or you’re just an upcoming influencer seeking to put in place as regards your social media marketing effort, you can never underestimate the power of a quality tool to help you get started. And recently, more and more businesses are embracing automation.

Social media has proven to be an entire world on its own that can take all your time, distracting you from meeting other set objectives if you do not allocate the right tools to it that would make you only an interested side party, without the many distractions that come it.

Missinglettr Review

Missinglettr is one of the social media scheduling and marketing tools that have proven to be the right fit for businesses and individuals alike, enabling them to automate their social media campaigns,  maximum an effective use of social media for an overall successful engagement.

What is Missinglettr?

Missinglettr was founded by Benjamin Dell in September 2015. Missinglettr can be rightly termed the new kid on the block. It is a relatively new tool that has been designed to produce an effective social media campaign for your blog posts. Many bloggers who are just getting started normally share their blog posts once in a while, and it becomes a chore to do so for the rest of the week or month. On the contrary, Missinglettr is designed to help you create a campaign that would run for a very long time, say, a year, organized in such a way that your blog posts would be posted one at a time, at any schedule you must have chosen.

Missinglettr is built upon a technology known as Natural Language Processing. This technology would read through your blog posts decipher the high points. Next, it helps you create an exceptional marketing schedule for your blogposts to carry you through the next one year.

Getting Started with Missinglettr:

It is very easy getting started with Missinglettr, and it comes in three very simple steps.

Step 1: First, you need to set up your account and add the URL of your blog or RSS feed, and then connecting all your social accounts. Missinglettr integrates perfectly with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. According to the developers, Pinterest is the next social media platform that would be integrated with Missinglettr.

Step 2: Once you’ve achieved step one, Missinglettr will be authorized to run through your blog to check for new posts. Once a new post has been spotted, a new campaign will be created. The campaign will comprise highlights such as quotes and images sourced from the blogpost. An email notification would be sent to you to indicate that a new campaign is ongoing, asking for your review.

Step 3: You will need to review all your campaigns before they can finally go live. Again, the type of tweets notification made will depend on the content of your blog post. You can see notifications such as, In case you missed it, Check out my new article, and so on. You can change the content of your tweet, replacing things like the actual text, images, and hashtags. Once your tweets have been reviewed, your campaign would be activated.

Missinglettr Pricing:

Missinglettr pricing comes in different categories, all specially designed for businesses and individuals.

Free Plan:

The free plan is designed for bloggers who do not publish frequently and are only interested in promoting their blogs on a particular social media platform. Features include, link to one site, two campaigns a month, one social profile, and the inclusion of a Missinglettr brand logo.

Individuals Plans:

The paid version of Missinglettr comes with additional features that increase the overall effectiveness of your campaign. With these plans, you can manually add campaigns for posts already published on your blog, and you can add more than just one social profile.

  • Personal: This plan comes at $15 per month. Users can link 2 sites, create 4 new campaigns per week, add 4 social profiles, upload custom images, access basic analytics.
  • Business: This plan comes at $40 per month. Users can link an unlimited number of sites, create 10 new campaigns per week, add 10 social profiles, everything from the personal plan. Advanced analytics will be added to this plan in the future.

Team Plans:

These plans are made for businesses and agencies, and they come in three different categories depending on the size of your organization.

  • Small team: This plan comes at $65 per month. Users can link unlimited sites, create 10 new campaigns per week, add 25 social profiles, and add 1 additional team member. This plan comprises everything from the Business plan. Users can approve external campaigns.
  • Medium team: This plan comes at $120 per month. Users can link unlimited sites, add 25 new campaigns per week, add 50 social profiles, and add 10 additional members. It has everything in the Business plan and more. Users can approve external campaigns.
  • Large team: This plan comes at $230 per month. Users can link unlimited sites, 50 new campaigns, 75 social profiles, 25 additional team members. It has everything in the Business plan and more. Users can approve external campaigns.

You can change and upgrade your plan at any moment. Missinglettr comes with a 30-day free trial.

Key Features of Missinglettr:

Automatic social media campaigns:

Missinglettr was designed primarily to handle your social media campaigns. The software allows you to create campaigns that last up to a year, using content from blog posts. Once your blog posts have been created and ready to promote them, Missinglettr sets up automatic social campaigns for your posts, awaiting your review to go live. You must give approval to every review before your campaign commences. That way, you are quite aware of what’s posted, and nothing gets past your eye.

Missinglettr allows you to create an entire year’s worth of unique content and spreads or drips out all of your social media posts using content that you have created. It ensures that your contents are uniformly shared throughout the year, keeping your followers up to breast with all of your content. Now, you’re able to avoid those declines in the number of engagements to your blog posts because of a lack of promotion and a constant reminder to your followers.

