Marketing Psychology: Why It Is Important for Marketers

Marketing is the process of building a good relationship with customers with the aim of developing customer loyalty and brand awareness. Psychology deals with the behavior of a human being. These two terms are entirely different but connected in some way.

You can build a good connection with customers by knowing the psychological behavior of customers. You can build a better relationship with customers and improve business growth, there are many factors that can affect a business such as a customer location, age, interest, demographic factors, etc. These factors can be used to research their behavior in marketing and using these results, you can develop campaigns and marketing strategies.

Marketing Psychology

Researching can help you a lot in creating a better marketing strategy. If you are new to this term, then this article can help you in getting the concept of this term.

What is Marketing Psychology?

Marketing psychology defines a few principles that can be implemented into your marketing strategy. Simply it deals with some principles that can affect customer buying behavior. There are some important principles that can help a marketer to increase the conversion. If you know these concepts it can be useful for you to implement the marketing principles effectively.

Why Psychology Is Important for Marketers?

By understanding human psychology marketers can make their campaigns and programs more focused. There are some important principles that every marketer can use while developing their campaigns. These can affect consumer behavior directly or indirectly. There are some important psychological principles that can be useful in your business promotion. They are

1. Priming:

Priming is a concept where consumers can think of a product when they hear something related to it. This is a very useful concept in marketing. People should think about your brand while they see a term related to it. You can use this technique to remind your website visitors about your brand.

Give some important information regarding your brand that can be connected with it. Research shows that there is a high chance of getting more business and conversion using the priming technique.

2. Reciprocity:

This is a very useful psychological concept for marketers. When you get something from them, you also have to give them something valuable.  When marketers want to get more active participants for their campaigns and promotional programs, they have to offer something valuable for them.

This is a good technique to make people follow your brand. It could be anything such as a discount, free trials, eBooks, etc. Try to give them something valuable for what they do for your business.

3. Social proof:

Social proof is a good thing to have for a brand to recognize easily. When a brand wants to be popular among the audience it is the best idea to be popular on social media platforms. If you are not active on social media platforms sometimes consumers won’t believe in your brand. People always look for social media presence and activities of a brand before they choose one for them.

When you create blogs on your website include social media buttons on your page so that people visits can be shared across various social media platforms. As the number of social media shares increases the brand will get more popular online. It can also help to create trust in your audience.

4. Scarcity:

Scarcity is also a popular concept for marketing. When a brand has popular demand online you can use it as a tool to improve its sale.  You might have noticed how airlines sell their tickets. You can see the number of seats left to create urgency among the audience.

To apply this concept there should be enough products so that you can satisfy all your customer demand. This is a good idea to sell your products fast as the consumer will get easily convinced in product quality when there is a huge demand for it.

5. Anchoring:

Most consumers want to get a good discount when they want to buy a product. To ensure this many businesses put a high price initially and offer a discount to reduce the price of the product. You have to display the initial price and discounted price on your website so that they will get convinced and attracted towards your brand. This is an easy way to increase the sale of your products and create a popular demand online.

6. Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon:

This phenomenon is actually true when it comes to marketing. When someone sees a product somewhere, they will start to see the same thing in their daily life. It could be in the form of advertisements or even directly. This is a very useful concept in marketing.

Targeting customers and provides them customized offers is a part of this concept. This needs a lot of research and effort from the business side. Targeting emails and retargeted ads can help to convert more customers to your business.

7. Clustering:

As per research, the human brain cannot remember more than 7 words at a time. In such cases, it is actually useful to use this concept. Here you can cluster important facts regarding your business and present it well so that they can easily remember the specialties of your product.

Nobody has the time to read a whole long content with lots of points. It is better to keep everything brief and simple so that they can remember everything well.

8. Verbatim effect:

People don’t have time to spend on reading your blogs and article. The only way to attract them is to choose a better title with good images. If people are not at all reading the content you offer,  it will be of no use. It is better to provide more shareable content with a small description about the content inside.

Give only required information in the product description and they can read more detailed blog later in Google search results if they want. It is better to follow this principle if you are working towards building a better business strategy.

