How to Write a Media Pitch That Will Get You Noticed

Businesses are looking for new ways to reach to their audience. There are many types of advertisement business owners can try to make their business popular. A media pitch is a very good option for business owners to publicize their business. It can help the businesses to develop new leads, visibility, brand awareness, and search engine ranking of their website.

How to Write a Media Pitch

Sending emails to journalists is the best and popular way of media pitch. Journalists will get a lot of emails regarding the promotion of businesses. While creating media pitches you should focus on sending the correct message to make it more effective.

There should be a strategy while developing messages for media to get it conveyed effectively. It is very important to know how to craft a perfect media pitch to get success in your business advertising. You have to master that craft to do it well. This article mainly deals with various important things you should focus on while you are into creating media pitches for business promotion. You will get answers to the following questions

What is a media pitch?

How to write media pitch?

Media pitch examples

Dos and Don’ts when pitching to media

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What is Media Pitch?

A media pitch is the process of sending an email, letter or phone call to an influencer or journalist regarding your business promotion. Through this message, you can request them to promote your business.

While creating a media pitch, it should be well articulated and should impress the influencer or journalist. You need to do research about the journalist while writing this message to the journalist. There should be some interesting factors in the message that can help to get a good impression of your business. What these journalists do is to write in favor of your business to drive awareness about your brand.

Journalists can receive hundreds of emails a day. If your message is not strong enough, they may not even read the content of the mail. Take your time to craft a perfect mail that can create an interest in the influencer or journalist. This is the only way to increase the chance of pitch landing. To get media coverage for your business media pitch is the best choice for business. The content of the mail should be a brief explanation about the news you want to cover your business and a request to interview someone about the topic. Here are the benefits of media pitch for the business

  • Increase in number of page views
  • Improve brand visibility
  • Enhance media coverage
  • Brand credibility increases
  • Better profitability

How to Write a Media Pitch?

While creating a media pitch, you can focus on creating something interesting to them. If you are new to this field and want to know more about creating a perfect media pitch this article can help you. Here are some useful tips for you to create a perfect media pitch

Effective subject line:

The subject line is very important when you create a message. It is the first thing everyone notices when they receive an email and will determine whether they need to open the message or not. Make your subject line clear, brief and appealing to make them open the message.

Many believe that a shorter subject line will work better than long lines. But that is a wrong concept. Latest research shows that long subject line has more power to attract the attention of recipients than the shorter one. So, no need to cut down the words while writing the subject line and avoid including lines just to create click baits. This will create a bad impression of your business and may affect your future relationship with that particular influencer or journalist.

Choose the best people to promote your business:

It is not useful if you send the mail to all journalist out there. While choosing the best influencers for your business, do some research and find the best people who cover the topic from your niche and approach them.

You can create personalized messages for those journalists which is the best way to show your professionalism. Sending the same message to all the journalist out there won’t help your business. It is not easy to create a personalized message to a long list of journalists. The better way is to keep the list of journalists short so that you can easily create personalized messages.

Research well:

Research well about the industry before creating your message to the journalist. Media people always want something fresh. If you can provide an interesting story which is trending in the industry, it can make your job easy.

Reporters and influencers get a lot of mail daily. You need to research well about your targeted audience and create a compelling story while creating an email. While sending a pitch to a journalist, you can also include the links of your research that can create an interest in your audience with the mail.

Keep your message clear:

While writing the story for your journalist make sure to keep it simple and easy to understand. Even if you created a better subject line and someone opens the mail and cannot find an interesting content there is no use of it. So, while typing your story be clear and straight forward in your content and say what you have to say about your business in one paragraph.

The story should be something trendy in the current marketing field and should have an interesting matter to convey to the audience. If the journalist gets impressed in the content, they will help you to publish it.


It is always advisable to do the follow-up after sending the initial proposition. They could be busy and sometime won’t check all the emails and respond to it instantly. After waiting a few days, you can send a follow-up mail regarding the mail and politely ask them their opinion about the proposal.