Missinglettr automatically detects new blog posts no matter where they are published. The software integrates optimally with WordPress, Wix, Blogger, Medium, Squarespace, and many other blogging platforms. So, there’s no need to manually link your blog posts, as Missinglettr has got you covered on that aspect.

The software integrates well with popularly with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All you need to do is connect your social media profiles, and Missinglettr will get to work.

Social media optimization:

One challenge that has always proved a headache for most bloggers is finding just the right images for their social media posts. Asides from being a time-consuming task, it can be pretty stressful designing the right image style and size that will be suitable for each social media platform since each of these platforms uses a different image size.

This is Missinglettr comes in. It would create just the right image size for every platform out there, ensuring you achieve the best look and size for your images, no matter the platform such images are shared. Missinglettr culls up excerpts and quotes from your articles, using them to create bubble images that are optimized for every social media platform.

Promoting Guest Posts:

Asides from promoting your content, Missinglettr allows you to promote guest posts that you may have made for other friendly websites. It is a simple process – only insert the URL of the website, and a social media campaign will be flagged off. Edits can be done to your content, removing parts you don’t like, and then when you’re done, your content will be shared and promoted over an entire year.

Best Hashtags:

It can be challenging to come up with suitable hashtags for your content. Missinglettr achieves this for you by generating the best hashtags for you in line with the direction of your blog posts. Suggestions would be recommended for you, which you review before flagging off your campaigns.

Hashtags are an ingenious way of reaching a new audience that isn’t aware of your content. That way, you gain more readers and followers for your blog. Once you have chosen a hashtag, Missinglettr will rate them out of a possible 5 in terms of popularity so that you can be aware of the extensive reach or otherwise of your campaign, including the success rate.

While you can leverage on the hashtags that Missinglettr generates, there is the provision to generate yours or create hashtags that will be automatically added to every of your campaign. You don’t fancy hashtags? No worries, you can disable this feature.

Content Templates:

While Missinglettr will bring up numerous content templates for you to pick from, you have the final say on how these templates would look like after editing to your taste and writing inclinations. Using its powerful AI and machine learning capabilities, Missinglettr helps create powerful content from your blog posts.

Using the highpoints from your blog post, Missinglettr will create memorable quotes that your audience will find irresistible. You can go ahead with the quotes as created by Missinglettr, or you can provide minor adjustments to these templates until they meet your expectations.

Template Scheduling:

Missinglettr was designed to handle your social media campaigns for up to a year. However, this feature does not prevent you from creating your own template schedule, depending on the timeframe of your choosing. Asides from choosing the duration of your campaign, you can also choose the number of posts within a campaign and how you want the posts to be distributed so that they’re not huddled together.

You will find a distribution slider in the menu that allows you to specify the schedule distribution of your posts during certain times of the year. If you find that you get more engagements to your posts during the holiday period, you can schedule more posts to be added during those periods.

URL Shorteners:

URL shorteners are services that help to make longer URLs (which can sometimes involve over a hundred characters) shorter, transforming them into manageable links that, on average, does not exceed 20 characters. Using URL shorteners makes your content easier to share across platforms. The rise of Twitter as a microblogging platform of choice has made URL shorteners very necessary. There are providers you can choose from, such as lttr, bitly, PixelMe, replug, and many others. Missinglettr has its own URL shortener – lttr.ai, which is automatically set to default. It helps to keep things tidy and also track the performance of your campaigns.

Why Choose Missinglettr?

  • With Missinglettr, you are relieved of the monotonous task of sharing and promoting your content across social media platforms.
  • You would be able to allocate time and resources to actually creating the content for your blog, leaving Missinglettr to automatically handle your social media campaigns.
  • Now, you can establish an active presence on social media even while away due to your work schedule or the holidays.
  • With Missinglettr, you can curate a year’s worth of content from your existing blog posts in just a matter of minutes, saving you’re the stress of doing so manually.
  • The hashtag is nice feature that comes with this product. Using the content of your blog post, Missinglettr will provide you with recommended hashtags for better visibility if you are bereft of the ideal hashtags to utilize.

Final Thoughts:

Straight to the point – Missinglettr is a great tool to have under your belt as you set about publicizing your blog posts on social media. And the good thing is that this tool helps you to do so over the course of a year.

It doesn’t matter the type of business you run. As far you are utilizing the powerful tool that content marketing proffers, then you need Missinglettr. It does a lot more than social media scheduling. If you utilize the full range of features that Missinglettr offers, you will set your brand and business on a path towards growth and overall success.

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