9. Loss Aversion:

This is an important concept in today’s marketing world. Many marketers use this concept to market their products. The business offers free trial programs to their products for a certain period and will start to charge for it after that period. The fear of losing a special feature can make them subscribe to the product sometimes. This is a good idea to get a good hold in the market.

But when you use this concept handle this very carefully because sometimes it can also lead you to many problems. Try using loss aversion and market your products so that you can get the impact you want from your customers.

These are some important concept marketers can use to sell their products. The terms might be new to you but most of these concepts are already popular in the marketing. If you someone who want to try some effective psychological concepts the above list will help you. To know more about various options to use to sell a product online read more.

Ways to Use Psychology in your Marketing:

Many markers don’t even know that there are some phycological concepts they can use to sell their products. Actually, by knowing these concepts marketers can make their sale double and build a better future.

When you know more about the ways that can be used to approach marketing psychologically you will get amazed because you might have encountered all of them in some way or the other in your daily life.

1. Emotional ideas:

Emotional idea and marketing can save your brand. You can advertise your products with good emotional messages than focusing on its features. Studies show that businesses which used it as their marketing strategy have seen more success than others.

If you are selling an electronic product it is better to advertise it with an emphasis on how it affects people’s life than focusing on its features

2. Highlight product flaws:

It is better, to be honest than lying about the product. You can advertise your product in a better way so that people can get a good impression of it. Creating trust is very important for a business and it can only be possible if you can tell the flaws of your product genuinely.

No product will be 100% perfect and sometimes may not offer what they advertise. It is better to say the truth sometimes than cheating with so many lies about a product.

3. Reposition your competition:

When you run a campaign or advertisement program, it is better to analyze your competition. People always try to copy their competitors. By monitoring their promotions, you can create a better advertisement program compared to them.

4. Promote exclusivity:

It is a good idea to give exclusive deals for your followers always. There are many types of membership-oriented programs. If a business can provide a better class service with some exclusive benefits it could be useful for them to promote exclusivity of a business.

5. Introduce uncertainty, fear, and doubt:

To make a brand sell better it is better to create all the above factors. Many businesses use the scarcity concept which mainly deals with this point. Here what they do is to use some trick which can make the customers feel the importance of the product and its value. The concept is also known as FUD which is a short form of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

6. Pricing:

You can use this concept to make them know about the value of the product. Pricing is very important for a product. There are a lot of factors that can affect the pricing of a product such as

  • Cost of inputs
  • Manufacturing cost
  • Advertisement cost
  • Transportation cost

When you put the pricing of your product make sure not to put it very low or very high. You can first put a moderate price and then change the price accordingly. Charm pricing is one way to do that.

For example, if the real price of the product is $10 you can put a $9.99. Like this, you can also consider taking a charming price while pricing your product. It has a special power to increase the sale. Discounts and sales can also save your business. Consumers like a product which offers them good deals and always want to follow such a product. It is the best idea to include a discounted price to show while pricing your product.

Using psychological behavior to influence consumer behavior:

From the above concepts, you might have got a clear idea about various marketing techniques that can be sued to make your business sale better. Human psychology is a better medium to build audience behavior and you can know what your audience wants by learning phycological behavior.

A good marketer should always know what their customers expect to from their brand and how they can provide it. Many brands successfully implemented these concepts in their marketing strategy and got the result as they want. If you are someone who cares for your customers then try to use these strategies in your marketing campaign and see how it can change your business performance.


If you are looking for a better way to attract more customers to your business, playing with their psychological behavior is the best idea. Customers always want a brand to care about their emotion and give value to their opinion. If you can satisfy them with a better quality product with better offers and plans that will be a good idea.

To be a marketer is not a simple task. You should always follow the new marketing trend and stay at the top of the competition to be successful in what you do. You can share some effective strategy that helped you in evoking customer emotions and shopping behavior. It could be useful for many marketers out there in designing their strategies.

Comment your thrilling marketing psychology experiences below in the comment section.

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