The time you can take to send a follow-up mail may depend on the sensitivity of the topic. If the topic is time-sensitive you can send the follow-up mail soon to get their response. If it is not that much important you can wait a bit to send the mail. To get your mail identified easily include the pitch you send below the follow-up mail. Don’t ignore to check the response of a journalist after sending a pitch. This will show your interest to work with that person and can increase the chance of getting accepted.

Media Pitch examples:

To get a clear idea about various types of approaches to media person, here are some examples for you

Example 1-: Beginning a relationship


I am reaching out to you to know if you accept any pitches or angles?

I represent a number of start-ups and some of them fall into your category. One is a recruiting technology and the other is a customer relationship management product.

If you are interested to know more about these topics, I can share some points with you

Thanks for your time. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


In this sample, the writer is approaching the journalist straightforward and giving a business proposal directly. Journalists are busy and you don’t have to share any more details without knowing their interest. If they respond to your proposal you can give more information, they need about your proposal

Example 2-: Reconnecting with a person whom you know

Hey Shaun,

I hope you remember our last meeting. We discussed that new feature we are going to implement our product. You were very curious to know more about the launch back then.

If you are still interested and have some free time to talk please see the link here. Let me know if you have any other questions regarding the product. I am here to help with anything you may need in getting started with the promotion


This is another proposal type to remind a previous meeting. By reading this mail the journalist will remember about their previous meeting and offering more details through the link. Also, you are offering some additional help which will increase your chance of getting accepted.

Dos and Don’ts when pitching media:

A media pitch is a very crucial marketing process. While starting to think about media pitching you must be aware of some dos and don’ts related to this. It can help you to take the right approach to the influencers/journalists. You can use these tips while starting your marketing plans through media pitching.

Dos of Media pitching:

Focus on personalization:

Tailoring media pitch can help your chance of getting noticed. Sending customized emails can help you to gain more results than sending the same mail to all journalists in your list

Move slowly:

Take everything slowly when you want to be successful. If you are trying to be successful in your business, be patient. Take your time to create your own strategy and see how it works for your business. Don’t think that everything will happen immediately. Be patient and wait for the result through gradual improvement

Build a long-term relation:

Media pitching is all about creating a long -term relationship. It will help your business to be more popular and they will help you to support your brand whenever it needs.

Be selective:

While choosing your media make sure to do good research and choose appropriate media for your business promotion. From your list, you can choose the first 5 influencers and send them an email. Wait for them to respond and if it is not working then you can go to next five people in your list

Provide enough supporting documents:

When you send email for media pitch include reference documents that can help to create an impression about your business in them.

Do proper follow up:

You need to follow up with the journalist after sending your proposal email. This can show your interest in that person. It can increase the likelihood to get approved if they like your content

Don’ts of media pitching:

1. Don’t spam their inbox:

This is a very important factor to notice when you start to pitch media. Don’t send unwanted messages to those journalists whom you want to use for your business promotion.

2. Don’t clutter:

Wait for a few days to get the response to your mail. Don’t expect an immediate reaction after you send the request. They are busy people and may take some time to check their email and take proper decision. So, give enough time for them to take a decision before sending a follow-up email

Don’t write the same lines:

You should create something new every time you send the media pitch for those journalists. Repetitive lines can be boring and can lose interest in your business

No need to write a long story:

You can make your message short, brief and interesting to make an interest in them about your business promotion. No need to write a long story while writing a message about your business. They don’t have enough time to read all your content. So, convey your point through the short straightforward message.

Double check the content:

Before sending the mail, make sure to check the spelling and grammar of that content. A right content without any errors shows your professionalism.


A media pitch is a very useful strategy business can use, to improve their image in front of their customers. There are many journalists out there who specializes in media pitching. It can give recognition and popularity to your brand. Keeping a good relationship with media can help your business to flourish.

Are you looking for new ways to improve your business? Start media pitch and get a better result for your business. After getting contact with a journalist you can use him for further promotions and press release about your products. Craft media pitches and bring your business to limelight using media pitch.

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