How to Get 1 Million App Downloads Easily in a Month

Congratulations on launching your new mobile app! But are you sure that your mobile app would be able to get desired initial traction?

Are you sure, it would be able to succeed in the market?

Out there are millions of apps on Google and Apple app store. It is a clear indicator of intense competition in the app market. This makes it difficult to get desired initial downloads for your app.

But after reading this post, you can actually make this happen. This post will tell you about powerful social strategies and basic technicalities that can help boost your app download right from the beginning and achieve 1 million app downloads in a month!

How to Get 1 Million App Downloads:

The users will find your app through the App Store. Hence, App Store Optimization is the first basic step you must practice.

App Store Optimization is the process to make sure that your app lists in the App Store for specific search terms related to your app.

Check out the ways you can practice to optimize your app for the App Store!

Optimizing Your App for App Store:

1. Select a Strategic App Title:

The title of your app can influence your app’s ranking in the App Store. Make a strategic decision while selecting the title. Include the most important keyword in the title of your app.

Make sure that the keywords fit naturally. The title must be relevant, simple, available, and enhance the visual experience of your app.

2. Include Well-Researched Keywords:

Another vital criterion that influences your app ranking in the App Store is a keyword. In-depth research can help you select appropriate and high-ranking keywords for your app.

One easy way to find such keywords is to check similar apps of your competitors. Besides this, you can use keyword research tools, like

  • App Codes
  • AppMind
  • SearchMan
  • AppNique
  • SensorTower

Once you shortlist the keywords, monitor them for their performance.

3. The App Description must be Concise and Clear:

This criterion is not as important as the keywords and title. But a proper and concise description can help users to identify that the app is useful to them or not.

Write an effective description that validates the purpose of your app. Do mention important benefits, the app can offer to users.

4. Get as many reviews and ratings as possible:

Reviews and ratings also influence your app ranking in the search results. You must integrate positive reviews and ratings in your app to get higher rankings.

For this, you must proactively prompt users to rate and review your application. A gentle pop up can help you get the desired results.

5. Resolve Negative Reviews at Once:

A happy customer is like a brand ambassador of your app. Meet users and try to resolve their issues, who have shared negative reviews about your app. Try to resolve their problems at once.

Let them know when you have resolved their issue. Convert every user to a happy customer. This way, you will also be able to learn about any flaws or issues in your app that were not resolved earlier.

6. Use Localization for More Downloads:

Most of the users prefer using an app in their localized language. There are numerous countries that do not use English as their native language.

To make sure your app is able to make a worldwide reach, you must have the language localization feature. This will also increase the total downloads of your app drastically.

7. Use Properly Designed Screenshots for Your App:

Images are more powerful and impactful. The users would first check the screenshot of your app when they land on your app page. You must display well-design screenshots highlighting the features of your app.

This is an excellent way to sell your app. Just check the examples of SnapChat, and more to get a better idea.

8. Freemium Can be a Great Support to Your App:

The biggest challenge is to bring users to try the app. If your app is paid, there are very fewer chances to get the users that would want to download the app.

In the initial stage, it is essential to get as many downloads as possible. It would help you collect analytics and enhance the app accordingly. This is a great solution even if your business model is not sustainable or clear.

It is because this can help you get initial traction first with more ease. If you have sustainable funding to keep the app alive, still you can use this to get first million users.

9. Attract More Visitors with Proper Pricing of Your App:

You can price your app a little higher than the actual price. After some time, you can reduce the price during promotion times to attract the number of users.

An important thing about pricing is to make sure that you are aware of the price of your competition. Then price your app accordingly.

Promote Your App Using Pinterest:

10. Generate Awesome Boards Around the App Category:

You can start with 8-10 boards with appropriate pins at the beginning. Include keywords and description related to your app category.

The boards must allow pinning links to other people who speak about your app online. It is best to create a board with demos, app reviews, blog posts, images, and anything else that represents the opinion of other people using the app.

Use creative and catchy titles for boards to make them easy to search.

In addition to this, add watermarks to images and use the URL of the app in the pin’s description.

Promote App Using YouTube and Videos:

11. Draft a Compelling Preview of Your App:

The Apple, as well as the Google Play Store, allows you to upload video clips or preview of your app. This is a great opportunity to create a significant impression on the audience. With the app preview, you can encourage customers to download the app and convert them to users.

12. Create a Story of Your App:

Another interesting way to promote your app is to create a professional video. You can create a creative, unique, funny, or other types of videos in context to your app. Keep the video short so that users at least view it.

13. Create Short How-To-Videos:

You can win more loyal customers by creating a short how-to series of your app.

You can make the most of your app by offering customers with videos that are useful to them. A how-to-app is one of the best ways to help customers use your app!

14. Use the Power of Local Language on Google Play Store:

Google Play Store allows you to upload videos in the localized language. You can use this power to increase the chances of downloading the app by people who use their local language and not English.

If you don’t have a video translator, you can use the transcript feature of YouTube.

15. Promote Your App’s Video on the Website:

The easiest way to promote your app’s functionality is by incorporating the video into your website. You can include the video of your app on the landing page of your website.

Embed the video near the option of download from the app store. You can even use a custom created thumbnail in the video. This will ensure that more visitors are able to click play and see the video.

In some cases, placing the play button at the center of the thumbnail is able to offer you more download as compared to Call to Action button in the video.

16. Prepare a YouTube Channel:

You can prepare an exclusive YouTube channel for your application. Using the channel you can also optimize descriptions and titles of your video.

You need to include the related keywords in your app’s category and optimize the channel on YouTube. This way will help you get some extra downloads from the videos.

If you have the expertise to create funny videos or creative videos, then use these skills to promote your app’s video and get more downloads.

17. Send a Review Request to Worldwide Bloggers:

You can request the top bloggers to review your app. For this, you can provide them with your app’s video and also send them the video link.

With the video link, the bloggers would be able to watch the video. The video will also help the blogger to understand how your app works. This would make it easier for them to review the app.

18. Include the YouTube Video in Email Signature:

You can promote your app through email marketing. You just have to share the video link to your app to everyone with whom you are sharing the video.

For this, you can include the video link in an email signature. This will help you get more views for the video and eventually for your app. If the viewers like your app, then most probably they would want to download it.

19. Carry Facebook Promotions with Video Ads:

Video ads convert better than emails or other types of marketing channels. You can use video ads effectively on Facebook and other ad networks that can help you bring more audience to your app.

20. Share Your App on as Many Channels as Possible:

Out there are different channels that allow you to share your videos for absolutely free of cost.

You must use these platforms to share your app’s video. This will increase your app’s visibility and help you get more downloads than otherwise.

Make Your App Public:

21. List Your App in Various Sites:

If you fail to make your app public, then you would definitely not be able to make a widespread reach. The very first way to do is to list your app on as many sites as possible.

You can find a list of such websites on Google. The good thing is that Google Play Store even gives high importance to applications with more number of links of listing page.

22. Build Connection to Your Users:

Try to reach out to potential users. You can convert them to advocates by sending them relevant emails that ask their advice for improvements.

Ask their feedback and suggestions to let them know what improvements you can make to your app. If you feel their opinion is relevant and can bring positive changes in your app business, then do the necessary.

23. Gain More Publicity for Your App:

You can gain more publicity for the app by using social networking sites and other relevant databases available online.

Request them to write about your app on their blogs. If you have to invest some money for this on the initial basis, consider this as a part of your app promotion campaign.

For this, you can share an app kit with the bloggers that include

  • App screenshots
  • App Icon
  • App Video
  • Your press releases
  • A brief about your company profile and links to your company’s social accounts

24. Highlight the Exclusivities of Your App:

When you market or promote your app, you must highlight the aspects or features that make it unique as compared to other similar apps in the market.

The marketing material must highlight such exclusivity of your app so that it can stand above the completion. If the feature is powerful enough to influence buyers, you can write a copy around it to market the app.

Bonus Tips to Get 1 Million App Downloads!

25. Run Contest:

Contests and promotions are excellent to promote the app. You can run different contests in order to promote your app. This way, you can encourage more people to use your app. You can offer them promo codes to unlock the free purchase of your app.

26. Create a group on the social media channel:

You can create a Facebook or a LinkedIn group for your app based on the category and nature of your app.

Starting groups on such sites can help you become part of the existing group belonging to the same app category. Share valuable information on the group to gain more publicity for your app.

So, these are all the ways to get more visibility into your app, to boost the initial traction. Try them out, and sure you will experience the difference.

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